Can A Human Be Transformed Into A Vampire Against Their Will?

Is There Any Recourse When One Is Unexpectedly Turned Into A Living Dead Vampire?

Vampiress Bringing Human Across The Living Dead ThresholdMost vampires, including the evil ones, will choose humans they see as special, and worthy to join them in their eternal nocturnal lives.  They usually inform the human in question of their true vampire identity, and intent to bring them across into the dark living dead shadows.  Most want a willing participant unless some other nefarious agenda is afoot. However sometimes a particularly evil, or obsessed vampire, might not take no for an answer.  They’ll take the person by force in a violent rage that is quite horrifying to the individual, or use their hypnotic powers to lull the person into submission so they can transmute them into their own kind.  The individual is then nearly drained of all their blood taking them to the brink of death as the vampire introduces his own blood into the victim.  As the demonic vampire virus makes it way through the body the victim dies, and is re-born as a living dead vampire.

During this miraculous paranormal process the pre-vampire is unconscious in our world yet consciousness in the astral plane between life, and death.  There they are given a choice by what is most likely the Angel Of Death based on descriptions from vampires who usually have full memory of their encounter with the Angel.  There the Angel gives them the choice to walk into the light of salvation as a human rather than walk the path of eternal darkness as vampire.  If they choose to become a vampire, and eventually die they will die with a stained soul in this Universe which is a mark on their overall higher dimensional soul which comprises all the lives they have led in the various parallel Universes.  Of course some vampires follow a path of exceptional goodness in order to redeem the damned nature of their demonic DNA.  If the pre-vampire chooses to die as a human, and walk into the Heavenly light then their body will reject the vampire virus which will fail to transform their genes.

During this process the vampire master attempting the transformation will sometimes maintain a psychic bond in order to monitor the humans state of mind.  In some cases they may go into a trance, and send themselves to the astral plane in an attempt to force their will upon the human. They are no match for an Angel so all they can do is try to convince the human that choosing an eternal life of super powers if far better than dying.  Some overzealous vampire masters have even been ejected from the astral plane by the Angel Of Death for harassment, and coercion of the human being along with insulting the Angel himself.

So although you cannot stop a vampire from overpowering you the Universal law of free will gives you a choice in such extraordinary matters.  If don’t want to be a vampire you will be free to reject a life of darkness.  However many who didn’t want such a life fall prey to the allure of their vampire masters sales pitch on the perks of being a powerful paranormal being.  Also a rare few have been known to outright reject the vampire virus for reasons unknown, and when they awaken they pretend briefly to be a vampire until they can make their escape.  Some also benefit from the temporary increase in strength, and intelligence which comes from having vampire blood in your system.

Of course if the vampire life isn’t for you then the best course of action is prevention.  Eat plenty of garlic.  This will repel a vampire in a large enough quantity along with everyone else as well.  Definitely any decent amount will make your blood taste vile to a vampire.  Wear a silver cross, or crucifix.  Have a squirt gun with holy water, or holy garlic oil handy at all times.  A wooden or silver stake is always a must for anyone planning on taking down a vampire.  If you pack serious heat then load that bastard with silver bullets!  Complete silver will work better than just silver plated bullets if you can afford it.  If using silver plating be prepared to run immediately as they may only be temporarily incapacitated.  Wearing a vervain flower will make them think twice about targeting you as well.  You could also only go outside during the day, and barricade yourself indoors at night.  Those who often go to social venues at night in urban areas are more likely to be targeted by vampires than those who often stay at home in rural areas.

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4 thoughts on “Can A Human Be Transformed Into A Vampire Against Their Will?

  1. I’ve heard about this story that happened to a girl. As a matter of fact it was on a script and somewhere in that script told me it was real. Any specific vampire clan or species does this happen to or all of them? I mean if they get the virus I don’t think there’s much of a choice of meeting an Angel according to the kind of vampires Hugo Pecos talks about.

    • As far as we know it happens to most vampires although we’re speaking of the common vampire populace that is nothing like the vampires Pecos speaks of. The vampires Pecos knows of are a sub-species who are more commonly known as Nosferatu. Pecos,and the governments of the world helped to greatly reduce the numbers of the Nosferatu which are a weaker yet more monstrous subspecies of vampire. Although they can withstand the sun far better than common vampires. The Nosferatu line originates from a bat flea with ambiguous demonic origins that infects a vampire bat who in turn infects other animals, and humans. The line of vampires our very own Drake Alexander originates from is the result of a demon completely possessing a human to the point of altering their DNA, and then mating with a human to form the first generation of vampires. An actual demon in biological form mating with a human would create a Demi-Demon. The Nosferatu became a scourge in the past as they traveled in packs terrorizing humans. Common vampires partake of their quest for blood alone, or only with a few friends, and are extremely careful to stay hidden from the world. We don’t know if the Nosferatu see the Angel Of Death. Since they’re not truly immortal like common vampires it might not be the case. Especially when their particular virus is closer to a real biological virus rather than a supernatural demonic virus that actually shows traits of sentience under a microscope. The Angel doesn’t seem to visit non-immortal beings such as Werewolves, or zombies. Perhaps the monumental choice of eternity faced by immortal beings of the darkness warrant angelic intervention.

      • Great info! Thanks.
        I live in PA where I hear many clans of vampires are living and are talking of a war between humans and vampires is about to happen sometime in the near future. There is a website called Haunted Curiosities that seem to know personally of many vampires and even have interviews concerning this war. Do you know anything about it (the war)?

        • Oh yes, I did read the articles of the origins of the Lemurian vampires, thank you tho for writing more info re: HP Nosferatu and pointing out the difference, confirms a lot of the research I’ve done over the years.

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