Should I Become A Vampire?

I recently met a vampire, and he wants to bring me across into the eternal darkness of power, and intrigue.  However I have a crippled mother to care for.  What should I do?

Vampire MasterOn the positive side you will have enhanced strength, speed, senses, and intelligence. You’ll also have some measure of telepathic, and hypnotic powers. The drinking of blood will give you a wide array of temporary powers. Whether they be talented humans, or paranormal beings with magical powers. And of course let’s not forget the immortality, anti-aging, and eternal youth! Acquiring wealth will be easy, and therefore you could provide for your mom. Heck she could be brought across into the world of the living dead, and her physical defects would be cured instantly.

On the negative side the demonic DNA that will take over your body will also have deep influence on your mind. Some humans are of such a strong will that they can overcome that dark influence when becoming a vampire. However the majority turn evil to some extent and become dangerous individuals! If you turn to the dark side you may have no interest in caring for your mom who you will view as a non-essential person from your former life. You may end up committing various atrocities over the centuries that you will regret when you finally do meet your maker in the great beyond. Certainly if the vampire who wants to transform you is good then you have a head start. The demonic DNA he would transfer to you wouldn’t be as potent on your personality.

You will also never get to gaze at or bask in the sunlight ever again. That is unless you happen to get a hold of rare solar protective substances every so often. You’ll be in constant danger of paranormal warriors, including the notorious Vampire Slayers, trying to eradicate you. You’ll be weakened by religious artifacts, and wooden stakes to the heart. In addition you will be on the radar of a variety of supernatural beings more powerful than you. Ones who may want to use you for their own agendas or want you dead for various reason. Unfortunately you will become a subject of the global Vampire Kingdom who may take issue if you decide to follow the path of righteousness.

The decision to dive into the dark eternal sanguine shadows is one not to be made lightly. Certainly not based on things you read about in fictional books, or seen in TV shows, or movies. You need to weigh all the pros, and cons along with discussing this in depth with your possible future vampire father. Once transformed you will see them as your parent, and the others they have brought across will feel like your brothers, and sisters. However you will have no moral boundaries so you may engage in unsavory relations with them.

I wouldn’t chance it. However I’d ask if the vampire in question would donate some of his blood every so often. You could gain temporary enhanced abilities, and the blood could even cure your crippled mother without any evil side effects.  He’d probably be willing in exchange for partaking of your blood.

Is There An Unholy Vampire Bible?

The Dark Akhkharu Edubba
Vampire BibleYes there is a Vampire Bible, and interestingly enough it far predates The Holy Bible of human Christianity. It’s one of the oldest texts of evil that came even before The Devil’s Unholy Bible. That book being the dark answer to The Holy Bible. Within the Satanic Bible much of the Vampire Bible is transcribed. The Vampire Bible is often referred to as the Old Unholy Testament while the Devil’s Bible is considered the New Unholy Testament. The original text of blood sucking damnation was written sometime in the 31st century in pictograph clay tablet form before later being translated to cuneiform. Although often referred to as a Bible in modern times it’s still known as the Akhkharu Edubba which is Sumerian for Vampire Tablet. The ancient vampires who wrote the dark text were known as The Elders Of Blood. These Elders were the basis for the global Vampire Kingdom, and still serve at the Vampire King’s pleasure.

The Origin Of Vampires
The Elders Of Blood were psychically directed by their “Dark Lord”, aka The Devil, to enlighten the growing Vampire community about the bloody wayward path they must lead! A number of chapters are available to any vampire while many others are secretive, and only available through royal vampire channels. The Vampire Bible speaks of the Devil as the Unholy Lord with his demonic minions fighting to bring desirable darkness to the humans that plague the planet! The story of vampire creation states that the Devil possessed a human male so completely that his DNA was transformed to that of a Demon. The Devil then made unholy love to a woman named Lilith who bore the first vampires. Twin male, and female vampires who became the first generation of blasphemous blood suckers. No mention is made in the Bible about the first true vampires on Earth who existed millions of years before when reptilian humanoids evolved from dinosaurs. Lilith became a Dark Immortal who later evolved into the first Succubus. She was eventually slain by the forces of righteousness, and ascended to full demonhood in the Afterlife. Fortunately many of these first ultra powerful vampires appeared to have been destroyed by Angels, Vampire Slayers, or other warriors of justice! Others may lie deep in eternal burial crypts waiting to be discovered by some unlucky archeological fool!

The Original Vampire Bible Texts
Vampire SumerianThere are 6 original Akhkharu Edubba texts rumored to be in existence. The true original pictograph clay tablets are known as the Blood Tablets since it turned sanguine red at some point. It’s said this happened after the Devil briefly took physical form to directly touch it with his brimstone hands for the ultimate black blessing. Moments later Archangels forced him back to hell!  These particular tablets are imbued with various dark paranormal powers.  Rumors seem to vary from a mere touch transforming a vampire into a demon to actually reverting them to human form. Most plausibly various mystical spells may be required to activate the full array of powers in this Devil stone. There are also the original texts transcribed from the Blood Tablets. These are the cuneiform clay tablets, the gold tablets, black onyx stones, bronze tablets, and the parchment book bound in the leather of a slain physical demon.  All of which were darkly blessed to some extent by Demons, or Demi-Demons. The current whereabouts of these various dangerous texts are unknown. More than likely some or all are in the hands of The Elders Of Blood, and various vampire royals. If you think you are in possession of these dark objects please don’t touch them! Contact a Vampirologist, Vampire Slayer, Demonologist, powerful practitioner of magic, or paranormal professional ASAP!

