Can A Full Moon Transform A Werewolf During The Day?

We’ve all seen the Full Moon occasionally visible during the Summer daylight hours of the morning and evening. So does this trigger a Werewolf transformation? Especially considering that fact that Werewolves are beholden to metaphysical lunar energies rather than the light itself. We only see Werewolves at night but they can linger into the early embers of sunlight when within deeply wooded areas, a cave, or indoors. Their demonic DNA is repelled by sunlight. However, unlike vampires, they will not burst into flames and die. It simply makes them feel pain and blinds their eyes.

The triggered transformation can’t take place during the day even if they are in deep cover from sunlight. This is due to the holy sun having its own set of metaphysical energies. These enchanted energies override that of the Moon. Interestingly enough it is these very energies that are transmuted to unholy light by the Moon at night. That being said there are werewolves who have the power to transform at will. Often those trained in wolf packs. In such cases, they can transform during the daylight if they remain sufficiently shaded from the sun. In addition, some Native American tribes have embraced Lycanthropy and called upon their nature deities to dull the demonic DNA to some extent. So these type of werewolves may frolic freely in the holy sunlight for a time.

In human form, werewolves don’t normally care for direct sunlight but it doesn’t hinder their lives. Especially during the New Moon phase when they’re at the height of humanity. Since human werewolves are usually athletic they spend a lot of time outdoors and will have a healthy suntan. Still, they must use a great deal of sunscreen to prevent burns on unclothed areas of skin.

The Supernatural Side Of The Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse Paranormal Activity Forecast
Supernatural Solar EclipseThe Great American Solar Eclipse, like a plethora of other total solar eclipses, is providing an unprecedented astronomical show for many Americans. It will take place on August 21, 2017 from the late morning to early afternoon hours depending on your location. All non-paranormal humans must wear certified Eclipse Glasses to view the eclipse or there is a risk of damaging ones eyes! A wide array of supernatural beings have the pleasure of viewing the solar spectacle with their bare eyes unfettered by dark glasses. Even powerful human practitioners of magic can view it if they enchant their eyes with the right spells. Besides an interesting once in a lifetime event there are paranormal consequences involved with the eclipse.

Vampires can venture out during a solar eclipse where at least 80% of the sun is covered. The ring of a total eclipse is considered unholy light that is filtered, and focused by the metaphysical energies of the Moon. Humans can be caught off guard, and more vulnerable to attack thinking their safe within the hours of the daytime. Within this zone of danger most vampires will see all their powers double in strength.  A benefit that will continue several hours afterward even as they are driven back indoors, or down into the sewers. Ironically the power boost means they have no real physical need for blood yet their increased urges will compel them to go after humans with a vengeance to satisfy their hunger for blood! We urge humans to be aware of their surroundings when viewing the eclipse because religious artifacts will be far less effective during totality!

The Solar Eclipse Cure For Vampirism
Ancient Texts indicate that the solar eclipse is an essential element in reverting vampires permanently back to a human state! One is for female vampires that allow them to regain humanity by becoming pregnant during the eclipse. You can read about the entire ritual here. The other cure is for both males, and females. The vampire in question must be on a chakra, vortice, or other substantial supernatural hot spot of Mother Earth Goddess Gaia while drinking the blood of their sire, the first vampire son, or daughter they created along with a descendant of their former human bloodline. This blood must be mixed together with the blood of a nature deity. Most often Fairy is the easiest for a vampire to obtain. Plausibly an Elf might work as well.

In addition there are two more essential ingredients that may be rather impossible to come by. That being the unholy ash, and crushed bone dust of a slain first generation royal vampire. Only first generation vampires don’t disintegrate completely to ash upon bursting into flames when killed. Only their outer tissues turn to ash while the skeleton remains. It would probably be easier to find a royal vamp to exterminate than obtain the rare ingredients from a previous kill. Of course taking down a first gen vamp is a titanic task!

The crazy concoction must be gulped from a cup forged from hot lava, and be no more than 1 year old. Said cup must be blessed unholy by a Priest Of Darkness. The vampire must then recite an incantation after drinking the solution as the totality of the eclipse begins. The incantations origins are unknown, and as follows:

Goddess Gaia I implore thee,
Illuminated by the enchanted eclipse,
Sear off the sinister sanguine source,
Recognize the resurrection of my humanity!

At that point the vampire must risk making themselves extremely vulnerable in a leap of faith! They must slice themselves with a silver knife, and drain virtually all their blood upon Mother Earth! They will pass out, and if all goes well they will awaken as a human in the blazing sun after the solar eclipse has finished. If not then they will burst into flames with in the holy rays of sunlight! If however they become human then all their vampire memories will fade as if they just woke up from a dream.

Mystic Investigations Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander is a vampire, and will witness the awesome glory of the solar eclipse without glasses.

A Werewolf will find him, or herself transformed into a Wolf Person during a solar eclipse. In essence a wolf-human hybrid. This happens due to the immense solar energies pushing through the Moon sending a concentrated ray of lunar energies upon Werewolves. Despite retaining their human mind to a great extent they are still under the influence of their demonic DNA. Caution should still be exercised if you spot one of these wolfy people! Our Research Assistant Seth Morgan is a Werewolf, and will experience being a Wolf Man for the first time! Even in human form Werewolves can look directly at the eclipse without special glasses as their transformation commences. Read more about this unusual transformation here.

