Why Aren’t Tooth Fairies Allowed At Santa’s North Pole City?

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Would you believe Santa Claus doesn’t allow Tooth Fairies access to North Pole City? Unfortunately, they are major players on the supernatural black market that deals in selling teeth to the highest bidder. Children’s teeth are a deeply sought-after commodity as they contain the magic of innocence. A major component of the Christmas Spirit. The enchanted energies of this blissful innocence and belief in all they can imagine add powers to various spells and potions in the magical community. Santa not only loathes the greed of profit but also the fact that fairies don’t discriminate between selling to the forces of good or evil.

Despite that most Tooth Fairies do care about kids and encourage them to brush their teeth regularly. They just like to collect gold coin somewhat like Leprechauns do. However, Leprechauns are welcome at the North Pole since their primary mission is spreading good luck around the world. Tooth Fairies indeed collect gold and silver for luck and the power it can marshal on both a physical and metaphysical level.  Those who reach the pinnacle of power may take human size physical form and blend into our society. There they often rise to power in the corporate world!

When a child loses a tooth at North Pole City an Elf collects it and leaves a legal tender gold Santa Claus coin under their pillow. The teeth are then converted into metaphysical energy and fed into the Christmas Crystal to further stoke the Spirit Of Christmas. Elves know when the tooth is lost the same way they know who has been naughty or nice! As a Demi-Angel Santa sees many things that go on beyond the sight of his eyes.

All this being said, there have been a handful of reformed Tooth Fairies allowed into Santa’s Winter Wonderland. Santa must judge their intent as pure before they can enjoy the most magical place on Earth like all other guests. Sometimes these Dental Fairies might speak to kids at the schoolhouse about the importance of good dental habits. In some cases the paranormal protocols to use magic to keep teeth in tip-top shape. Even if pure of heart there is too much of a temptation to slide back into their old capitalist ways so they still can’t collect teeth! We know of one former Tooth Fairy that became a Snowflake Fairy.

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