Does Anyone Die At North Pole City And Do They Have A Cemetery?

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Nobody has ever technically died at North Pole City in this timeline. However, in an alternate reality that no longer exists people did die there under unusual circumstances related to the Anti-Claus! There is also a candy loving Zombie roaming about the North Pole. He’s the closest thing to death you’ll find there. The Enochian Angel magic protection spells and the Heavenly holy light of the Christmas Star shining brightly over North Pole City aid in the eradication of death. All who reside there cease aging so natural death isn’t possible as well. Certainly it doesn’t hurt to have one of the most powerful paranormal beings on Earth in your neighborhood. That being the Demi-Angel Santa Claus of course!

Since nobody dies there is no graveyard for the burial of the deceased. The closest thing are some memorials to Santa’s parents who aren’t really dead since they routinely visit from Heaven every so often. True death implies you never see a person again until you die and reside with them in the afterlife. There are also memorial displays at the North Pole Museum for those brave souls who have died around the world in defense of the innocent against the forces of supernatural darkness!