Will The 2020 Pandemic Affect The Spirit Of Halloween?

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many communities are canceling Trick Or Treating, or reducing All Hallows Eve activities. Many have opted to cancel their annual Halloween parties as well. Naturally, this weakens The Spirit Of Halloween which is also known as The Samhain Spirit. The Spirit is an enchanted entity that is not self-aware but rather an extraordinary metaphysical energy force. It is created through the mind of Halloween Queen Shala via a mystical conduit that channels the human collective consciousness of those celebrating All Hallows Eve. In particular, the unique innocent magic of children. The enchanted energy of kids is paranormally powerful thus the reason the major holidays focus on children. The Spirit Of Halloween is meant to bring a required planetary balance between good and evil that feeds into the greater Universal force of balanced Karma. Unlike other holidays, its power can be utilized by both those who fight for the forces of supernatural good and evil! Read The Rest On Our Ask Mystic Blog…

Don’t Cancel Halloween!

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