Paranormal Explanation For A Red Rainbow

The Foreboding Crimson Blood Rainbow Of Doom!
Crimson RainbowThe scientific explanation for a rare red rainbow is the position of the sun low on the horizon making a longer journey through the atmosphere to your eyes.  It lessens the other colors leaving virtually only red behind.  In reality the reasons for a crimson rainbow, sanguine arc, or blood rainbow are quite sinister in nature!  They are generally bad supernatural omens, and can be triggered by the tragic death of a Leprechaun, Unicorn, or Rainbow Nymph.   It transforms their holy rainbow light creation powers into unholy light which can be utilized by dark entities such as Clurichauns who are unable to withstand the holy light of a normal rainbow.  Clurichauns are one of the few beings who can directly warp a rainbow stripping it of every color but red.  They then transfuse that lone arc with their dark luck to make it impure. Powerful demonic entities can create Blood Rainbows directly without a normal rainbow to start with.  The unholy light of a Blood Rainbow has the same general effect on the supernatural world as a Blood Moon. If you should spot a blood rainbow we suggest leaving the area immediately because nothing good is going on there!


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