How I Met The Real Santa Claus!

Due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Santa Claus mainly doles out gifts to adults, and kids who are members of the paranormal community.  It’s a reward for the fight against the forces of darkness, and giving of themselves to aid humankind.  For the rest of the world parents are compelled by The Spirit Of Christmas to give gifts to their kids in Santa Claus’s name. It wasn’t that many years ago that I had no clue Santa was actually a real supernatural being!  My girlfriend, Rebecca Abernathy, told me about this since she was in the world of the supernatural all her life.  As a witch, and Demi-Mermaid her entire life has literally been full of magic. I thought she was just joking as she described her encounters with the Demi-Angel, aka Angel-Human Hybrid, Saint Nicholas.

Then one fateful Christmas I found a gift from Santa under my tree.  I assumed Rebecca put it there but I was impressed by craftsmanship and detail of the wooden remote controlled boat.  It was something I had wanted when I was a child but never got.  I thought it was just a coincidence.  Then the next year I hid in the living room, and sure enough I heard sleigh bells ringing, and the noise of several sets of hooves prancing around my roof.   To my utter shock Santa came down the chimney in a magical spectacle of dazzling lights.  Amazingly he rolled right out of the roaring fire ablaze in the hearth.  Despite dealing with vampires, werewolves, zombies, warlocks, and poltergeists, I still couldn’t believe that Santa Claus was real.

I popped up from behind the couch but he didn’t seem startled in the least.  In fact he said he was expecting me.  I offered him some cookies, and milk but he said he didn’t actually need to eat due to being immortal, and all.  However he did enjoy some peppermint ice cream every so often.  Luckily I happened to have some on hand, and we ate some together for a few minutes while I eagerly asked him all manner of questions.  I apologized because I was sure he had probably gotten the same questions thousands of times before.  Questions that I can now answer for those who wish to ask.

He gave me my gift, and bid me farewell.  He jumped into the fireplace fully lit, and appeared to be sucked back up the chimney in a sparkling iridescence.  I ran outside hoping to see the reindeer.  Off the roof above me nine reindeer, including one with a red glowing nose, dragged a red sleigh leaving a trail of gold sparkling light that dissipated quickly.  As they flew up toward the moon I could hear Santa bellow,”Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Xavier!”  Then he zoomed away at light speed.  It was one of the most exciting nights of my life.

The gift turned out to be a teddy bear my Grandma had given me which I had lost as a small child.  It was in the exact condition it had been when I lost it, and I could tell it was the same teddy bear due to the minor wear and tear on it.  I could only assume he used time travel to obtain it.  I went back inside, and examined the hidden cam footage but the video made it appear I was talking to myself.  Although the floating ice cream dish was evidence that something had been there.  Since I couldn’t hear him talking on the video as well I assume nobody else heard his farewell words to me which echoed throughout the neighborhood.

Last year I got a special magical gift that temporarily gave me super powers which I needed in a battle against a nefarious enemy of evil.  This year is going to be the most special of all.  I found an invitation on my front porch on Thanksgiving after I heard sleigh bells for a few seconds.  It was from Santa Claus congratulating me on all the years of service bravely battling on behalf of the side of good.  I finally earned a Christmas dinner with the big man himself.  The symbolic leader of good on this planet.  The immortal half-Angel himself, Santa Claus.  On Christmas Eve when Santa comes down the chimney he will be bringing me, and my girlfriend Rebecca back up with him.  We will then finish the nights present deliveries, and go back to the North Pole Village with him.  We’ll spend the day there, and join him for dinner on Christmas Night along with Mrs.Claus. their son Nicholas, daughter Mary, some elves, and other members of the paranormal community who also deserve recognition for their part in the fight against evil on Earth.  It should end up being by far the most exciting night of my life!



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