The Haunted Forest Of Cursed Ghastly Ghosts

Somewhere in Italy at the edge of an ancient village lies a frightening forest of lost souls. A place where hundreds died on soils cursed by Gypsies. These persecuted Romani People were seeking revenge for the atrocities brought against them for their way of life. The blood soaked soils of fallen Gypsies would be the basis of a Curse that trapped all non-gypsy spirits if they were to perish there. The wayward woodland is haunted by ghosts and even poltergeists. Sometimes a random low level demon might dwell in this damned location to scavenge souls like vulture.

It is said anyone who enters the forest will get lost and eventually find death via elements of nature bending to the will of supernatural entities. A tree limb falling, animals suddenly going rabid, quicksand manifesting below ones feet, and anything else that can go wrong in a twisted version of Mother Nature. Even immense fear could cause massive stress and heart attacks. All manner of nefarious noises echo from the foggy forest. This includes shrill screams of sheer terror! The fallacious forest is so hell ridden that not even malevolent woodland dwellers like Slenderman and the Blair Witch will glide into its confines!

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