Are There Too Many People On Earth?

With each passing decade the wealthy elite Illuminati, their paid scientists, and their various billionaire minions including the United Nations have called for “Population Reduction” or “Population Control”.  Keywords for sterilization, and extermination all supposedly in the name of human carbon emissions, and saving limited resources.  Carbon dioxide, and carbon are apart of nature, and the trumped up alarmist rhetoric is merely to control all human activity, enact a carbon tax paid to the wealthy elite, and eventually carry out the Illuminati agenda of exterminating most of the human populace of Earth.  Their master plan is to keep a small number of non-Illuminati humans to be slaves while their royal bloodlines re-populate the Earth in their dark skewed image.

Global Warming is a scam concocted by corporate paid scientists.  Just as the Global Cooling craze in the 70’s was.  Although human made population might increase the global temperature slightly, any fluctuation in temperatures can usually be attributed to the activity of solar cycles.  However if we do see a consistent rise in temperatures around the planet over the next century that isn’t related to the sun then we can blame the Illuminati, and their ChemTrails.  For decades they have been using airplanes to spray the skies with various toxic chemicals including aluminum, and barium in an insane GeoEngineering experiment meant to cause global warming, poison the populace, and destroy the planet so they can re-make it in their sick disturbing image.  In addition various Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, and Wicked Witches have been doing their part to help this diabolical experiment along as well.  Goddess Gaia, aka Mother Earth, has fought back in what we see as increased violent weather, Earthquakes, volcanic activity, and more!

The fact is that our planet Earth, as with most planets in the Universe that evolve intelligent life, were meant to sustain that life until it acquired the power to leave said planet.  Clearly non-sentient life can be managed by the Mother Nature’s, and natural cycles of the planets but once the evolve to a certain intelligence, and create civilizations they can override that.  Then there’s a pretty sizable window before they overwhelm the capacity of the planet to support their rise to power.  We still have a way to go before our planet collapses.  Instead of having a rotten elite class plotting to enslave, and destroy us, and this planet to their own insane detriments, we should be spending the billions, and trillions on bettering humankind.  We need to end the wars, and raping of the environment for profit, and global domination while looking toward making our societies more efficient, and in tune with the environment while looking toward the stars.

Our space program has been stagnant for so long.  We should have manned stations on the Moon, and people exploring Mars by now.  Our destiny as a species is to explore the Universe, meet the other countless forms of extraterrestrial life out there, and eventually find a way to escape this reality exploring countless other parallel Universe, and beyond!  Eventually we’re meant to interbreed with the various intelligent alien life, ascend to Godhood as a Universal species, and meet our maker, the God of this Omniverse.  Goddess Gaia, and the Omniversal Gods vision is for us to be fruitful, and multiply.  Our natural evolution is precision planned for the planet to last until a good number of us leave to populate space, and the planets beyond.  Humans are meant to spread across the solar system, the stars, and into all the galaxies.  To reduce our population is suicidal, and risks the natural order of things.  We need to prepare technologically for the eventual meeting of hostile aliens along with being strong in sheer numbers.  However many extraterrestrials are peaceful, and enlightened but there’s still those blinded by ignorance who are ruled over by an elite class who doesn’t have the masses best interests at heart.  Those who will blindly attack people if their government tells them they’re evil.

Our future doesn’t lie in exterminating our populace, and letting the inbred genetically flawed human elites re-populate the Earth along with the various supernatural beings of evil who are in league with them.  In fact we feel the insane Illuminati will either destroy themselves, or be betrayed by the paranormal powers that be, including the Devil, and demons who would probably create new beings in their image to dominate the Earth.  We must repel, and expel these powers from our planet, and enlighten the populace to grasp the full scope of their purpose on this Earth.  We must reverse the damage,  and have as many kids as possible to increase the genetic pool while helping our evolution along.  The greater the populace the greater the probability of more geniuses being born.  Hopefully geniuses who will better humankind rather than be corrupted by the Illuminati.  This course of action can only increase our rise to power as a species, and insure our continued survival into the coming Millennia so our ancestors lives were not in vain.  God bless humanity, and may we populate the galaxies into the nonillions, and beyond!

