Are The X-Men Real?

Are X-Men Mutants Based On A True Story?
To an extent the X-Men comics and movies are real.  Not necessarily the specific characters, storylines, or the description of their reality but rather the fact that superhumans do exist. With each passing decade the number of humans beings born with minor, or full on psychokinetic, telepathic, and other superhuman abilities is steadily increasing.  Those with psychic powers who can control their surroundings, or manifest forms of matter, and energy from their bodies or thin air!  Then we have others with enhanced strength, speed, agility, intelligence, and senses.  This is merely the natural course of how sapient species evolve on plants across our paranormal Universe.

When biological species evolve to a certain point of self-aware intelligence they generate a soul that is simultaneously born in countless higher dimensions outside of time-space.  At some point, there is a God like ascension to prodigious power in those unimaginable dynamic dimensions.  Our various dimensional incarnations are linked to each other metaphysically which is evidenced by Junk DNA that more or less contains latent super abilities in most humans. However, to some degree, mostly too minuscule to notice, every human has an array of superpowers.  The most common is mind over matter as witnessed by the Placebo Effect along with various fabulous feats publically performed by entertaining individuals.

The ever advanced evolution of a sentient species pushes them ever closer to ascension into higher dimensional Godhood as a society outside the normal individual ascension via simple death. The body and brain begin to assimilate the Junk DNA as normal DNA thereby slowly but surely activating various superpowers in each successive generation.  As we speak now there is a silent minority of superheroes, and supervillains who fight a secret battle in the shadows against each other, versus the supernatural forces of darkness, and humans who oppose them as well. Secrecy is essential in order to prevent public panic, and the ensuing witch hunt followed by capture, experimentation, and even potential extermination by close-minded frightened individuals.  Certainly, secret black ops divisions of various governments, such as the US Paranormal Defense Agency, are aware of the existence of these X-Men Mutants. Although they’re of course not called that. Generally, they’re referred to as Superhuman or identified by their particular power.  These heroes and villains are sought after by the government who wish to understand and harness their awesome powers.  At the end of the day, it’s inevitable that humanity’s future will see everyone with a scientifically measurable degree of enhanced abilities in about 10,000 years or so based on current estimates.

Is Magneto, Professor X, And Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Real?
There are currently no central superheroes or villains who rally the forces of superhuman, good, and evil.  There are supernatural beings other than human who fill such roles but strictly in the superhuman arena our world isn’t like the X-Men in that respect.  Many operate independently or join up with various small gangs mainly for the purposes of amassing money, and power.  It’s not that uncommon for powers to give people delusions of grandeur, and superiority which prompt them to join paranormal or human criminal organizations to elevate their status in life.  There is all manner of secret supernatural and magic schools around the world that will train those with superpowers in order to hone their skills so that they may join the battle against the forces of evil.  The McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences is the largest and most prestigious institution that covers virtually all things metaphysically marvelous!

Plausibly the closest thing to Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters is the Tanzania Psychokinetic College. It’s the top learning institution on Earth specializing in Psychokinetic powers of the mind. The vast underground complex is said to be hidden in the Tanzanian jungle near a large lake for those with water manipulation powers.  Students usually practice their powers inside the concrete, and steel facility but also in the open jungle as well.  Any student with pyrokinetic powers (fire manipulation) is usually shadowed by one with Cryokinetic (Ice Manipulation), or Hydrokinetic abilities to prevent large-scale jungle fires.  However, it’s rumored a witch is on staff to provide protection spells to prevent damage to nature, and other students just learning to harness their potentially horrifying powers!

On Mystic Investigations own supernatural crime-fighting team we have a telekinetic psychic named Julia Hathaway.  Our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy has hydrokinesis, Faunapathy, and other abilities based in her Mermaid genes.  She also has witch DNA that gives her a natural ability to command magic and utilize her active witchcraft power known as the Mystic Sphere. Drake Alexander is a powerful 5th generation vampire while Zack Powers has advanced bionic abilities based superhuman enhancements.  Our Cryptozoologist Doctor Ashley Abercrombie has minor abilities based on the fact that she’s a half zombie!  I myself as Mystic Investigations President have displayed some superhuman tendencies in tense situations but no definitive source of that has been sighted. It could simply be good old-fashioned mind over matter!

With all this being said everything eventually exists in the vast array of Parallel Universes in our greater Multiverse. The X-Men Mutant Universe is no different. A handful of the planets top psychics, seers, mystics, and those who have the ability to see into other realities say that the world of the X-Men comics and movies actually exist in a Universe far far away! | Watch All The X-Men Movies Online!| Learn About The Superhero Patriot Woman!

