Does Santa Claus Live At The Geographic Or Magnetic North Pole?

Santa Claus Location North










Santa Claus is not located exactly on either the magnetic nor geographic North Pole.  However he lies within a short radius of the geographic North Pole as pictured in the illustration above. Clearly it would be too easy for someone to find Santa Claus’s North Pole City if it was located precisely at either pole. And of course if it was at the magnetic North Pole then his winter wonderland would constantly be shifting positions.

Speaking of shifting, the entire Arctic region is merely ice, and snow floating atop the Arctic Ocean. Ice that is always on the move sometimes traveling 30 miles a week.  So how does Santa Claus’s cloaked winter wonderland not get destroyed, or stray from it’s permanent position in the polar region?  North Pole City is actually a mystical ice island fixed to it’s position in the Arctic Ocean by Heavenly Angelic forces marshaled by Old Saint Nick himself.  The Star Of Bethlehem, light shining directly from Heaven, is directly over North Pole City, and plays some role in allowing the Christmas Island to stay in one place while the ice, and snow of the ocean flows around it.

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