Screaming Chicken Drive Thru Prank

An unfortunate man ordering chicken in a fast food drive thru turns into an unusual chicken via voodoo curse. It seems he ran a notorious slaughter house that a Vegan Voodoo Master shut down by supernatural force. This transmutation to chickenhood is the magical masters revenge for all the innocent chicken lives lost! Now serving life as a chicken the voodoo victim faces the horror of being served chicken cannibal style! This via an additional voodoo doll curse that compels him to perpetually drive to all manner of drive thru restaurants across the North American continent. His money is counterfeit cash metaphysically manifested out of thin air! Despite remnants of his human mind still existing he is in essence a sapient chicken man eating other chickens. In his mind it is the equivalent of us being forced to eat human meat! The distress of his honking noises will dive deep into the very bowels of your soul! To make matters worse he is turned back to human form for brief periods to relive the full brunt of the horror!

"Screaming Chicken Drive Thru Prank", 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.
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