What Happens To A Werewolf On A Solar Eclipse?

Do Werewolves Transform During A Solar Eclipse?
Solar Eclipse AlighnmentThis is an important question with the soon to be August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse over the United States! You’d think nothing would happen to a Werewolf since a solar eclipse can only take place during a New Moon rather than the transforming Full Moon.  During a New Moon Werewolves are in human form, and feel most human during this phase.  At this time their enhanced abilities are at their lowest. Despite this, during an eclipse the Holy Sun is sending immense metaphysical energy through the Moon which in turn transforms it to unseen unholy lunar energies.  It’s never been the moonlight itself that effect werewolves but  rather the energies of enchantment flying forth! The perfect alignment of the Sun, and Moon creates a focused laser of paranormal powers that overrides the normally dormant New Moon.

Those afflicted with the Lycanthrope virus transform into wolf men, and women during a solar eclipse.  They become true human-wolf hybrids in bipedal form with their human persona, and consciousness intact.  Yet they are still strongly influenced by the violent rage filled demonic wolf that courses through their DNA, and blood!  Some Werewolves wish every New Moon brought a solar eclipse because they tend to enjoy the wolf man or woman experience.  When you see someone running away erratically while sprouting fur during a solar event it’s usually a loner non-pack wolf who had no idea what the eclipse would do to them. When the eclipse hits always keep a wary eye on your surroundings since the wolf person form is a new experience for many werewolves. Their behaviour could be highly unpredictable, and potentially dangerous!

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