What Is Metaphysical Movement Syndrome?

Meta Movement SyndromeMetaphysical Movement Syndrome is the sudden awareness of your complete motion through this Universe, and the higher dimensions above.  The early signs are similar to Vertigo, and common motion sickness. Unlike the inner ear causes of Vertigo you actually feel the 3-D movement of Earth, the Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, etc over the 4-D Universal expanse traveling at thousands of miles per hour!  You also sense your four dimensional movement through the past, and the future along with 5-D movement through all the parallel Universes, and Multiverses you exist in. This extends to the motion of your soul through all the higher dimensions within this Omniverse, and plausibly the Macroverse as well!  It is said to be the most terrifying sensation anyone can experience. Think falling from a low orbit spacecraft, airplane, or skyscraper except a trillion times worse!!!! A simultaneous feeling of falling down, and racing up at light speed along a temporal disorientation that causes your life to race before your very eyes in a time loop that compresses to a pressurized point, and then expands back again!  Your mind also crazily calculates an amazing array of mathematical probabilities for your lives in the parallel Universes. In some cases the user instantly experiences every incarnation of themselves in every physical, and higher dimensional reality! Needless to say the sufferer goes insane, and dies within hours if not minutes.  There is no known cure for MMS!

Causes for Metaphysical Movement Syndrome can includes a curse, or purposeful spell by a powerful practitioner of magic via a unique metaphysical soul¬†rewiring. Usually something only an advanced Sorcerer can accomplish. ¬†In some cases your soul is being attacked in the higher dimensions above causing an astral energy feedback surge into your biological body that can cascade to other incarnations of you in other Universes, and higher dimensions. ¬†In essence spreading like a personal paranormal pandemic. Thankfully Guardian Angels¬†intervene when Multiverse contamination is widespread among your parallel Universe selves. ¬†However isolated individual cases may be allowed to transpire as it is a mathematical probably to be experienced in our Omniverse. ¬†Isolated reports from those with Near Death Experiences indicate some degree of MMS as they floated about the Astral Dream Plane between life, and death. Fortunately in that astral projection state they could withstand it. If you feel you’re in the early stages of MMS, and your general medical practitioner says nothing is wrong with you, then contact your nearest metaphysical medical master, or paranormal practitioner for immediate help!

Do Supernatural Drugs Exist?

Is There A Such Thing As Paranormal Pharmaceuticals?
Supernatural DrugsThere are in fact various paranormal drugs used in the treatment of human diseases, supernatural diseases, and even as mood, and power altering agents.  A secret supernatural pharmaceutical industry exists within the bowels of certain corporations, private organizations, and homes of metaphysical magic masters.  It is in essence a supernatural black market only known to the ultra wealthy elites, and those within the true paranormal community.  The official paranormal black market is known as The Black Bazaar. These various metaphysical medicines can be made from rare paranormal plants, or animals.  They are more frequently made with normal plants, and sometimes animals, with magic imbued within various potions.  Either way everything comes from Mother Nature rather than the human worlds toxic chemical based prescription drugs.

Some unscrupulous witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers make a career out of selling addictive drugs that produce a supernatural high.  However these dangerous drugs might also send a person on an uncontrollable astral journey into eternal voids, link their minds to an entity of evil, phase a person into another dimension, or even send them to terrifying places such as the Underworld, and Hell!  In some instances people wake up from their drug induced hell to find themselves transformed into a totally different being!  Transgenders, and Trans-Species humans with knowledge of these substances have changed their sex, and species overnight! Sometimes nefarious figures use drugs to steal people’s powers, or turn them into mindless zombies who do their dark bidding. However there are those who regularly take paranormal performance enhancing drugs to boost their supernatural abilities.  Over time this can cause damage to the body. In addition it is illegal when partaking of paranormal competitions such as The Supernatural Olympics. A sporting event sponsored by actual Greek Gods!

Some reputable paranormal pharmaceutical firms do sell healthy¬†drugs that treat certain paranormal illnesses.¬† ZombieCorp, Inc. of California, the top authority on Earth when it comes to zombies, has recently released Zombitrex.¬† Zombitrex shows the most promise in the treatment of the Zombification Virus.¬† It’s most effective on non-magical based zombies but it has shown promise in retarding the spread of the disease within the body.¬† Our very own Cryptozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie helped develop the impressive medication.¬† We were happy to loan her out to our allies at ZombieCorp in the common goal of fighting evil in all its venues. Mostly we recommend dealing with a practitioner of magic you know, and trust when treating health issues, supernatural attacks, temporary psionic power boosting, or wanting to engage in a mind exploring paranormal psychedelic journey to reveal sub-consciousness answers to real life questions.

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What Is Temporal Disorientation Disorder?

What Is Temporal-Spatial Disorientation Disorder?

Temporal Disorientation DisorderTemporal Disorientation Disorder, or TDD, is generally a supernatural disorder in which a person involuntarily consciously or physically travels through time momentarily. The longer off this time is from the true present the more likely it is to become Temporal-Spatial Disorientation Disorder, or TSDD.¬† TSDD is the advanced form of Temporal Disorientation Disorder in which the person thinks they’re in the physical place they would normally be on the date they believe they currently reside in.¬† A number of these cases exist in the moments between sleep, and awakening.¬† While other episodes continue some time after if the room is dark enough.¬† However Temporal Disorientation Disorder, even advanced TSDD, can occur during the day or night in a completely awakened alert state.¬† Rare cases actually catch a visual glimpse of the spatial location they think they’re in, or even physically travel there.¬† Some attempt to capitalize on these disorders to partake of purposeful time travel.

