How I Met The Real Santa Claus!

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My First Gift From The Real Santa Claus!

I’m Xavier Remington, President Of Mystic Investigations in Woodland Springs, Colorado. A private supernatural crime fighting firm dedicated to ridding the world of all evil! Due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Santa Claus mainly doles out gifts to adults, and kids who are members of the paranormal community.  It’s a reward for the fight against the forces of darkness, and giving of themselves to aid humankind.  For the rest of the world parents are compelled by The Spirit Of Christmas to give gifts to their kids in Santa Claus’s name. However he has been known to sneak a handful of gifts under the Angelic radar to some especially exceptional, or deserving kids. It wasn’t that many years ago that I had no clue Santa was actually a real supernatural being! Nor did I believe in the Anti-Claus of darkness as well!  My girlfriend, Rebecca Abernathy, told me about this exciting revelation since she was in the world of the supernatural all her life.  As a witch, and Demi-Mermaid her entire life has literally been full of magic! I thought she was just joking as she described her encounters with the Demi-Angel, aka Angel-Human Hybrid, Saint Nicholas.

After several years of battling real supernatural darkness there was finally a fateful Christmas I found a gift from Santa Claus under my tree.  I assumed Rebecca put it there but I was impressed by the craftsmanship and detail of the package, and the wooden remote controlled boat that lie within.  That particular boat was something I had a vivid dream about as a child. I even asked Santa for it in the quintessential letter most kids write. He actually does get most of the letters but can’t directly act upon them. He instead impresses the wish upon the Christmas Spirit that then bewitchingly burrows into the mind of parents. I did get a remote controlled boat that Christmas but it was made of plastic, and didn’t have the intricate detail of the one in my imagination.

Christmas 2008
My first gift from Santa was wrapped in some kind of bright crimson wrapping paper with little glittering gold Christmas images embossed upon it. This included Santa’s face, reindeer, Frosty The Snowman, Christmas trees, etc. The ribbon was a gold silk with an unknown glitter on it. I suspect it was Elf Dust. The top had a dark shiny green bow made of an unknown mesmerizing substance. There was a tag affixed to the top that said “To Xavier From Santa Claus With Love! Merry Christmas!” Once I removed the beautiful wrapping there was a dark crimson rectangular box with green glittering print that said “A Product Of North Pole City. Made By Santa Claus & His Enchanted Elves With The Utmost Care & Efficency!” I removed the lid of the box to reveal a toy wood boat that was clearly handmade as an original by the greatest craftsmen on Earth! Just like my dream the name on the side of the boat read “The Sea Surfer” with a little blue wave logo next to it. The boat was painted dark green, and teal in color complete with real glass windows. There were also little people on board that appeared to be made of porcelain along with functioning lights, and sound effects! I tested it out in my indoor swimming pool with the amazingly sophisticated remote control it came with.

Later in the spring I took the boat out on a local pond, and Luminary Lake. Just watching it glide over the water sent chills of warmth up my spine while everything around me seemed to move in slow motion. It was a beacon of peace, and tranquility. Even animals such as ducks, and swans didn’t move when it went right past them. Groups of fish seen under the surface didn’t seem to mind it whooshing overhead. I had thought it was destroyed when a crazy drunk jet skier crashed right into it! Shockingly there was not a scratch on it! Later my curiosity got the better of me, and I set a blow torch upon it without even a micro scorch seen on the wood. The paint is still in perfect condition! The oddest thing of all is that after all these years it still runs despite no place to put batteries within the boat, and remote! I eventually had it studied in our science lab at Mystic Investigations, and the tests revealed no recognizable power source. However Rebecca, and our Psychic Julia Hathaway sensed a great deal of metaphysical energy coming from it. Most likely it’s powered by the Spirit Of Christmas. It seems to have more speed power closest to Christmas while in the middle of July it doesn’t quite move as fast. Currently I keep the boat in a glass display case at Remington Manor.

