Back To The Future 2015 Is Actually 2115

The fantastical future of 2015 portrayed in the 1989 motion picture Back To The Future Part II is actually a lot more like 2115.  My brother Michael Remington, currently missing in time, took me to 2115 some time ago after he’d previously visited there.  He said it reminded him of the future seen in Part 2 since the Back To The Future Trilogy[Ad] are his favorite films.  Michael’s method of time travel is a small device that teleports his body to the future by re-calibrating vibrational frequencies at the sub-atomic level.  Frequencies that change with each Planck Unit of time, aka 3-D frozen bubble Universe, or perpendicular temporal dimension, we travel through constantly on everyone’s natural 4-D travel into the future.  Altering y0ur frequency to match a certain time sends you there. Although it’s very hard to calculate!  However, once you’ve been to a particular time Michael’s time travel device saves the frequency for future ease of travel to said destination.

Traveling To 2115

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We arrived in our current location of Woodland Springs, Colorado in 2115 to find many things similar to Back To The Future Part II along with things that never happened.  Clearly, there’s no fax machines nor was there ever a fashion style of wearing double ties. Power laced shoes did exist but now shoes are one size fits all.  They merely tighten to the user’s size the same way most clothes do in 2115.  Also, the Japanese never took over the business world along with influencing fashion. China almost took over but WW III of the mid 21st century kind of put a damper on that one.  Indeed we saw flying cars zooming along a sky highway but there’s no floating markers.  It’s an invisible highway seen only on a computer screen in the vehicle. In addition, the hover cars are mostly flown by computer as well. Only those with a pilot’s license can actually manually drive them.


Thankfully a wide variety of convenient public transit has prevented the skies from being polluted with flying cars!  In addition, most ground roadways are magnetized to provide hovering with far less energy.  You rarely see tires anywhere! These roadways also act as solar panels for free energy. Some of which powers the lights built into the digital roads.  No more painted lines or ridiculously long annoying road construction projects.  Hoverboards exist as well flown upon the magnetized roads, and sidewalks. Though there is a more expensive variety that will fly anywhere…even over water!  Hover surfboards are the rage in 2115! People can enjoy the thrill of surfing without the skill or danger as they hover harmlessly inches above the waves.


Many people wear something like Google Glass that augments reality with holographic information and can receive video phone calls as well.  Contact lenses that do that same thing are expected to debut in 2123. There are also photo-realistic virtual reality devices, and suits for full immersion in fantasy environments.  As far as television, and movie theaters things have gone beyond flat screens with holographic surround sight rooms in homes, and public venues.  In fact, holograms are seen everywhere even when not wearing any eye devices.  Most notable are salespersons in stores, and waiters in finer restaurants.  Also, the tediousness of trying on clothes has been replaced by the ease of projecting holograms of the clothes onto your body.  Windows in most homes, and businesses are actually clear digital screens rather than just glass to see the outside world.  You might live in a crowded neighborhood, or city but the view out your window could be anything including a tropical paradise, under the sea, or even outer space.  All 3-D HD realistic video.

The Internet

Television and the internet have basically become one entity.  Holographic surround sight rooms,  HoloTV’s, and  HoloChamber’s are devices to interact with it.  The internet is called the Virtualnet since it’s mostly in a virtual reality format rather than a 2-D flat screen. It’s becoming more frequently called the Holonet since it can be projected anywhere in three dimensions. Most websites are designed as environments to explore rather than the web pages of the past. As an example shopping sites are actually like walking through a real store and purchasing things. MysticInvestigations.Com still exists along with this blog.  It appears we designed it so users can explore our offices and access supernatural information that opens virtual portals to various venues around the world and beyond!

Space Travel

By 2115 space planes take the average person to orbital space resorts that rotate allowing for gravity in the outer areas while the center still gives visitors the thrill of zero gravity.  There’s even a popular sport played in space called G-Ball that is a Sunday sports staple on Holographic Television. A new Moon colony also exists, and it’s the furthest place a spaceplane can go. There is a colony on Mars but it’s still not something the average individual is comfortable with. Especially with the long journey. At least it’s no longer a one-way trip as it first was in the 2030’s. There are quite a few people who were born there and can actually call themselves Martians. Many of the Martian citizens conduct scientific studies, exploration expeditions, and mining operations. There’s also the terraforming project to make Mars more Earth-like. The projection completion is sometime near the end of the Millenium.

