Slender Man Compels Two 12 Year Old Girls To Attempt Murder

Breaking Slenderman News Out Of Wisconsin!

Two 12 year old Waukesha, Wisconsin girls are accused of stabbing another 12 year old girl 19 times! After a slumber party the pre-teen girls lured the innocent victim into the woods, attempted to kill the girl as a sacrifice to the supernatural being known as Slenderman. They claim he wanted to make him happy, and become one of his disciples. Thankfully their murder did not come to fruition, and the victim is in stable condition at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. After the girls surgery doctors said she was “1 millimeter from certain death.” as the stab wounds miraculously missed major arteries. We can only think there was some manner of Angelic, or Earthly Goddess intervention. The two alleged attackers are being charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, and held in jail on $500,000 bail.

The Sick Manipulative World Of Slenderman!

Slender Man With Child

The mainstream media is saying the girls are delusional blaming it on what they call a fake mythological character that supposedly originated at the Creepy Pasta website. In reality this is a very real case of Slender Man compulsion. Slenderman is an extradimensional entity from a parallel reality sentenced to Earth for crimes against his own people. For centuries he has had nothing better to do than torment others for his own pleasure while collecting children to replenish his dark powers. Slenderman is known to compel adults into murder as their behavior becomes more erratic under the influence of the Slender Sickness he infuses within them. For whatever reason Slenderman prefers to kill via human proxies.  Paranormal investigators have theorized this may be due to the fact that a murder at his own hands may drain his life force.  This would probably be a condition of him being sentenced to life on Earth.

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When it comes to that area between childhood, and adulthood Slender Man has been known to use friendlier tactics to compel them into murder.  Children are often drawn to Slender Man, and willingly go with him most of the time while adults must have their minds violently attacked to bend to his will. Teens falls in between. Their magical energy is no longer completely innocent so he cannot use them to replenish his energy. Since they’re not grown adults he does not fully loathe them, and wish to see harm come to them. Since many who suffer from Slender’s Mind control not only commit murder against their will but also end up killing themselves in the end.

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With Pre-teens, and teens he offers them friendship and plays upon their need to belong to something bigger than themselves. He kindles the embers of his Slender Man cult around the world to create flames of dangerous teens who will commit heinous acts on his behalf. In essence a personal army to join him on his dark quest to kidnap children, and destroy the lives of people around the world for his pathetic amusement. Although the adults will show signs of mental issues, the children, and teens under his influence appear perfectly normal! So there is very little warning before these tragedies occur.  Some have suggested that several cases of vanishing teens could be them running away with Slender Man.

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In this case we have two pre-teens targeting another.  Slenderman’s lighter compulsions with teens means there’s no intended target he desires.  When it comes to his adult victims he usually has them kill another adult.  With young adults he leaves it up to them who will be sacrificed in his unholy name.  Ultimately he wants it to be their choice rather than a complete unwilling mind control maneuver.  Unfortunately in this case it meant another girl ended up being the victim.  More than likely the victim did not truly believe in Slenderman, and the other girls took offense.

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The Slender Man is considered one of the top 10 most wanted paranormal beings on Earth. His apprehension, or assassination, is essential to the well being of humans everywhere. If he can be dispatched with extreme prejudice then there is a chance that every child he’s kidnapped over the centuries would be released from their immortal stasis. We’re talking about kids from as far back as the Roman Empire who are still potentially alive in an unknown location! If you know the current location of Slenderman, or have any information that could lead to his capture then please reply to this article!

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Update: The Victims Miraculous Recovery! | One Suspect Declared Mentally Incompetent & Unfit To Stand Trial | The Other Ordered To Undergo Mental Evaluation

The mental issues the girls are suffering from are not at all surprising given Slenderman’s strong mind melding powers!

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  1. Deeply disturbing in nature! The sinister Slender must be dealt with now! Humanity has had enough of his reign of terror over the past thousands of years!

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