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7 thoughts on “Are There Too Many People On Earth?

  1. Well what if the Illuminati’s master plan back fires on them? Since we could get hit by 3 meteorites. Which would cause destruction on a mass scale. Then we’d have to try and populate once again. This is what I’ve seen in the future! I also seen vampire royals in the Arctic Ice. Fighting because they were starving. No more humans to feed upon. I seen this a while ago! Hoping it was only a nightmare. It seriously scares me. The scariest part for me.. was I was a vampire. Sitting in a corner watching the others fighting.. snarling at each other.. I was debating on just ending my life and walk into the sun. I hope it never ends this way. I just try to enjoy each day .. year as I can.

    • The Illuminati are mentally ill from all the inbreeding, and actually makes them feel Godlike to destroy the planet, and themselves. They’d like their master plan to succeed but the self-destructive alternative is almost as alluring to their sick minds. That is truly what makes them so beyond dangerous. They don’t really care what happens to them.

    • The Illuminati do have seed vaults in the Arctic just in case agriculture is wiped out. They might also have secret underground bunkers in the Antarctic. Although they have them all around the world. I asked Drake if the vampire royalty had anything going on in the Arctic but he didn’t know. I didn’t think Drake would want to contact Duanna about such a thing so I decided to call her just on a whim. Back when we met her for the first time she came on to me, and there had been some rivalry between her, and Rebecca at Drake’s fake funeral. She told me to call her sometime right in front of Rebecca. So I finally called the number, and apparently it was a pub in a Turkish village. I put the speaker phone on while some guy hiked to her castle. Two hour later she finally answered. I apologized, and had no idea she was going to have to travel all that way. She reminded me runs super fast, and it only took her a few minutes to get there. It was the guy hiking to her castle that took two hours. I feel bad for the poor bastard.

      Anyway she told me that the vampire royalty has an ice fortress in a location she wouldn’t give out. There’s an ice castle above ground, and an even larger network of ice caverns beneath with numerous blood reserves including various ancient blood kept just as fine wine would be stored. It’s the last retreat, and fortification zone for the vampire royals in an emergency. So perhaps your vision of the future is seeing them fight over the blood reserves with some other vampires or among themselves.

  2. Xavier I also agree with you! We should be on Mars and the moon by now! We have the technology and man power to get us there. They are going to need a safe haven to go to if this ever happens. I think the Vampires should take over the Illuminati. We’d be there by now.

    • The Illuminati don’t see any profit or reason to leave the planet. They certainly don’t want any independent human outposts they can’t rule over. I’m sure once they completely rape the planet then they might want to look toward other planets.

      The vampires have an uneasy truce with the human Illuminati, and their Reptilian alien allies. They’d love to take over but of course they must obey their Dark Lord the Devil. The Illuminati have been loyal servants who worship him to the fullest, and they have the demonic power to stay in charge. If not for that they’d eradicate the plutocratic elites, and the extraterrestrial menace within weeks since their locations are pretty much well known.

  3. I wish Duanna would hop online sometime. 🙂 I’d love to meet her. She’s probably wondering how you knew about it. I just see things. I hope by telling you all. I can stop some of these disasters from happening or at least letting the Vampire society know to be even more prepared for this delema. From what I have seen.. Our world goes into another snowball effect! Killing off so much of our life on this planet! Let Duanna know they don’t have enough! From what I have seen they run out of blood. And I’m sure they fight because of the scary situation we are in. That alone is enough to drive anyone into a panic situation. I don’t want this to happen. But if it does.. be prepared even more! I know she took a liking to you Xavier 😉 I just hope she’s not upset at me for talking about this here. I am not trying to give up there location. Just a friendly warning that what they already have stored won’t be enough. Thank you for calling her Xavier. Yeah that guy must have been winded. lol

    The Illuminati are purely insane. They’ve lost there minds to think they even deserve life on this planet. For there crimes upon our planet. I hope Earth or Gaia’ comes to life and smashes them all. I only pray there will be some trees, wilderness & Good humans left to populate our planet.. if this happens.

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