August 2020 Full Moon Werewolf Watch

The Full Moon of August is often called the Sturgeon Moon or Green Corn Moon. This is due to the abundance of fishing and farming activities seen in August. This particular Moon has no powerful paranormal faction dictating the state of its lunar energies. Enchanted energy that would in turn effect Werewolves and other supernatural beings in various ways. It appears to be ruled over by various lunar Goddesses this month. Such a Moon is naturally called the Lunar Goddess or simply Goddess Moon. Despite no unusual effects Werewolves will still be a monstrous menace as usual!

Werewolves have been spotted around the world darting about the dark moonlit shadows hunting various unlucky animals. If the scent of humans is caught by these hellish creatures you can bet they will terminate them with extreme prejudice! Don’t be another Werewolf victim whose death is covered up by the US Paranormal Defense Agency or blamed on actual wolves, rabid dogs, or even bears. If possible stay indoors from dusk to dawn until the Moon is below 80% of Full! Read The Rest Of This Wayward Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…🐺

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