The Heavenly World Of Mister Fred Rogers

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It’s common knowledge in the supernatural community that TV’s Fred Rogers was of Angelic lineage. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to make him immortally healthy. However, it was enough to grant him various special abilities that aided in his defense of the innocent against the forces of paranormal darkness! By night he waged a secret war to keep kids safe while reassuring them by day all was well via his PBS kid’s show Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Fred was aided by his secret mentor the Demi-Angel Santa Claus who would provide support and advice involving our perplexing paranormal planet.

From our viewpoint, February 27, 2003, was a sad day for all of us here on Earth when Fred passed away into the great beyond. Thankfully he rose to Heaven and became a full-fledged Angel. There he created The Rogers Dimension. An especially enchanted level of Heaven designed for kids and even eternally young at heart adults. There are also other amazing playgrounds of fun and fantasy created by human ascended Angels. This includes Walt Disney’s Dimension where every one of his visions impossible in our world can come true in Heaven! There are also paranormal places where dearly departed children can return to Earth. This, of course, includes Santa Claus’s North Pole City. Every so often Santa can astrally project himself into the Rogers World on special occasions including Christmas. Interestingly enough Fred was a regular guest at Santa’s winter wonderland throughout his life since the late 1960’s.

The video at the top of this page gives a very small glimpse into the Rogers Dimension in all its imaginative glory! It includes Mister Rogers complete vision for his ideal neighborhood and The Neighborhood Of Make Believe which is indeed real in Heaven! Children can play and learn there amid the sage wisdom of Fred Rogers. He prepares them for ascension to higher realms of Heaven that allow them to enter a most unique process of growing up in the afterlife. So as you can see Mister Rogers continues his noble work with kids in Heaven as he himself grows ever closer to becoming an Archangel. God bless Fred Rogers and all who aid in his cause of human betterment!  Read More About The Supernatural Life Of Fred Rogers…