Are You Safe From Vampires In Your House?

The Global Vampire Spell protects people from Vampires arbitrarily entering their humble abodes. The blood sucking living dead must be invited in by a human who legally owns or dwells within a home. In the past people were better at identifying vampires, and quite wary of strangers. In modern times most vampires blend into our social culture far better. Despite our continued caution when it comes to strangers entering our homes, there are a variety of reasons why they would. For instance inspectors, law enforcement, repair, and delivery persons that vampires could easily pose as. Unfortunately inadvertent invitations inside rose greatly in the 20th century!

Sunlight Is No Guarantee A Person Isn’t A Vampire!
You might think all is well if sunlight is afoot. However there are temporary solutions such as Gnomes blood, and magically created daylight rings. Unlike the Vampire Diaries portrayal of daylight rings, they are in reality extremely rare, and difficult to create. In addition the majority will shatter after too much use. There are only a handful of very ancient ones that have stood the test of time. Thankfully Gnomes are difficult little creatures to catch so their blood is hard to come by.

Always Shake Hands With Strangers About To Enter Your Home
The easiest method to test for vampirism is to wear a real silver ring, and then shake the hand of the person at the door. Silver isn’t as deadly to vampires as werewolves but it’s extremely annoying to them! The pain should cause them to jerk their hand away. Depending on their age you should see a small puff of smoke rise from their hand along with an observed temporary burn. Rubbing holy oil on your hands for the shake would also cause similar results over a wider area of their hand. This might cause enough anger to expose their vampire face complete with fangs, and eye glowing. Fear not for you are safe behind your holy threshold. If you invite a vampire inside by accident then always have religious artifacts handy in preparation for battle. The easiest method is a super soaker filled with holy water from your local church.

Even if a vampire doesn’t get inside there’s nothing stopping him or her from taking members of your family hostage outside! Planting vervain around your house along with holy water sprinklers may deter vampires. Having Priests bless your ground holy once a month is another great countermeasure. If you happen to have access to zombie flesh then sprinkling that around wouldn’t hurt either. Vampires loath the stench of the rotting Walking Dead!

You’re Never Completely Safe Inside Your House From A Determined Vampire!
Another way a vampire can get to you inside your house is to launch projectiles at it! Anything from a newspaper to a rock can be a deadly missile when thrown by vampires who possess super strength, and speed. Many can even pick up a car, and propel it at your home! They could also toss a flaming object inside to start a fire! All of which can force you to invite them in, or lure you outside.

In such cases only powerful protection, or supernatural sealing spells can prevent a vampire from harming you. Such spells placed on your home can only be done by extremely powerful witches, warlocks, wizards or sorcerers. Generally they are temporary, and must be renewed every so often. There’s also the fact that they use a great deal of metaphysical energy which in turn taxes the practitioner of magic who cast the spell. Odds are they will charge a large amount of money for their magical services!  Fortunately if there is a real immediate danger a powerful paranormal professional will often aid you free of charge. After all most of us in the supernatural community strive to rid the planet of evil at all costs!

Despite there being ways around the vampire invite spell, the majority of people have nothing to worry about. Vampires almost never target residences. Most people will never run across one in their lifetime thanks to Vampire Slayers keeping the vampire populace low. This perplexing population is already limited since vampires are extremely particular about who they bring across into the dark eternal shadows. They usually target people at various nocturnal social gatherings. Plausibly if you held a large party where people were frequently coming in, and out then you might have a problem. College dorms, frat, and sorority houses are often quite vulnerable to vampire attack!

Your last lines of defense are personal deterrents. Wearing religious jewelry, silver, vervain, and even washing your clothes in holy water can mean the difference between life, and death!

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What Does Blood Taste Like To Vampires?

Vampire RoyaltyHumans find their own blood to have a rusty metallic salt like taste due to the iron content in the hemoglobin. On the other hand Vampires find the taste to be like an unimaginable, and indescribable sweet Heavenly nectar.  It’s like being able to perpetually exist off nothing but sweet desserts without any negative health repercussion.  In fact they get powerful benefits! Naturally different blood types along with a person’s nutritional balance alter that sweetness positively or negatively.  This amazing supernatural taste, and the feeling of literal power surging through a vampire’s body after ingesting it causes it to be quite addictive. Unfortunately this propels a vampire forward into preying on humans.  The true source of this power is the human soul which manifests power properties into blood that are undetectable to human science.  A metaphysical energy ripe with information from the soul sails through the blood, and is psychically detected by the vampire’s mind upon ingestion.

The most ideal food for vampires is human blood. Animal blood just doesn’t taste as good nor does it give them the same power surge.  However there are various paranormalVampire Blood creatures whose blood might be even sweeter, or merely just provide more powerful bodily effects that would motivate a vampire to go after them.  Since these creatures are rare there’s not much opportunity to seize upon such beings.  For instance Gnome blood is said to taste like peppermint wheat grass mushrooms.  This is probably due to all the mint clover they smoke, and the paranormal toadstools they eat.  Still vampires will grin, and bear it if they are lucky enough to bag a Gnome. This is due to the blood giving them the ability to exist in sunlight for a few hours.

It’s also known that Mermaid blood is even sweeter than human blood but it causes vampires to temporarily turn into a mermaid which puts them ironically in a weakened fish out of water state. It’s said that the sweetest blood of all is that of an Angel taking biological form.  Unfortunately it will kill most vampires instantly.  For those whose soul is good it will actually reverse their vampirism, and restore their human state.  The next sweetest blood is said to be Unicorn blood which in fact will make a vampire invincible, and immune to all magic.  This state is rumored to be permanent if the blood is fresh.   This is why Unicorn blood is just about the most sought after blood for vampires, and many other supernatural beings as well.

