Fourth Of July Kentucky Horror!

It was late evening on Independence Day of 1962 as some content newlyweds enjoyed the distant fireworks show from the backyard of their new home. The glorious light show reflected off the river as sounds of happy people and firecrackers echoed in the distance. The woods of rural Kentucky were a magical place amid the Appalachian Mountains set against the sparkling starlit skies. Fireflies flickered about in the warm summer winds blowing forth the pleasant aroma of wildflowers, spent pyrotechnics, and grilled food.

A Shooting Star Brings Trouble To Earth!

As the kaleidoscope of colors painted the sky a shooting star streaked down from the heavens. The couple became concerned as it made an explosive sound and bright flash of light in the woods nearby. The ground shook beneath them as it hit. They immediately ran to the scene to witness a decent-sized crater with a glowing orange rock in the center. There were some flames around the spectacle but they were dwindling and the risk of a wildfire seemed minimal as a brisk breeze swept through the woods. The husband, Sam, ran back to the house to call the Sheriff and get the camera he got as a wedding gift.

The wife, Becky, remained on the scene mesmerized by the glowing rock that was suddenly glimmering green. It cracked open like an egg and a glittering green gelatinous goo flowed forth. It moved toward Becky who foolishly put her finger in it. She struggled to get it off her as the stubborn substance spread over her hand, up her arm, and then over her head. Becky’s entire body was covered as she struggled to breathe while looking through the translucent green goo over her eyes. The glowing light it emitted hypnotized her causing heart palpitating panic to rest into calmness. She could feel the alien presence within incorporate their consciousness into Becky’s. She was no longer human!

Sam returned with his camera only to witness the horror of seeing his wife resting inside a giant translucent glowing green blob. It looked like a gargantuan pile of illuminated Jell-O. Little by little it was digesting Becky and transferring her disintegrating body into its gory goo. She felt no pain and now only looked upon her husband as a meal of sustenance. Sam dropped his camera as he screamed out in abject terror! The glowing blob shot forth at super speed and encapsulated him. He now rested with his wife in eternal alien matrimony within a slimy tomb. The alien, the couple, and whoever else the blasphemous beast ingested would forever be one entity! As the alien slid forth on a trail of its own goo two eyes formed that looked up at the fireworks. It almost gave it an innocent comical look but that was deeply deceptive!

The Final Fate Of The Once Happy Couple

The blob was from a far away star system that sent their children to mature on other populated worlds. They learned about alien species by ingesting the DNA of bodies and absorbing the knowledge of minds. It would absorb all manner of life within a certain radius attempting to remain unnoticed by the majority of the Earth. The blob would grow rather huge before its parents came to take it home. A secret agency of the US Government covered up the ingestion of virtually an entire town to prevent public panic. Something about a nuclear accident. They even went so far as to build a nuclear facility and manufacture an accident with real radiation to keep anyone else away.

Before that, there had been an epic battle between the US military and the chaotic creature. Unfortunately, the blob escaped into some deep caves and entered into a hibernation state before emerging years later. An extraterrestrial vessel whisked it away along with Sam, Becky, and a great deal of the townsfolks. Although their consciousness was one with the immortal ET their human souls granted them a horrifying moment of clarity every so often. The nightmare of being trapped inside an alien on an exoplanet light-years from Earth! They all prayed the alarming entity would die so their souls could be released to sweet Heaven! Until then they remained in a living hell that none of them deserved!🐸


Countless humans fell prey to this frightful fate over the course of thousands of years since the dawn of civilization. It wasn’t until the year 3179 that our advanced human civilization invaded the Blobs planet with some casualties releasing the humans souls to the great beyond. Various other captured subjects had their consciousness separated from their Blob host. By that time, we knew how to detect human consciousness constructs and transfer them into new bodies. Sam and Becky awoke from their long nightmare in immortal superhuman bodies that somewhat resembled them based on DNA and memory analysis. They lived out the rest of their centuries in a utopian society thus turning lemons into lemonade!🍋

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