The solar eclipse is good news when it comes to the Walking Dead. For reasons unknown Zombies completely cease movement during the entire eclipse. You can walk right up to them, and they won’t attack. Still we recommend not risking it unless you’re a licensed Zombie Hunter. In addition the spirits of the dead have a higher than average chance of resurrecting their bodies as Zombie Ghosts aka Sapient Zombies. Our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie is a Demi-Zombie, and finds herself getting extremely sluggish during solar eclipses. She can gaze upon it without glasses but her vision becomes temporarily blurry.

Find Your Guardian Archangel To Guide Your Life On The Right Path!

Spiritual Activity
Concentrated solar ring, and lunar energies can greatly increase hauntings, ghosts, dark spirits, and poltergeists throughout the day. If you happen to be in a haunted house, cemetery, or morgue during an eclipse you could be in a fair amount of danger as these metaphysical beings gain a great deal of power. Some could even muster up the energy to take brief metaphysical matter form!

Mermen, and Mermaids tend to stay deep underwater during a solar eclipse due to a Devil’s Curse. Apparently he was none to pleased when the humans of Atlantis became Mermaids thereby breaking every deal demons made with some of the populace. This includes the quintessential selling of the soul. The transformation effectively broke every supernatural string any former human had! The Devil marshaled his forces to produce a curse as a punishment for demonic contract termination. Fortunately due to the protections Mermaids enjoy from Earthly nature deities it was confined to total solar eclipses. The curse states that any Mermaid basking in the light of the eclipse will be transformed into a full fish like creature. A mindless monstrous being you might think of as a permanent fish equivalent of a werewolf!

Naturally it is easy enough for merpeople to stay hidden in the deep dark shadows of the sea. However the real danger comes from Mermaids visiting the human world along with those who chose to remain. Even without contact from salt water they will transform instantly in front of anyone who might be around! There is also a danger to Demi-Mermaids! In their case only their top half turns monstrous with their waist downward only turning fish like when exposed to seawater. Although the transformation is permanent for full Mermaids, Half-Mermaids will only remain monstrous for 66 hours after the eclipse has ended. Mystic Investigations very own Senior Vice-President Rebecca Abernathy is a Demi-Mermaid, and will remain indoors during the solar eclipse. It’s a shame since her eyes could take viewing it directly without eclipse glasses.

Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, And Sorcerers
Good, and evil practitioners of magic are known to perform a plethora of spells, and rituals during solar eclipses. Especially resurrection, and sinister sacrifice spells! Always exercise caution in secluded rural areas, and cemeteries where these mystifying magicians may meet!

Gods And Goddesses
It’s fabled that a total solar eclipse is an actual celestial ring. At the moment of the enchanted eclipse a wedding ceremony is taking place between a God, and Goddess in the Heavens above. The God Groom places the eclipse ring on the Goddess Brides finger amid the diurnal darkness.

Solar eclipses are known to activate latent psychokinetic powers in Human DNA! Mainly powers always on the verge of manifesting yet not quite activating. If you feel a power surge within you then closely observe any change in the environment around you in the coming days! It just might be you affecting it!  A baby born at the exact moment of the 100% eclipse is the most likely to have natural psychokinetic powers!

Ancient scrolls indicate a child conceived at the precise apex of a total solar eclipse will be immortal! A child born during an eclipse may have some level of protection from the forces of supernatural darkness.

Please be aware that the weak willed, and mentally ill will find a threefold increase in likelihood of being demon possessed, or other dark entity during the eclipse!

We’re also expecting the Fourth Battle Of Armageddon to commence somewhere along the path of totality in the continental United States! If you see a lot of staring people congregating in a remote rural areas then we suggest fleeing the supposed supernatural scene!

By no means is this every enchanted event of the eclipse. If you think of other entities you’d like to know about then comment below.

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What Happens To A Werewolf On A Solar Eclipse?

Do Werewolves Transform During A Solar Eclipse?
Solar Eclipse AlighnmentYou’d think nothing would happen to a Werewolf since a solar eclipse can only take place during a New Moon rather than the transforming Full Moon.  During a New Moon Werewolves are in human form, and feel most human during this phase.  At this time their enhanced abilities are at their lowest. Not to mention the fact that an eclipse is during the day rather than the werewolves natural nocturnal domain. Despite this, during an eclipse, the Holy Sun is sending immense metaphysical energy through the Moon which in turn transforms it to unseen unholy lunar energies.  It’s never been the moonlight itself that affect werewolves but rather the energies of enchantment flying forth! The perfect alignment of the Sun and Moon creates a focused laser of paranormal powers that override the normally dormant New Moon.

Those afflicted with the Lycanthrope virus transform into wolfmen, and women during a total solar eclipse. They become true human-wolf hybrids in bipedal form with their human persona, and consciousness intact. Yet they are still strongly influenced by the violent rage filled demonic wolf that courses through their DNA, and blood!  Some Werewolves wish every New Moon brought a solar eclipse because they tend to enjoy the wolfman or wolfwoman experience.  When you see someone running away erratically while sprouting fur during a solar event it’s usually a loner non-pack wolf who had no idea what the eclipse would do to them. When the eclipse hits always keep a wary eye on your surroundings since the wolf person form is a new experience for many werewolves. Their behavior could be highly unpredictable, and potentially dangerous!

The unique experience only lasts the mere minutes of the fleeting solar eclipse. They transform back into full human form rather quickly. Varying degrees of partial eclipses will cause some level of transformation. Often the person can get away with looking like a really hairy individual. Unfortunately, this draws unwanted attention to the female werewolves.

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