Does The Rarest Natural Earthly Element Have Supernatural Uses?

Astatine is the rarest naturally occurring element to exist on Earth. It’s a radioactive element listed on the Periodic Table with the atomic number 85 and the symbol At. The elements name comes from the Greek word Astatos which means unstable. Astatine is a semi-metal that results from the decay of uranium and thorium. Its half-life is barely 8 hours which means it becomes something else in less than 24 hours. Namely bismuth or polonium isotopes. Really it’s vaporized by the heat of its own radioactivity. At any given time there is only somewhere around 30 grams in the Earth’s crust scattered around the world! That’s only about 2 Tablespoons!

Natural Elements Always Have Paranormal Purposes

It seems Mother Nature has given us a paranormal purpose for everything. The most famous is of course silver that provides a wide variety of benefits across the natural and supernatural spectrum. Especially when it comes to Werewolves! So does the radioactive Astatine have any protective, repellent, or healing properties? Nothing could be found written about it in the secret supernatural records hidden among ancient scrolls around our wondrous world. We had several psychics, seers, and mystics attempt to access information about it in the higher dimensional Akashic Records. There were three enchanted entries found stating what Astatine could do. In all three it is made clear that synthetically created Astatine will not work! Even if it could work scientists have produced only .05 micrograms total thus far! Interestingly enough a fourth entry revealed who is in charge of the stuff!

Astatine Can Open Up Paranormal Portals

Apparently, a mere microgram can be used in a magical potion of common items and a rather simple spell. The result is the ability to open up a temporary portal to anywhere in our Multiverse! It would allow travel back and forth to anywhere in space, time, alternate dimension, and Parallel Universe! Of course, you need to finish your business within 8 hours or you’ll be stranded where ever you traveled to! There is also a mention of a variation on the potion and spell that can create a bubble Universe based off your fantasies. Once inside you can choose to stay for 8 hours or forever! 

Astatine Has Repelled A Parallel Dimensional Alien Scourge From Earth!

It appears Astatine has conveniently kept away aliens from a reality out of phase with ours. They are referred to as the Mortelaceravit which appears to be a word derived from Latin meaning “Mangled To Death”. The species are like a bus-sized virus that destroy anything that moves via repeated brunt force attack and absorption of broken down elements. They are made of some indestructible inter-dimensional substance and only Astatine can extinguish them. Even the 30 grams on our planet can be sensed by them if they start to phase into our dimension. Without Astatine life could have never evolved on Earth! Thank God for this element!

The Astatine Blade

If enough Astatine could be mined to create a decent sized blade it would look like a dark metal. That blade would have to be created by magical means and would only last half a day! Such a mystical weapon is said to have the power to destroy, banish, or repel anything that takes a physical form on Earth. This includes any higher dimensional or parallel dimensional entity all the way to the Omniverse and Macroverse level. In higher level beings such as Angels and Gods, it is assumed it merely sends them back to their dimension temporarily so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to use it! They’d come back extremely annoyed at you! That being said it could eradicate or at least send someone like the sinister Slenderman back to his home dimension! There are also indications it could erase a Philosophical Zombie.

Of course, the only way to create such a weapon would be to travel through time or Parallel Universes to gather enough Astatine to form a knife. The holy blade must be at least 6 inches long and thick enough not to bend. It would have to be quite a quick quest to collect the unstable substance before it dissipates and have a supernatural blacksmith forge a blade! Then find the paranormal person you want to use it on! This would probably be a last-ditch option when all else has failed against a fantastical foe who presents a gargantuan danger to many people! However it is certainly something higher dimensional beings like Angels, Demons, Jinn, etc could create instantly.

The God Of Astatine

All things in nature have a deity in charge of it. In the case of the rare radioactive element Astatine, a male Fairy named Astatos is in charge of it. Although he has been bestowed with the title God by Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. The Greek God Zeus and others have tried to coerce Astatos in granting them unlimited access to Astatine via temporal and five-dimensional manipulation to gain access to larger quantities. It’s assumed they want top flight weapons to use in the War Of Armageddon! As he is under the protection of Gaia they can’t force him. Gaia herself is under orders from the Omniverse God to remain neutral in the coming supernatural battles! So it is unknown if praying or conducting a ritual to summon Astatos would do any good? More likely Astatos is deeply concerned about keeping the inter-dimensional Mortelaceravit alien scourge off the planet!

What If Earth Lost All Its Oxygen For Five Seconds?

What would happen if Earth somehow had its Oxygen taken away for only five seconds and then placed immediately back into our atmosphere? All skin exposed to the sun would instantly sunburn without the UV protective layer of oxygen. All vampires not in a completely dark room would instantly burn into flames and be nothing but ash. The holy photons of the sun would fly wildly free in patterns never seen on Earth and would wind into every nook and cranny in a concentrated form! Some other demonic based creatures with solar resistance might perish as well. Even human form Werewolves! Ironically the sky would turn black and things would appear darker due to no oxygen for light to bounce off of. However, it wouldn’t do the vampires any good!