Minor cases may indeed simply be a¬†chronobiological disorders such as Jet Lag, aka¬†desynchronosis, or circadian rhythm sleep disorders.¬† There’s also the mental effects of insomnia, various psychological disorders, and even hallucinatory drug use.¬† However true cases of Temporal Disorientation Disorder & Temporal-Spatial Disorientation Disorder are related to a malfunction of your consciousness interfacing with the temporal reality of this Universe, or a manifestation of a chronokinetic power (time related psychokinetic powers).¬† Often times a deep REM dream state resulting in unintentional Astral Projection can momentarily cause a misalignment between our physical brain, and spiritual energy mind.¬† This temporal phenomenon can also be a localized natural, or less likely an artificial, disruption in the time-space continuum.¬† Often times caused by the natural chaos of our Universe at the Quantum particle level as matter transitions to pure energy which is in essence a manifestation of higher dimensional pure thought consciousness into our world.

Those on the cusp of developing Chronokinetic abilities will often experience disorientation Temporal Spatial Disorientation Disorderas to their true time, and location.  It generally clears up quickly but once these abilities get to a certain point they will find they truly time traveled to a different place, and time.  For most of us various biochemical issues, physical-spiritual mind interface issues, Chakra Energy imbalances, quantum level fluctuations in the mind, and even paranormal Pineal Gland disorders can affect our minds interface with this reality.  In our highest dimensional state as ascended Afterlife Gods time, or a sequence of thoughts & events, takes place in our non-corporeal consciousness.  In the lower dimensions such as this 3-D one the dimensional fabric on which we live (4th dimension), or the dimension above our bodily form dictates time for the most part.  With each dimension we ascend to after death we become less physical, and more spiritual thereby overriding the temporal dimensions.  This is also the case the more evolved a being is.  Increased sapience, and unification of consciousness-sub-consciousness into a Super-Consciousness can alter the natural fabric of 4-D space-time.  Humans already experience differences in how times passes based on age.  Younger people seem to think time takes forever to pass while older individuals say it moves faster.  All of us have also experienced a minute that seems to last forever, and a day that flies by unusually fast.

As mentioned the most common Temporal-Spatial Disorientation Disorders occur as we awaken from a deep sleep.¬† Many times due to unintentional astral projection which many of us experience yet our sub-conscious mind blocks out.¬† Some paranormal experimental test subjects reported waking up in their childhood room decades earlier.¬† These cases aren’t physical time travel but rather your conscious mind actually skipping back into your past self as your past consciousness in that time is still sub-consciously sleeping.¬† Those undergoing hypnosis remember an odd feeling of another presence in their mind as they woke up during those moments thereby verifying conscious time travel took place.¬† Once their past self awoke they snapped back to the future.¬† Extremely advanced cases, generally tied to developing Chronokinetic abilities, magical interference, or disruptions in time-space result in complete physical time travel to the past.

These temporal-spatial episodes are almost always to the past within our own lifetimes since that is what’s strongly embedded in our memories. Although there are rare instances of travel into the more distant past experienced by those doing deep genealogical, or history research along with those who have some level of psychic Retrocognition powers.¬† There are also people who consciously leap into their future minds, or completely travel to the future physically.¬† Many times it’s people who have some from of psychic Precognition ability or those obsessed with the future.

What should you do if you experience this? Panicking actually snaps you back to your true reality rather quickly.¬† Those who remain calm, and try not to focus on their true time can stay where they are longer.¬† Dangers come into play when ones consciousness continues to stay with an REM dream state while existing in another time frame.¬† In essence partaking of temporal hypnotic sleep walking.¬† As long as someone is in this type of state they will stay in the past or future much longer than usual. Ultimately your consciousness or physical body will want to return to it’s present like a puzzle piece with a spring attacked to it’s rightful spot. It is however not unheard of for that spring to break!¬† In the case of having a temporal disorder episode as you’re dying you may find yourself permanently stuck in another time, place, and even body!¬† Same cases of Reincarnation may be explained by this.¬† It may also simply result in you being a deeply confused ghost wandering about unintentionally haunting a place forever!

What Is Hyper-Temporal & Hyper-Temporal-Spatial Disorientation Disorder?

Hyper-Temporal Dimensional DisordersHyper-Temporal Disorders involve the same stimulus mentioned in this article for the most part except you find yourself in a parallel Universe.¬† Many of the instances of physical time travel are actually Hyper-Temporal since most physical time travel sends you to a near identical parallel reality.¬† However true Hyper-Temporal-Spatial Disorientation Disorder cases are beyond rare, and involve ending up in Universe where things are noticeably different.¬† Specialized space-time disruptions, and issues with our minds interface with the 5th dimension are responsible for this.¬† Those with psychic, developing Hyper-Chronokinetic, and other parallel Universe 5th dimensional PSI abilities are the most likely to suffer from this. Psychics often change events by informing people of the future. That’s why people might think they are charlatans when their visions don’t come true.¬† The fact is they changed things and now the reality they saw is in a parallel Universe.¬† This knowledge of other Universes can make them vulnerable to 5-D travel disorder.¬† Recent studies have also indicated that those in vegetative brain states may in fact be living healthy happy lives in their parallel Universe selves.¬† Perhaps even awakening from said state in that reality due to their unique consciousness energy frequency giving their mind the push it needed to heal, and wake up.¬† When the plug is eventually pulled here they’re still alive somewhere else!