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Screaming Chicken Drive Thru Prank

An unfortunate man ordering chicken in a fast food drive thru turns into an unusual chicken via voodoo curse. It seems he ran a notorious slaughter house that a Vegan Voodoo Master shut down by supernatural force. This transmutation to … Continue reading

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HDTV Window Meteor Strike Prank

The crystal clear realism of HDTV creates a fake window so a simulated meteor strike can be simulated. The purpose is to scare the hell out of people thinking they’re coming into an office for a job interview.

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Realistic Slender Man Prank Or Is It Really Him?

Supposedly the man in this video is dressed in an impressively large, and accurate Slender Man mask, and suit. Or is it really the notoriously evil Slender Man himself? Recent paranormal intelligence indicates that the Slender Man Assassin may have … Continue reading

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Haunted Halloween Hallway Of Horror

It all seemed like innocent spooky fun as Halloween approached. A Halloween hallway of half-hearted horrors amid a classic haunted house. Unfortunately at some point the costumed innocents doling out the funny frights were taken down with macabre malice!  Their replacements … Continue reading

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