Devil To Appear At Satanic Black Mass In Oklahoma

Unholy Satanic Black Hell Mass

The controversial Satanic Black Mass taking place at the Oklahoma City Civic Center September 21st just got more controversial. Since the Devil has been walking among us for a great many months in biological form, he has been bolstering more support for his rebellion against Heaven. Even publicly promising a special place of paradise in Hell for all who are loyal to him. This is why we’ve seen a general rise in various heinous acts around the world along with public black masses. Sources indicate that Satan has agreed to attend the event at the end of a special summoning ceremony.

A blasphemous event that will culminate with a dark baptism for attendees within a tank of unholy water. Naturally, all he has to do is walk in the door rather than appear from a higher dimension. However he will most likely use dark magic for a dazzling entrance display. It’s a fair bet that several private paranormal organizations will attempt to apprehend or demolish the Devil should he appear. Certainly various Christian religions with special paranormal units, such as the Catholic Church, will have various holy warriors ready to pounce on the Prince Of Darkness!  Unfortunately, a cloaking spell will probably be employed to hide the Devil’s presence.

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