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The Hyper Light Drifter

Are Speedsters Such As The Flash Real?
The Hyper Light Drifter Is the official superhero name for the world’s only known human with the psychokinetic power of moving at faster than light speeds in defiance of the laws of physics.  His true identity is kept a secret to protect his daily life as a mild mannered human. Despite his mask, and costume he appears to be an average size male in his late 20’s to early 30’s. In some respects he is comparable to comic book hero speedsters such as “The Flash“.  This includes having a speedster physiology so his body can withstand the forces of supernatural speeds that include dead stops, and possibly crashing into objects!  Naturally his FTL powers allows him to literally run into the past even if it is merely a near identical parallel Universe.  He returns to the future by running just a bit slower than light speed.  His psionic power isn’t merely speed based otherwise the mass of his body would never even come close to light speed.  A series of other paranormal power genes activate in unison to create a bubble of 5-D hyperspace around him so he’s technically not running in 4-D spacetime.  Outside our laws of physics he is free to run at any speed he can muster!

It’s unknown where the Hyper Light Drifter lives or where his superhero activities are based out of. He’s appeared all over the face of the Earth over a period of hours thwarting the human, and paranormal forces of darkness wherever, and whenever he can! Unfortunately there may be some power draining element at work since he seems to lie dormant for a few months at a time.  Perhaps his body sustains gradual damage due to the high speeds he glides at, and he needs time to regenerate?  He is very secretive so there are a great many things we don’t know about him.  Mystic Investigations has attempted to reach out to him through our contacts in the supernatural community but we’ve never heard back from him.

Are There Any Supernatural Beings Who Can Squeeze Coal Into Diamonds?

Are there paranormal beings that possess the power of Superman’s Coal To Diamond Feat?
Superman Of SteelFirstly, coal has too many impurities to transform it into a diamond under only power of pressure, heat, and a number of days.  Graphite is the ideal form of carbon to transform into diamonds under these conditions.  In the movies Superman instantly turned coal into diamond with pressure but extreme heat is needed as well.   However we can assume he was applying such a high pressure that the required heat was created.  Secondly, and unfortunately Superman, or a being near his similar power, does not exist on this Earth that we know of.  This of course doesn’t include those with magical powers who could do the equivalent things or possibly transform themselves into a Superman like being.  Naturally there could be extraterrestrials somewhere in the Universe who might have his powers, or even on a Earth in a parallel Universe.  As for Psychokinetic powers those who possess advanced Geokinesis, or Terrakinesis, could in fact transform various carbons, including coal, into diamonds.  They would be able to remove any impurities standing in the way, and get the job done hands free with only the awesome power of their minds.


Supergirl Enjoys Producing Diamonds In Her Spare Time!

So what would be needed to turn graphite into a diamond within minutes by someone squeezing
it in their hands?  There are simply too many variables but we will conservatively say anyone able to create a pressure of 3,000,000 psi would probably get the job done.  To our knowledge there aren’t any supernatural entities that have that kind of pound-force per square inch in their hands without the use of magic.  Of course with magic anything is possible.  Even the entire Earth could be crushed into a gargantuan super diamond!  It’s conceivable that a powerful God, Archangel, Djinn, or Archdemon in biological form might be able to do it.  For the purposes of this hypothetical situation we don’t count energy based beings, or any other type of physical entity.  They must be a biological being, or have the ability to transform into one.   Most higher dimensional beings are bound by Universal law as to what level of biological form they can phase into in our reality.

We had our resident vampire, Drake Alexander, give it a try since we often call him Superman.  He placed a lump of coal in one hand, and a piece of graphite in the other.  Drake squeezed with all his might for several minutes.  When he opened his hands there was nothing but dust in the wind.  If he had been successful that dust would have given way to a rock hard sparkling synthetic diamond in each hand.  As long as we had Drake, a fifth generation vampire, in the lab we placed a special super dynamometer in his hand to measure his hand gripping strength, and he topped out at nearly 4,372 psi.  Seriously folks if you’re one of those people who tries to dominate by giving an excessively hard hand shake then think twice about doing it to Drake.  He may not be able to mold a diamond from coal but he will crush your hand into a bloody pulp that will be mixed with the dust of your bones!  We also manged to convince his vampire mother Duanna Sargon, a fourth generation vampire, to test her grip as well.  She got up to 7,921 psi in what appear to be petite, and delicate girly hands.  You guys out there don’t want to mess with her as well!  There doesn’t seem to be much data about animal gripping strength other than bite pressure.  The most prevalent measure is an Eagle that has 400 psi in it’s talons.  The highest bite pressure measure is 3700 psi in a Saltwater Crocodile.  This explains why Drake is so good at wrestling crocs, and easily surviving their bites.  Last time the Mystic Investigations team went to Florida Drake went crazy in the swamps taking on crocs, and alligators left, and right.  His behavior might have had something to do with that Swamp Monster blood he ingested.

Bottom line is that not even a first generation vampire could turn carbon in to diamond.
Assuming their hand grip strength was around 50,000 psi.  Further extrapolated calculations, based on first generation vampires being somewhat like a quarter demon, would put a Demi-Demon’s hand grip at over 250,000 psi since having one parent with pure demon blood adds more strength to the mix.  A Demon in biological form, without using magic, might have a 1,000,000 psi grip.  It might take days but they could get the job done.  An Arch-Demon might have a grip in the 2.5 million psi range so they could probably create diamonds from mere hand pressure in a matter of minutes, or at least in less than an hour or your blood sacrifice back.