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I’m Time Traveler Michael Remington, brother of Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington.  As an avid history buff, quantum physics whiz, amateur inventor, and optimistic dreamer I conceived of building a time machine.  I finally completed my ingenious device called the Quantum Resonance Flux Accelerator which is the size of an ipod which clips to my belt.  The device uses unique sound wave frequencies that interact with my bodies sub-atomic matter at the quantum level.  It vibrates my quantum particles to nearly the speed of light so that I may travel into the future and it also vibrates them at faster than light speeds so that I may travel to the past as well.  This blog is a log of my adventures in time that I record when I return to my home in this time to visit my family and friends.

Although I still keep a home in the mystic town of Woodland Springs, CO, my main temporal base is located on an Earth devoid of civilization one million years in the future to avoid contamination of the timeline due to various artifacts and technologies I’ve collected.  Not to mention the fact that there is a temporal communication and computer device that tracks me through time.  This includes information on how to build my time machines which I wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands.  It’s a temporal museum of sorts full of curiosities and technology from all times and places.  There’s also a self-aware super computer that runs things for me when I’m gone.

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  1. hello there i Jacin Young can you look me up in the future at 2012 or later and see what is new there?? also i would like to time travel also but need the plan so can you write to me back please.
    thank you.

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