The Superhero Patriot Woman Thwarts The Mardi Gras Joker!

The self-proclaimed Voodoo powered leader of Mardi Gras known as The Mardi Gras Joker was up to his old nefarious tricks on February 13th, 2018! There are many tales of the despicable acts perpetuated by him and his thugs throughout the year. Particularly on Mardi Gras as he seeks to turn its debauchery into a completely dark holiday of horror! During 2018’s New Orleans festivities one such evil enterprise was interrupted by none other than the superhero born form the chemical laden ashes of September 11th, 2001. Of course we speak of the amazing Patriot Woman!

The Mardi Gras Joker’s Extortion Plot

The Joker and his minions videotaped a somewhat tipsy thirty-something woman displaying her bare bosoms repeatedly for worthless shiny beads. Her forty-something husband was there cheering her on in drunken revelry. As they milled through the crowd the jolly Joker clad in his crazy Jester costume and make-up cornered them. He showed them the video on his trusty tablet and demanded money for his extortionist plot. The Jokers top hacker determined the couple had prestigious high paying careers ripe for the terrifying taking. The husband attempted to attack him but he stuck a pin in a Voodoo Doll and the man gripped his heart in pain. The wife attempted to intervene but two of the Joker’s thugs held her back while lewdly groping her with smug smiles on their faces. The trio of darkness cackled with glee as they led the unlucky couple down an alley and into an empty warehouse. There the husband and wife were thrown into separate cages and informed that they would pay the money or be publicly disgraced with the videotape. Worse yet they might never see the light of day again until they comply. The husband reluctantly wired the couples life savings to the maniacal Joker. It was estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $550,000! Read The Rest Of This Sorted Story On Our Paranormal News Blog…

What’s The Supernatural Source Of Hysterical Strength?

Hysterical Strength is a spontaneous superhuman strength exhibited in normal humans during times of life and death situations. The most common scenarios involve people lifting cars off those trapped underneath. The super-strength seemingly has no basis in the reality of the person’s muscular structure. It only lasts for that brief moment required to save lives. So far scientific explanation has been inconclusive as it is difficult to duplicate the conditions that contribute to this phenomenon. A major increase in adrenaline is one potential reason but it’s unlikely for such a hormone to supply physical power instantly. Some also say that norepinephrine might be a factor.

In most of these superhero situations, it is actually a metaphysical energy surge into the biological body that gives these people perplexing power. An overwhelming focused will to accomplish a feat to save a life can cause a direct command to one’s very soul. The enchanted energy then flows into the spirit around the soul which in turn enters the Chakras of the body. It is there that the metaphysical translates into the physical. Those who suffer no injury as a result of their fantastic feats often have the energy to manifest a protective metaphysical matter shield within muscles and bones. People unable to become these temporary superhumans often have a weakened spirit from an especially miserable and difficult life. Having unhealthy Chakras is another major factor in not manifesting spontaneous super strength. You can learn how to heal and align your Chakras in an online Masterclass…

The Complete Chakra Healing And Balancing Course

Who Are The Luckiest & Unluckiest Persons On Earth?

According to top-flight psychics, mystics, and seers, the Unluckiest Person on Earth is an extremely horrifying story! Someone born into a world of nightmarish underworld slavery in a beyond deformed state. This led to them being sold to a secret shadow subsidiary of an evil corporation. That clandestine corporation in turn used them for all manner of sinister scientific experiments. Today at 22 years of age they languish in a small metal cage that has been their home for most of their life. It is thought at some point their sub-consciousness will finally reveal the Safe Word to escape their hellish life. From there they will be released into the serene freedom of the afterlife.

The Unluckiest Person Alive!

Believe it or not, this person chose to endure this insanely unspeakable life in their Heavenly pre-birth life. This is why nobody is attempting to save them despite the psychic knowledge. The individual knew what they could bear and they wanted this unimaginably impossible experience to strengthen their soul. The purpose is to ascend to higher states of consciousness in the infinite dimensions above. One of the Universal Guarantees of the Omniverse God is that nobody has to endure more than they can bear in life. No matter how miserable and unfair you believe your life is there is someone who is always way worse off! God bless this magnificent bastard in their nightmarish plight!

The Luckiest Person Alive!

The Luckiest Person on Earth was born on the night of the Saint Patrick’s Day Super Moon on March 17th, 1984. Interestingly enough, the second luckiest person on Earth was born on the March 17th, 1968 Supermoon. The family of the luckiest is quite wealthy and has a history of success going back many generations. This indicates the family is under a Charm or the opposite of a Curse. The Charm’s origin is unknown but no doubt it comes from powerful magical practitioners or righteous supernatural beings. On the way to being born at the hospital, his parents came across an injured Leprechaun who they sheltered and protected. The little Irish fellow blessed their child with the complete luck of the Irish on top of the family charm that already existed! The baby was born with 100% perfect DNA to the point of being considered Superhuman. He is also the one in a billion who secretly win the genetic lottery and are Immortal!

If that wasn’t enough this lucky son of a bitch also has a phenomenal IQ pushing into the 200 range! He grew up with the most wonderful childhood possible in this world! Full of joy and fun every day! His parents constantly encouraging him that anything is possible as they supported every interest he had to the fullest. He had such a deep belief in Santa Claus that he was directly invited to North Pole City despite not being an official part of the paranormal community. From that point, he gained complete knowledge of the secret supernatural world. By sheer coincidence or luck, he avoided every hardship imaginable. Not one hurt feeling whatsoever! Never once did he cry even as a baby because he magically avoided even seeing any hint of hell on this violent planet. Everyone he knew in his family has yet to die. His Great-Grandma is currently pushing 110! Will his luck combined with the family charm keep everyone he loves alive forever?

He’s charismatic and handsome making many friends along with a cavalcade of female admirers. His connections and intelligence have caused him to create his own immense wealth independent of his parents. Besides Santa Claus, he continually comes across good supernatural beings while avoiding the evil ones! It’s not uncommon for him to frolic with fairies, nymphs, elves, leprechauns, unicorns, and more! In his rose-colored eyes, the world is a paradise. Especially when he purposely avoids paying too much attention to the negative news stories. He seems to leave that to his charitable foundation that sends piles of cash to the needy. He still holds a fair level of child-like innocence that makes the world appear magical. This innocence has at times let him see the Mother Earth’s Paradise Plane that exists all around us!

Through deep meditation and sheer will, he has begun manifesting superpowers stemming from his perfect DNA. It’s only a matter of time before he reaches God-level status. From that point, he will ascend to higher planes of existence without ever dying. Even if he is starting to realize this world is less than perfect he is forbidden to interfere on a large scale under The Supernatural Secrecy Pact! It’s thought the voice of the Omniverse God traverses his mind with wisdom informing him of this fact. Plausibly someday he could become an adopted Son of the Holy Lord himself! Maybe he already is!

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