What Powers Does Mrs. Claus Have?

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We know Santa Claus has an armada of powers due to his Angelic lineage but what of Mrs. Holly Claus? She was a normal human until she came to North Pole City. As with all beings, she would be immortal and remain physically the same age as long as she stayed within the winter wonderland. However, Holly became a real immortal once she was pregnant with her and Santa’s first child Nick, Jr. She was then officially an Immortal Of The Angelic Light. Technically once she attained such a supernatural status she shouldn’t have been able to birth any more kids. Although, the Archangels of Heaven promised the Claus’s they could have two children. Originally, no children could be birthed from a Demi-Angel like Santa.🎅

The Paranormal Powers Of Mrs. Holly Claus

As a special Human Immortal with Angelic grace, Holly Claus possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. Including an intuitive sixth sense of empathy. Holly knows exactly how everyone is truly feeling and always has a sensible solution to raise their spirits. She can’t catch any disease nor be ill in any way even when outside the protective magic of North Pole City. She also only requires 4 hours of sleep and can easily get by with less without any negative effects. Holly also possesses Zoopathic powers so she may communicate with any animal on the planet along with having varying levels of control over them. Like her husband, she can directly contact Heaven and speak with deceased relatives such as her parents. When spiritually communing with her soul mate Santa she can temporarily acquire some of his telekinetic powers and even mystically channel The Spirit Of Christmas. This also grants her healing abilities.🎄

The Magic Of Mrs. Claus

Holly can also be loaded up with borrowed magic far greater than a normal human. However, she does practice Enochian Angel magic as a hobby with Santa’s coven of good witches. This includes the power of Glamouring which allows her to alter her appearance if she so chooses. She was always an excellent chef but it’s plausible she mingles magic into her beyond scrumptious food. Mrs. Claus is rated the best chef on the planet by those of us lucky enough in the paranormal community to try her fine cuisine. Gordon Ramsay himself has been to North Pole City and given her an unprecedented seven stars! Technically, Claus Manor is the finest Bed & Breakfast on Earth for all honored guests.🤶