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Christmas 2009
The next year after getting my first gift, I hid in the living room as the Christmas Witching Hour approached with good cheer. Sure enough I heard sleigh bells ringing, and the noise of several sets of hooves prancing around my roof.  Something most people will never actually hear. Although some kids claim to have heard it.  To my utter shock Santa came down the chimney in a magical spectacle of dazzling iridescent lights.  Amazingly he rolled right out of the roaring fire ablaze in the hearth. He was wearing his classic red suit with white trim, and shiny black boots. Not to mention his trademark white beard.  He also sent forth the most delightful aroma into the air. A unique scent of pine, confections baking, peppermint, some kind of spicy candle scent, and other wondrous unknown aromas! Despite dealing with real vampires, werewolves, zombies, warlocks, and poltergeists, I still couldn’t believe that Santa Claus was real! For that moment I was an innocent kid again!

I popped up from behind the couch with a big goofy smile on my face but he didn’t seem startled in the least.  In fact he said he was expecting me. I guess you can’t really scare a guy who has Angel, and Saint blood running through his holy veins! I offered him some scrumptious mint chip cookies, and a tall cold glass of whole milk. None of that watery skim stuff! Apparently he can freeze time, and that’s what he did as we sat upon the couch while eating sweet treats. I looked outside, and the light falling snow had frozen mid air! However everything in the room including the fire in the hearth kept working under the normal laws of physics. I believe we talked for a solid hour as I proceeded to ask him just about every question in the Universe I could think of! He was all too eager to share his personal story, and wisdom with someone new as we finished off the cookies, and cracked open a carton of his favorite peppermint ice cream.

He gave me my second gift followed by a grandfatherly hug, and a warm bid farewell. Normally hugging some old guy you just met would be kind of creepy but I felt like he was a relative I knew all my life. He jumped into the fireplace fully lit, and appeared to be sucked back up the chimney in a sparkling iridescence.  I ran outside hoping to see the reindeer. Time was unfrozen as snowflakes gently hit my face.  Off the roof above me nine reindeer, including one with a red glowing nose, dragged a red sleigh off into the starry skies leaving a trail of gold sparkling light that dissipated quickly.  As they flew up toward the moon I could hear Santa bellow,”Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Xavier!”  Then he zoomed away at what was plausibly light speed.  It was one of the most exciting, and memorable nights of my life! The memory of it is unusually vivid with every detail intact despite not having a photographic memory!

My second Christmas gift from Saint Nicholas turned out to be a beautiful soft light brown teddy bear my Grandma had given me as a small child years before she died. When we moved to a new house it had been lost. I felt the worst about it after she died. The bear was in the exact condition it had been in decades ago! I knew it was my teddy bear due to the minor wear and tear on it.  I wonder if Santa actually traveled back in time to find it for me?  I went back inside, and examined the footage from a video camera I had hidden in the living room. Unfortunately the video mysteriously froze the second before Santa came down the chimney. It only started recording once he had left. No evidence what so ever in accordance with the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.

Christmas 2010
A year later my third gift from Santa was a special magic box that temporarily gave me superpowers when I opened it. I needed it in a battle against a nefarious enemy of evil. Although I had no way of knowing I was going to need this. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t ask for anything or I’d miss out on his surprise gifts. However I have made a point of writing him over the years, and he has replied on his official North Pole City stationery.

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Christmas 2011
My fourth Christmas in 2011 turned out to be a fantasy come true!  I found an invitation on my front porch after Thanksgiving dinner. After being stuffed with turkey I was about to relax in my recliner when I heard sleigh bells for a few seconds.  The invitation was from Santa Claus congratulating me, and my paranormal team on all the years of service bravely battling on behalf of the forces of righteousness  I finally earned a Christmas dinner with the magnificent man himself!  The symbolic leader of all that is holy, and good on this planet!  As the winter solstice approached the upper echelon of the Mystic Investigations team flew to North Pole City in a private jet. Something we’ve been doing every Christmas since 2011! It’s like our vacation reward for all the hard work, and dangers we endure throughout the year to protect humankind from the scourge of darkness that infests our planet!

Santa Claus’s winter wonderland is the most enchanting paradise on Earth! We got to stay in guest rooms at his Claus Manor, and joined him for dinner on Christmas Night. This included Mrs.Holly Claus, their son Nicholas, daughter Mary, some elves, and other honored guests of the paranormal community who also deserve recognition for their part in the fight against evil on Earth. Throughout this Christmas Blog we have mentioned details about our stay there, and will write more in the future about living an almost Heavenly dream while still alive! Merry Christmas to all even if you’re reading this at some other time of year! For It’s always Christmas at North Pole City, and in the hearts of those who dwell with the Spirit Of Christmas!

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