Urban Vampire Prank

The video above is a guy disguised as a vampire for the purpose of scaring people in a city at night! Realistically if a Vampire actually did this he’d have to be nuts because he’d attract the attention of Vampire Slayers, Paranormal Investigators, Supernatural Crime Fighters, and even the US Paranormal Defense Agency rather quickly. Especially … Read moreUrban Vampire Prank

Saw’s Jigsaw Scares Trick Or Treaters On Halloween

 Jigsaw from the Saw movies scares the hell out of Trick O Treating Kids! Obviously in this case it is good-natured safe fun. However, always be on alert during the Halloween Season as the forces of darkness are always afoot! That Jigsaw could have easily been an insane serial killer utilizing Halloween as a … Read moreSaw’s Jigsaw Scares Trick Or Treaters On Halloween

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