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Are Jumanji & Cursed Supernatural Board Games Real?

Supernatural Jumanji BoardgameIndeed cursed paranormal games do exist!  In fact Jumanji, a Zulu word meaning “many effects”, is a real game somewhat similar to what was seen in the hit 1995 motion picture starring Robin Williams.  We don’t know much about the real Jumanji board game, it’s origins, or its current location.  Rumors, and anecdotal evidence seem to indicate that Jumanji was a creation of an African Witch Doctor, and Dark Witch from Great Britain in the mid 1800’s.  They were diabolical lovers who sought to perpetuate evil in an eternally unique way. It was also the only way they could come up with to become Immortal. They live on in the game, and can be released temporarily during game play.  Paranormal play that includes herds of dangerous animals stampeding from the game. The board game may also manifest a real overabundance of jungle plantlife, aboriginal warriors, and big game hunters! It can also suck players into the game for decades at a time!  It’s said that Jumanji is currently in the possession of the British Royals. Perhaps Queen Elizabeth has played it at least once?

An even more deadly paranormal board game originates from Romania.  It’s called “Joc De Moarte” which literally translates into “game of death” in Romanian.  Joc De Moarte was a board game commissioned in the late 1700’s by the infamous Prince Dracula Of Wallachia. A prominent second generation member of the global vampire royal family.   Dracula was bored with the monotony of his daily murders, and blood sucking as the centuries rambled forth before his immortal life.  He wanted a real challenge so he looked to the world of magical practitioners to spice up his daily deadly routine.

The infamous Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo took up the challenge to create the ultimate supernatural board game of death!  Back in those days he had yet to achieve the power he has today as the current King Of Hell.  Back then he actually had some alliances instead of taking on the world independently.  Diablo was friends with Dracula for a time, and he was impressed by the power Diablo wielded even back then.  Over the course of a year Dimitri perfected the diabolical board game from hell.  When completed Dracula played the first game with Dimitri, another vampire, a witch, a Lycan, and a hapless human.  The playing board runs it’s way through a damned castle of darkness, and the surrounding Black Forest Of Doom.  Dice, riddle cards, and a small magical crystal ball guide players forward to the end game.  Throughout the blasphemous board game magical beings materialize out of thin air, and attack at will.  They include demons, poltergeists, Earthly Gods, vampires, werewolves, zombies, sorcerers, witches, warlocks, wizards, and miscellaneous monsters.  The Black Forest Of Doom actually appears in the general area the game is being played at key points. Similar to solid holographic simulations.  In reality they are active astral projections. Ultimately the frightening game takes players on a quest for the Devil’s Unholy Grail.  A real life chalice once used by the Devil.  It’s said to give a pure evil soul the ultimate power while damning the rest straight to hell against their will!  A pure soul would in fact destroy the chalice by merely touching it.

The unholy cup is made of cursed Carbonado, aka black diamond, and is said to be forged within the very fires of hell itself.  To activate its power a person must drink their own blood from the chalice.  The location of the real chalice is unknown.  However the game duplicates it, and the winner of the game receives a surge of power courtesy of the Sorcerer Diablo.  During the first game everyone died except for Dracula, and Dimitri.  Dracula nearly died while playing, and at the end, after Dimitri let him win, he thanked Dimitri for the amazingly exciting experience.  Joc De Moarte provided Dracula with many decades of fun for him, and his guests.  The game is self powered through powerful demonic spells, and works independently of Dimitri Diablo by mystical metaphysical means.  Although most of the game conjures up imaginary supernatural entities there are some real Demons, Gods, ghosts, jinn, monsters, and other hellish entities called forth. Some trapped in the game, and others called from the great beyond. This makes it dangerous even when a player is done with the game since these entities can linger.  Naturally powerful beings like Dracula under demonic protection don’t really have to worry about the after effects of this most disturbing board game.

Unfortunately Dracula grew tired of the game, and thought it would be funny to release it into the world to plague humankind.  By then Dracula, and Dimitri had gone their separate ways so he had a wizard tie the games crystal ball to a crystal ball in his castle so he could watch the mayhem the game caused.  It’s also a fair bet that Dimitri can spy on game players at will via his psychic powers. The historical record indicates that the first deaths caused by the game occurred sometime in the 1840’s.  The deadly game has popped up every so often with morbid consequences.

The last recorded sighting was at a Halloween party in Winterset, Iowa in 1977.  43 people lost their lives, including 27 teens, despite the fact only 6 people were playing the board game.  The entire large two story home turned into a bloodbath of evil entities unleashed by Dimitri’s deadly spells tied to the seemingly harmless wood, and crystal game.  The US Paranormal Defense Agency quickly swooped in and covered up the massacre due to the obvious paranormal nature of the deaths.  It’s unknown if the game is currently in the Federal government’s custody or if it’s still floating around ready to find it’s way to a new generation of foolish victims. Certainly it’s a good sign we haven’t heard anything more about this game since 1977!