Mainstream Time Travel

Time travel exists in 2115, or rather limited temporal communication. A device called the Temporal Communicator based on Dr. Ronald Mallett’s theory of twisting time back on itself via laser light exists.  It allows two-way communication with the past and future.  Although, it only works from the first time the device was activated to the future time it’s deactivated. It was turned on in 2089, and mysteriously ends transmission in 2256.  Due to the way 4-D time itself interacts with the 5th dimension along with the information exchange from the future it was determined that communications are actually from a series of Parallel Universes.  In several cases, the future did not turn out the same as reported by a witness through the temporal device.  Since it takes an amazing amount of power to keep the thing running it exists in outer space between two space stations.  It’s nuclear fusion, and solar-powered.  It’s quite possible that the space between the two stations of Temporal Communicator where disrupted in 2296 by a large asteroid, or perhaps one of the stations was destroyed.  There’s also the possibility that the government, and/or society in general turned the device off thinking it was better to not have knowledge of the future, or even a potential future altering their present.  The temporal device was responsible for exponential advances in technology!  Apparently, by 2290 we had the technology for basic interstellar exploration when it was originally forecast for the 31st century!

The Future Isn’t Set In Stone

Unfortunately, the Sport’s Almanac[Ad] I brought back from the future only won me a few bets since it was all wrong!  That’s the problem with the pesky 5th dimension parallel Universes of our Multiverse being intertwined with our 4-D temporal reality. Skipping to the future and actually living to it creates different probable outcomes.  It’s probably better not to draw too much attention from future knowledge anyway. There’s the fact that Michael has had to dodge Time Cops from the future who have nothing better to do than harass time travelers.  I guess they don’t get that everyone just travels to near-identical parallel Universes, and aren’t altering their original timeline so who cares!?!

The Back To The Future Universe Is Real?

Top-flight mystics, seers, and psychics have seen a Parallel Universe that matches the Back To The Future reality. The one where 2015 is far more advanced than our own. It occurred because the Japanese economy never stagnated as it did in our world. During the 1980’s it seemed like Japan was dominating the business world. Especially when it came to technology. That’s why future Marty’s boss is Japanese in Part 2. In the BTTF Universe Japan continued to grow exponentially and they bought up all manner of businesses around the world. In every nation, they encouraged workers to be beyond innovative. By 2015 we had achieved what we would have by 2115 in our reality. A major factor in their growth was the West never opening trade with China as they held a hard line against their communist regime. On our Earth, cheap Chinese goods drove the Japanese out of business in a lot of areas!

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Will Time Ever End?

Firstly, time itself will never end because it is simply the dimension that any entity is embedded in.  As they are a part of said dimension they end up living in a reality of the next lower dimension. It’s somewhat the same as existing on a spherical Earth that appears flat to us.  In our case, we exist in the third dimension so time for us is the fourth dimension of space-time.  Our only evidence that we exist in the 4th dimension is the passage of time which is a direct result of our movement across that dimension plane.  If all celestial movement was to cease time would freeze!

Time and mass movement are necessary properties of physical existence. Time is needed to separate environmental events and thoughts within one’s consciousness for the sake of sane order in lieu of confusing chaos.  That being said each higher dimension transitions closer, and closer to pure informational thought, or a state of pure non-corporeal energy.  With successive dimensions, time is dictated more on one’s consciousness rather than the dimension their physicality or spirit is sewn upon. This occurs as being in sync with other conscious entities temporal interpretations become far less necessary. At the deepest foundational levels, our consciousness is capable of producing time, or the chronological passage of events.  So in the midst of a temporally frozen reality a sufficiently powerful sapient being could still function normally.

Secondly, our Universe is one of nearly infinite Parallel Universes within our Multiverse.  One of nearly infinite Multiverses in our Omniverse with infinite Omniverses existing outside ours as well.  All making up the greater Macroverse which is thought to be a God-like entity or consciousness matrix composed of an infinite network of sentient beings. So time will always exist somewhere in some form for eternity, and beyond!

The End Of The Universe!

In our Universe Physicists theorize that all matter will eventually break down along will all energy being sucked away into massive black holes. Those black holes will eventually dissipate into Hawking Radiation. Supposedly Quadrillions of years from now even that will evaporate away into the five dimensional void beyond.  Then there would be nothing left but an empty eternal 4-d shell perhaps eventually colliding with a Parallel Universe shattering into dimensional debris flung to the very Heavens itself!  Truly our existences, and all we knew of would be dust in the wind!  However, said dimensional collision may very well cause another Big Bang creating a new Universe that would eventually evolve sentient life!

Thankfully our Universe isn’t guided by a pre-programmed rigid law of physics! It’s a supernatural reality teeming with Gods and all manner of higher dimensional entities including future humans who ascend to the 5th dimension through fantastical technologies. As they exist outside our time frame they are already there as we speak just as we’re already in the Heavenly Afterlife at this moment.  It’s said that at some point the foundational programming of our reality as dictated by the Omniverse God will have the equivalent of a copyright expiration.  Most likely at the moment the last sentient being passes away in the Universe.  Then the programming rights will be open for any higher dimensional beings to re-program.  More than likely the Universe will be reset for life to re-evolve again or perhaps the higher dimensionals will simply turn it into a giant vacation resort!  The purpose of Universes is to evolve intelligent life, collect knowledge, and experiences while growing Gods who will ascend to higher planes of existence. Once that purpose has ended the Universe can be used for anything!  So it’s almost assured time will never end in our never-ending Universe!