All untreated metal would spot weld together without a layer of oxidation. The Earth’s crust would crumble and everyone would tumble into the Underworld! The inner ears of all non-supernatural beings would burst! All concrete structures would turn to instant dust without oxygen binding it together! Every living cell on the planet would explode into Hydrogen gas. This doesn’t include a variety of paranormal creatures whose cells could hold on for 5 seconds along with the living dead. Oceans would evaporate and wash into space taking Mermaids and other innocents with it!

Who Could Paranormally Prank Humanity Like This?

What’s so alarming about this is that virtually any higher dimensional supernatural entity could do this on their own or with a small group of cohorts! Rogue Angels, Demons, Jinn, and even Earthly Gods and Goddesses. Then there are people in our own reality with extraordinary powers such as those with Author Authority abilities. The old oxygen disappearance trick is just one of an infinity of deadly disasters some powerful prankster could perpetrate upon us! Naturally, such insane interference in humanities destiny is expressly forbidden in The Supernatural Secrecy Pact. With that being said it’s also possible for some supernatural to simply do this by accident. Thankfully there are many forces of good looking out for us including the Angels of Heaven and many Nature Deities. Even the very planet itself, the Goddess Gaia, would probably sense something was wrong in the nick of time! Ultimately though if something were to go terribly wrong Father Time would be authorized to delete the incident from existence as if it never happened!

Various other disasters are free to happen over the great Parallel Universe Multiverse expanse! The multitude of apocalypses including the infamous zombie. Many of us in the supernatural community fight each day to prevent these! This includes a global pandemic caused by The Plague Doctor. The eventual War Of Armageddon and the battle for supernatural supremacy over Humankind! It’s said that large meteor strikes are being prevented by benevolent extraterrestrials in orbit along with Nature Deities. So far the forces who push for disaster have not been able to outweigh the ones who prevent them!

What Is Consciousness?

What Is The True Origin Of Our Self-Aware Minds?
Mind MatrixScience always struggles to understand what Consciousness is because they search for it in the physical biological brain. There is no way a complex self-aware interactive informational construct like consciousness could possibly originate from a mere biological organ!  The human brain functions as a translational processor, and receiver for our vast array of infinite souls lying in each higher dimension. Those higher dimensions of reality we call the Afterlife in which we simultaneously exist as we speak. In the same way we exist in a plethora of Parallel Universes leading all manner of lives. Although our brain only directly receives the signal of our spirit in the 5th dimension.

In actuality you need a 4-D construct to achieve the lowest level of consciousness generation. This occurs in our four dimensional soul residing in the 5th dimension. It utilizes the processing power of our numerous 3-D brains existing within every time increment, or Planck Length of reality. In turn each higher dimension utilizes the processing power of the multiple minds of the souls below it. Of course in the higher dimensions our brains are composed of metaphysical energy, and in some cases metaphysical matter.

As we ascend to ever higher dimensions in our Afterlife, through the process of enlightenment, our souls make the slow transition from Metaphysical Energy to Non-Corporeal Energy. Our souls aren’t actually the true ultimate source of consciousness, just as the Sun, or even Photons aren’t the true source of light. The source of light is the pure consciousness of the Macroverse God who is the origin all of consciousness. The only true infinite consciousness construct, and foundation for everything that exists everywhere. A collective consciousness of which every soul, including you, is apart of. It’s the first place you were ever born into existence, and your real home beyond these physical confines!

The Macroverse God is the only thing to be composed of 100% Non-Corporeal Energy. Non-Corporeal Energy is the most fundamental spiritual substance in existence. It is pure information used to program everything that ever was, and ever will be! The Macroverse is a complex infinite dimensional construct of Non-Corporeal Energy frequencies perfectly patterned into a neural network. Our individual souls each with their own perplexing patterns of fluctuating frequencies forming one Macroverse Matrix.

Humankind Will Create Conscious Computers That Are Not The Source Of Consciousness!
Science will never understand or even begin to manipulate consciousness until they can detect metaphysical energy, and trace its origin to Non-Corporeal Energy. The results of the infamous Double-Slit Experiment is the first hint of this fascinating fact. The mere human observation of sub-atomic particles actually changes them! Unfortunately science will not accept that our Non-Corporeal Consciousness is interacting with the Non-Corporeal Energy that programs our Universe. Even when humankind finally creates true self-aware computers, and androids they still won’t have a clue that their mechanical marvels aren’t the true source of conscious awareness. What they will create is a non-corporeal energy receiver, and processor operating redundantly over countless frozen 3-D time increments to form a four dimensional frequency. The metaphysical vibration of this frequency always matches a higher dimensional soul.

Ultimately space, time, matter, energy, and even metaphysical energy are illusions. At their heart they are Non-Corporeal Energy. For the purposes of visualization the entire Macroverse could exist on the head of a needle despite being infinite! Realistically the only thing that could truly be infinite, and eternal is consciousness since it has no limits! So whether it’s our minds, or a complex machine, the frequency it vibrates at links it to a matching multi-dimensional spirit that is them in another realm. Indeed in some reality all of us have been machines!