How Does The Scooby Doo Gang Make Money?

How Do The Fine Folks At Mystery Incorporated Survive?

Scooby Doo GangDespite the name Mystery Incorporated, there is no corporation charging fees for services rendered in the famous Scooby-Doo cartoon series. Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Shaggy Rogers, and the amazing sentient dog Scooby-Doo somehow travel about the nation solving mysteries for free.  Clearly, their clothing budget is nearly nil but what about food, maintaining the Mystery Machine along with other living, and travel expenses?  We of all people can understand how a group of individuals would coalesce together to pursue their common interests in solving mysteries, fighting injustices, helping out people in need, and eradicating the forces of evil.  However, did the Scooby gang have a plan before they all loaded into a groovy green van to begin their journey down the dark foggy rural roads leading to filthy fiends?

Rich Relatives May Be The Answer

There’s no definitive answer so we’ll venture a guess.  It’s been said Daphne comes from a wealthy family. Perhaps she funds their mystery missions but almost all the characters have rich relatives so why would she be the only one forking over the cash? Fred has an Uncle named Eddie Jones who owns the National Exaggerator which is a tabloid magazine.  Such magazines are always desperate for interesting stories that might not make it into traditional media. Uncle Eddie may very well pay them for the stories of their mysterious adventures. Fred also has other rich relatives, and the wearing of an ascot tells you he comes from a place of wealth.  Shaggy also had some rich Uncles. One who gave him a southern plantation in his will. Velma comes from a family of well-paid professionals. It’s evident that one or more family members are supporting these crazy kids paranormal detective dreams. Certainly, the sparse short lived jobs some of them held couldn’t keep them going.

The Miracle Of An Intelligent Speaking Dog!

The real question is why on Earth aren’t they using Scooby-Doo to make major cash?  We’re talking about a sentient Great Dane with the power of somewhat intelligible speech who can walk on his hind legs, and use his paws as hands.  The Las Vegas shows they could put on with this amazing dog would rake in millions! Scooby’s family also displays these characteristics so Scooby isn’t just some freak of nature.  Are they evolved dogs who are the ancient ancestors of future caninoids who will rule over a planet of the dogs?  Or are the Doo family the product of magic? Perhaps they were all human at one time, and were cursed to be dogs for all the rest of their days? Indeed it would take one powerful gypsy or practitioner of magic to put forth such an extensive family curse! There’s also a theory that Scooby is the product of Anunnaki aliens who were known to possess animals in ancient times. In essence Scoob is the descendant of extraterrestrials!

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