Dragon Spotted Over Truro, England

On October 11, 2013, a Dragon was captured flying above the skies of Truro, England.  The Dragons name was Furio, and he escaped from the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences located in Scotland when a student was practicing magic, and inadvertently let down a portion of an internal supernatural shield.  A shield meant to keep creatures in, and uninvited humans out.  Thankfully Furio is a tame Dragon whose fire breathing abilities were neutered by the removal of it’s Fire Organ known as a Stoker.  The Headmaster of the Magic School Sorcerer Ian McTavish promptly led a Dragon capture team to return the beast to the mystically cloaked grounds of his institution of higher magical learning.  Furio was back to flying about the skies over the Scottish school, and landing every so often to pick students up to give them thrilling rides.  Naturally, the British government covered up this incident, and various media outlets branded it as a hoax. This is often the case for various supernatural incidents caught on camera. Don’t fall for it!  The world of the supernatural is very real!

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