Haunted Halloween Hallway Of Horror

It all seemed like innocent spooky fun as Halloween approached. A Halloween hallway of half-hearted horrors amid a classic haunted house. Unfortunately, at some point, the costumed innocents doling out the funny frights were taken down with macabre malice! All out of view of anyone who could warn others and call for help! Their replacements were local members of the global Clown Cult Of Klaus Kane! A cult of killer clowns out for world domination! They’re the ones often responsible for clown chaos and random sightings you hear about in the news.🤡

The Hallway Of Fun Frights Becomes A Hallway Of Heinous Horrors!

Now those expecting a brief heart accelerating hair-raiser find themselves in a savage hall of blasphemous butchery! A literal slaughterhouse of human horror! By night’s end, several dozen had fallen silent. Some souls sailing to the serenity of heaven while others ominously remained as tormented ghosts! Long after the filthy fiends had vacated the heinous house its halls lie embedded with the bloody spirits of the seriously slain! Happy Halloween…well not for the fallen…👻

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