What Is Consciousness?

What Is The True Origin Of Our Self-Aware Minds?
Mind MatrixScience always struggles to understand what Consciousness is because they search for it in the physical biological brain. There is no way a complex self-aware interactive informational construct like consciousness could possibly originate from a mere biological organ!  The human brain functions as a translational processor, and receiver for our vast array of infinite souls lying in each higher dimension. Those higher dimensions of reality we call the Afterlife in which we simultaneously exist as we speak. In the same way we exist in a plethora of Parallel Universes leading all manner of lives. Although our brain only directly receives the signal of our spirit in the 5th dimension.

In actuality you need a 4-D construct to achieve the lowest level of consciousness generation. This occurs in our four dimensional soul residing in the 5th dimension. It utilizes the processing power of our numerous 3-D brains existing within every time increment, or Planck Length of reality. In turn each higher dimension utilizes the processing power of the multiple minds of the souls below it. Of course in the higher dimensions our brains are composed of metaphysical energy, and in some cases metaphysical matter.

As we ascend to ever higher dimensions in our Afterlife, through the process of enlightenment, our souls make the slow transition from Metaphysical Energy to Non-Corporeal Energy. Our souls aren’t actually the true ultimate source of consciousness, just as the Sun, or even Photons aren’t the true source of light. The source of light is the pure consciousness of the Macroverse God who is the origin all of consciousness. The only true infinite consciousness construct, and foundation for everything that exists everywhere. A collective consciousness of which every soul, including you, is apart of. It’s the first place you were ever born into existence, and your real home beyond these physical confines!

The Macroverse God is the only thing to be composed of 100% Non-Corporeal Energy. Non-Corporeal Energy is the most fundamental spiritual substance in existence. It is pure information used to program everything that ever was, and ever will be! The Macroverse is a complex infinite dimensional construct of Non-Corporeal Energy frequencies perfectly patterned into a neural network. Our individual souls each with their own perplexing patterns of fluctuating frequencies forming one Macroverse Matrix.

Humankind Will Create Conscious Computers That Are Not The Source Of Consciousness!
Science will never understand or even begin to manipulate consciousness until they can detect metaphysical energy, and trace its origin to Non-Corporeal Energy. The results of the infamous Double-Slit Experiment is the first hint of this fascinating fact. The mere human observation of sub-atomic particles actually changes them! Unfortunately science will not accept that our Non-Corporeal Consciousness is interacting with the Non-Corporeal Energy that programs our Universe. Even when humankind finally creates true self-aware computers, and androids they still won’t have a clue that their mechanical marvels aren’t the true source of conscious awareness. What they will create is a non-corporeal energy receiver, and processor operating redundantly over countless frozen 3-D time increments to form a four dimensional frequency. The metaphysical vibration of this frequency always matches a higher dimensional soul.

Ultimately space, time, matter, energy, and even metaphysical energy are illusions. At their heart they are Non-Corporeal Energy. For the purposes of visualization the entire Macroverse could exist on the head of a needle despite being infinite! Realistically the only thing that could truly be infinite, and eternal is consciousness since it has no limits! So whether it’s our minds, or a complex machine, the frequency it vibrates at links it to a matching multi-dimensional spirit that is them in another realm. Indeed in some reality all of us have been machines!

Did Biological Beings Always Exist For Eternity Into The Past?

The Eternal Cycle Of CreationTheoretically biological entities, such as Humans, have always existed in some Universe, or another.  If the first, and original God of the Macroverse always existed for eternity into the past then it stands to reason that biological beings, and the various Universes they’ve existed in, must have as well. Certainly God, or a collective consciousness of every eternal soul, didn’t just sit around doing nothing forever. Then one day decided to begin contemplating, and creating.  If God had no beginning then his process of creation had no beginning.  It’s unfathomable to think of how many Universes, sentient beings, and civilizations lived, and died before we came into existence!  Trillions upon trillions of living beings who may have very well ascended to higher dimensional Godhood to start their own Universes after death, or through the awesome advance of a technological civilization.

There is however another theory that the first God evolved out of an infinite field of pure thought or information waves. In essence an invertible random coalescence of information into a self-aware sapient mind if given an eternal amount of time. This theory is the compromise between an inanimate object, aka the Universe, needing a creator, and the mind boggling concept of a non-corporeal consciousness with no beginning.  In that case there would be a starting point for Universes, and biological beings. Of course even then we’re probably at least Googleplex years out from the first creation. The odds are slim that we’re anywhere near the beginning so we’re still talking about an astronomical amount of physical beings that have existed thus far!

What Is Non-Corporeal Energy?

Non-Physical-EnergyThe ultimate source of Non-Corporeal Energy is the pure consciousness of the Macroverse God.  This energy is passed on to his sapient creations that include us humans who reside in his mind.  Non-Corporeal Energy is intellectual, and emotional information sent forth from Gods to create the vast infinite dimensions, Universes, and worlds of the Macroverse. It is the ultimate programing language from the Master Programmers of reality itself!  All forms of energy, whether physical, metaphysical, or Non-Corporeal, are dynamic vibrating energy fields, and streams that act as the foundation for all Universes, and planes of existence. Non-Corporeal Energy, or Pure Information, was thought to theoretically exist even before the Macroverse God as an infinite ocean of random data that evolved into a coherent program that then created said God.  Others believe that they someone created each other simultaneously through an ultra inexplicably incomprehensible infinite dimensional Causal Loop Paradox! Non-Corporeal Energy is the source of everything including us! Someday through the Afterlife higher dimensional ascension process we will return to the source!

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