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The Future World Of Tomorrowland

The fantastical Utopian city seen in Disney’s Tomorrowland film won’t exist in reality anytime soon. Humankind needs to grow past its selfish childlike centuries of superstitions, prejudice, religious fairy tales, and obsession with attaining money and power! We need to cooperate in the common quest to look toward the betterment of the entire species before we can achieve such greatness. Clearly, monumental investments in infrastructure need to take place along with making energy free to the masses. Unfortunately, private corporations aren’t motivated to bring us into the future of our dreams. There’s also the issue of advancing to the point where we could handle a global catastrophe that may send us back to the stone age. This includes a large meteor strike or supervolcano eruption. Read The Rest On Our Other Blog…

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The Stephen Hawking Time Traveler Party

Hwaking-ttSo it seems famed Physicist Stephen Hawking held a lavish party for Time Travelers. However the catch was that he wouldn’t send out the invitations until after the party was over. The presumption was that only a time traveler could show up to what was in essence a secret party. There was an assumption that word would get to the future, and at least some of the invitations would survive for hundreds of years. Hawking awaited the appointed Midnight hour alone at his perplexing party hoping for a temporal visitor to stroll merrily onto the premises. Unfortunately nobody showed up. Or plausibly he wasn’t allowed to say if someone from the future arrived?

Future human governments have rules regarding time travel along with various enforcement authorities. So naturally any travelers who showed up would not want word to get out to said authorities. Particularly any unauthorized tampering with the past! If nobody really showed up then Stephen should have added he would keep it a secret from the beginning. He would announce the party but promise to never reveal if anyone attended. Then he would have surely got at least one who would want to meet one of humanity’s most famous scientists. Of course this would probably be unnecessary considering there is a point  in time where historians begin to use time travel to bring historical figures into the future at the time of their death. Once in the future they are brought back to life, cured of all ailments, and granted immortality through technology. Generally a time traveler visits them first in order to get permission to intercept their Afterlife path.

At the end of the day anyone with a certain level of fame will more than likely end up as an Immortal in the future. Especially if they could be classified as a historical figure. For the rest of you who have no belief in a supernatural afterlife rest assured future humankind will save you! There are many parallel afterlives. One includes future human civilization ascending to higher dimensional Godhood, and setting up their own Heaven through mind boggling technologies. They will utilize temporal devices, beyond anything you could call a machine, to target every human who ever lived. They will then pull forth the essence of their consciousness to their wonderous world! Even atheists can have an afterlife if they believe in the awesome imagination, and ingenuity of the human mind! There simply can never be a limit to non-corporeal energy, aka consciousness, even if it does appear to be contained in our biological brains.

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The Solar Electrical Grid & Lit Roadway Of The Future

Free electricity, and totally awesome LED lit roadways are the future! These cool streets would be strong solar panels powering our electrical grid by the power of the never ending Sun. Excess energy not used during the day is stored in batteries for night usage. These damage resistant roads would last a lot longer than concrete, and asphalt, thereby ending the never ending nightmare of long term road construction. If a panel is damaged it would only have to be removed, and replaced with a new one. Traffic lines, and directions would be dynamically displayed in the streets. Easily reconfigured by computer. Same goes for parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and sporting courts at parks. Such courts could be changed by users for any sport they’d like.

These pressure sensitive roadways would also detect people, animals, and obstructions that might not be seen in the dark. Flashing warning lights in the road would certainly alert the driver in time to slow down, and watch out for danger. Drunk drivers or those suffering sudden health issues, who might be swerving on the street would get flashing, and guiding lights to either compel them to stop, or keep them going safely until the authorities arrive. With the electric car becoming the inevitable roadway standard, there would always be somewhere to re-charge vehicles. Even in the middle of rural areas. Heating elements would keep all surfaces warm in the winter thereby eliminating the need for plows, salt, sand, and shoveling. If the power from this immense solar energy still wasn’t enough to power our society then most roofs of homes, and businesses, could be covered in solar panels as well.

The technology, and costs involved are not yet in true existence to the point where this can be completely feasible. In addition greedy energy interests will fight to suppress this technology. A common method is to buy out patents, and then mothball it! If that doesn’t work then there’s the miracle of politicians being bought off by corporate campaign donations, and lobbyist insider trading information. The plutocratic, and corporate powers that be will always fight against the betterment of humankind in favor of their selfish building of excessive wealth! Thankfully these futuristic animated avenues will begin to spring up across the USA, and the world in the mid to late 21st century. By the mid 22nd century most roads, sidewalks, and driveways will be high tech smart surfaces! Of course by then flying cars will be in full swing as well!

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