The most avoided blood is that of the Walking Dead Zombie, or the blood of any dead human, which acts as a weakening poison on vampires.  In a way it’s like Kryptonite to vampires.  In large enough quantities it might kill them.  It is said to taste like rotted meat which makes sense considering a zombie is in fact a rotting living dead corpse. This taste, and it’s stench protects vampires from being tricked into drinking it. However sneaky magical methods can mask this, and damn them to death!

Vampire blood itself is virtually tasteless to a vampire but they will partake of each others blood to form a psychic bond, and in some cases to share memories.  The joy of drinking another vampires blood comes from the emotional aspect rather then the lack of taste, and physical attributes. It is essential in the process of transforming a human to a vampire as it creates the bond between sire, and vampire child.  To humans, vampire blood ironically tastes similar in sweetness to human blood on a vampires palate. That’s why vampires use it to lure in unsuspecting human victims on which to prey upon!

Does The Vampire Dracula Actually Exist?

Is Dracula Real?
DraculaYes indeed the infamous vampire Dracula is real and to our knowledge still alive somewhere on Earth.  Although the stories written about him, including Bram Stoker’s Dracula, are fictional for the most part.  Dracula was born in 1431 Transylvania within the Kingdom Of Hungary.  His full name was Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia.  As a human he’s historically remembered as Vlad the Impaler.  His bloody sadistic reign as Prince included the horrifying impaling of 40,000 to 100,000 innocent Europeans. However this torture was just one of many atrocities he ordered upon innocents. Vlad died on the battlefield during a battle with Ottomans at Bucharest, Wallachia in 1477 at the age of 45.

That day Vlad The Impaler not only died but was unfortunately born again into a supernatural form that would maximize his dastardly deeds.  For years an extremely ancient royal vampire named, Crown Prince Dagan, had been observing Vlad.  He was impressed by his violent blood lust and charismatic intensity even in a limited mortal human form.  In fact Dagan was a pure blood first generation vampire with the intent of making Dracula an extremely powerful second generation vampire.  Dagan was one of the first of his kind on the advanced lost civilization known as Lemuria which existed in the Pacific Ocean some 78,000 years ago.  He was actually born a vampire on this Earth 68,849 years ago.  His human father was 100% possessed by a demon which caused DNA Demonization to occur.  He then mated with his human mother to create a pure breed vampire.  This is how the first vampires came to exist on Earth.  Dagan is now King Of The Vampire Kingdom headquartered in Transylvania, Romania.

King Dagan felt that Vlad was a perfect candidate to become a member of the immortal living dead.  It’s been said Dagan had a premonition that Vlad would die that day as he watched the grand battle form afar.  Since he was a first generation vampire he was able to withstand the sun with adequate clothing and cover of brush.  When he observed Vlad ironically die by being impaled by a Ottoman Turk sword he causally strolled onto the bloody battlefield just in time to stop Vlad’s head from being taken as a war trophy.  Dagan quickly dispatched eight warriors before whisking Vlads corpse away at light speed into the wilderness.  Dagan drained the remain blood from Vlad, and then introduced some of his own.  This brought him across into eternal supernatural darkness.  Upon Vlad awakening as a vampire for the first time, Dagan declared he would be forever known as Dracula as it was time to begin a new immortal chapter of his bloody life.  Oddly enough becoming a vampire calmed Dracula down and he relished in the sadistic systematic hunting of his chosen human prey rather than mass murder.  Realistically though it would be insanity to bring the same attention to himself as he did when he was a human royal.  Human governments would investigate, and the vampire community would be exposed to potential eradication. In addition Dracula had all the time in the world to enjoy the seduction of humans who caught his eye in a positive way.  However they were merely meal for his blood lust!

Even in the present Dracula is considered the most famous and one of the most powerful vampires alive!  Not only due to his high ranking generational status, and centuries of existence but also due to his dabbling in the dark demonic magics.  Something most vampires can’t partake of unless there’s something extra evil about them!  An element known as “The Gift“. This affords him additional powers not seen in the average vampire.  In turn it makes him more powerful than most first generation pure breed vampires.  He considers himself invincible with his wide range of magical, psychokinetic, and telepathic powers that have destroyed many a Vampire Slayer! It’s also said he can walk in direct sunlight for limited periods of time while laughing in the face of crosses, holy water, and other religious artifacts! He’s also impervious to various magics used against him. This includes the Global Vampire Invitation Spell that stops vampires from entering homes without being invited in. Dracula can enter most any residence he so pleases unless extra special power spells are put in place.

Since Dracula is an indirect offspring of a first generation vampire, who are considered vampire royalty, he kept his title of Prince.  King Dagan considers Dracula to be his finest creation, and a perfect model of vampirical darkness.  For this reason Dracula has the honor of holding many royal titles that include the following:

  • Blood Prince Of Romania
  • Grand Duke Of Transylvania
  • Count Of Wallachia (A Transylvanian region of The Vampire Kingdom)
  • Prince of Wallachia (Former Human royal title still recognized by Human royalty)
  • Earl Of Diavol City (The secret dark Capital Of The Vampire Kingdom in Transylvanian)
  • Dark Lord Master Of The Carpathian Mountains
  • Dark Knight Of King Dagan’s Royal Court

Dracula also holds the title of Royal Transylvanian Ambassador on some of his global jaunts. Often when someone has deeply offended the royals they send Dracula, and his dark minions after them with a vengeance!  Once Dracula has been sent forth to pursue you there is no place on Earth you can hide….well except perhaps North Pole City! 🙂

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