The Future World Of Tomorrowland

The fantastical Utopian city seen in Disney’s Tomorrowland won’t exist in reality anytime soon. Humankind needs to grow past its selfish childlike centuries of superstitions, prejudice, religious fairy tales, and obsession with attaining money and power! We need cooperate in the common quest to look toward the betterment of the entire species before we can achieve such greatness. Clearly, monumental investments in infrastructure need to take place along with making energy free to the masses. Unfortunately, private corporations aren’t motivated to bring us into the future of our dreams.

The drive to propel us to a fantastical future in the heart of a luxurious technological paradise must outweigh the needs of massive profits for a few. As I have time traveled to the future a handful of times, I know that we don’t see such cities until the mid 22nd century. Well over 100 years from now! This only came after World War III, a global war of independence, and other mass societal wake-up calls. All of which finally released us from the shackles of traditional governments and economies that only provided enrichment for an extreme minority of power players.

In the future we grow past the obsession for money, personal possessions, and the illusion of power. In the process, we shed any need for an economy as we know it. In the distant future money simply doesn’t exist! People work for a common good that also provides personal fulfillment and enjoyment. This amid a reality we face as adults no longer fearing the hardships and of life and the unknown of death that causes us to hide behind religions and illogical beliefs that have kept us primitive for so many thousands of years!

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