Why Was President Gerald Ford So Unlucky?

Gerald’s most historic trip & fall episode on the steps of Air Force One. His wife Betty looks on as if it’s an everyday occurrence.

President Gerald Ford was an Eagle Scout, and star athlete in his youth. He served bravely in the Navy during World War II and won his first election into the House Of Representatives in 1948. Ford eventually rose to House Minority Leader before Richard Nixon nominated him Vice-President in 1973. Finally, upon Nixon’s resignation, he became President Of The United States. Despite this life of successes Ford eventually fell prey to the specter of dark luck in his Presidency as he suddenly became known for being a clumsy oaf. His Presidency was marked with repeated tripping, and stumbling all over the place. There were also inexplicable moments of awkwardness and silly inexplicable blunders. The only unelected President in history lost his first election to Jimmy Carter in 1976. So why did Gerald Ford’s luck change so drastically during the 70’s?

The Specter Of Dark Luck Visits Gerald Ford

It seems that Gerald developed strong aspirations to ascend to the Presidency once he became House Minority Leader. That first taste of true power can be quite addictive to some people! Sometime during the Nixon Administration, he crossed paths with a Clurichaun, aka evil Anti-Leprechaun. These little imps often pose as Leprechauns in order to trick unsuspecting humans. It’s conjectured that the Clurichaun chose Ford because his paternal grandfather, Charles King, had made a deal with a Clurichaun to become a prominent wealthy banker. However in that case the bad luck was passed to his son, and the biological father of Ford, Leslie King. This happens if someone is smart enough to precisely word their wish. They might escape the dark luck but then it gets inadvertently passed down to their eldest child. Dark Leprechauns like to choose members of the same family in order to build a multi-generation tidal wave of bad luck to feed off of.

An Evil Leprechaun Tricks Ford!

The Clurichaun, claiming to be a Leprechaun, approached Ford in the US Capitol after a late-night session in the House. He made Gerald an offer he couldn’t refuse! Ford would become President at the expense of Nixon’s downfall. Gerald felt bad about this but wanted the Presidency with all his heart. He’d later pardon Nixon out of guilt. Gerald agreed to the deal without realizing that bad luck always comes with a Clurichaun deal.  Ford’s dirty deal resulted in Nixon, and others in the administration receiving the negative luck of the Watergate Scandal. In 1973 Ford was appointed Vice-President in place of Spiro Agnew, and in 1974 he became President when Nixon resigned under threat of impeachment.

The Unfortunate Embarrassment Spree

Upon taking the oath of office President Gerald Ford’s bad luck spree began.  A specter of dumb dark embarrassing luck that would follow him for all the rest of his days even beyond The White House. The grandest example being the historic tumble down the steps of Air Force One. Gerald Ford should be thankful he didn’t wish for anything dastardly because such wishes can result in dangerous dark luck rather than the harmless embarrassments he suffered through. In addition, a great deal of the failed fortune fell upon the Nixon Administration thus lessening the full brunt on Ford. Let this be a lesson to those who blindly accept deals from little Irish fellows calling themselves Leprechauns.

How To Tell The Difference Between A Leprechaun And A Clurichaun

A sure way to know you’re dealing with a Clurichaun is the fact that real Leprechauns are shy and secretive. They’ll never approach anyone to make a deal or grant wishes. Also, real four-leaf clovers, lucky charms, and various religious artifacts will repel dark diabolical Leprechauns of doom! Sometimes their eyes can give them away. You can just see the evil whereas a Leprechaun will have more innocent child-like eyes. That is unless you anger them by stealing their pot of gold or capturing them.

One Of Many Examples Of President Gerald Ford’s Bad Clurichaun Luck

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