Realistic Slender Man Prank Or Is It Really Him?

 Supposedly the man in this video is dressed in an impressive accurately large Slender Man mask, and suit. Perhaps it’s really the notoriously evil Slender Man himself? Recent paranormal intelligence indicates that the Slender Man Assassin may have shot Slender Man with some type of chemical weapon that temporarily altered his brain chemistry. This … Read moreRealistic Slender Man Prank Or Is It Really Him?

The Door Man Serial Killer Urban Legend

This is the first confirmed true story of the Door Man Urban Legend.  Our story starts with a paranoid individual named Porter Canterbury. He was a timid, and skinny man in his early 20’s. After much effort, he managed to finally get a woman in his apartment building into his bedroom for a maiden voyage into … Read moreThe Door Man Serial Killer Urban Legend

Slenderman Vs Pennywise

Both Slenderman and Pennywise have an obsessive fixation with children. Slenderman generally looks to lull kids into a calm submission before kidnapping them. He then stores them in an eternal stasis to draw upon their unique metaphysical energy as they slumber in a world of pleasant dreams. It is in Slenderman’s best interest to get … Read moreSlenderman Vs Pennywise