The Night Before Halloween

Realistically speaking it’s actually not that far fetched to have various entities of evil celebrating Halloween together. That includes Dracula, reanimated mummies, Frankenstein, and his bride along with a wicked witch or two. However they wouldn’t be gathered to have fun but rather to partake of dark diabolical demonic All Hallow’s Eve rituals. Plausibly blood sacrifices to their demonic deity of choice! They certainly would not have any good intentions toward trick o treaters. Thankfully such haunting Halloween rituals would take place far away from any residential neighborhoods.

The Season Of Fun Frights And Sweet Treats

That being said such beings of sweet scares seen in the video above can be found in the Queen Of Halloween’s autumn island paradise. A paranormal place where the ghosts of deceased kids, dreaming astral children and the living from the supernatural community frolic with glee in a perpetual world of fun frights, and sweet treats! It’s just one of many ways that the Halloween mission of balance is achieved. In the real world there are unspeakable horrors against powerless people. On Halloween Island these horrors are duplicated in a safe way amid those with plenty of power.👻

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