Toy Story Is Real At Santa Claus’s North Pole City

Yes, it’s true boys, and girls you can have a real life Toy Story in my winter wonderland!  Whether it be dolls, action figures, vehicles, or anything with even a hint of anthropomorphism. Almost any object that fosters an emotional attachment within a child. We already have a variety of sentient toys native to North Pole City including our infamous wooden nutcracker soldiers that march about the cobblestone streets.  For some reason, they don’t get along all that well with my marching enchanted Penguins!

Toys Spring To Sentient Life!

Often times children visiting here witness the awe-inspiring magic of their toys coming to life before their very innocent eyes. It’s a joy I never get tired of seeing even after all these hundreds of years. Especially when a child’s favorite toy or doll manifests a personality along with complete human-like facial expressions and independent mobility! Naturally, those toys have included Toy Story, and Disney Cars memorabilia, just to name a few. Read More At Santa Claus’s Website…

Watch Toy Story 4!

Yes, it is true a Spork made into anthropomorphic artwork would come to life at the North Pole. I’m not sure why the Spork in the video below didn’t want to be apart of the happy Toy Story Family?🎄 Watch Toy Story 4…

About Santa Claus

I'm the Demi-Archangel Santa Claus who you may also know as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Kris Kringle. I'm the holy Saint Of Christmas who stokes the hearth lit ablaze with the Spirit Of Christmas fueled by the goodwill of humankind. Some call me the leader of good on Earth. Many in the supernatural community of light look to me for guidance.
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