Best Chance At Time Travel For The Average Person!

Time Travel DeathFor the average human the best chance at traveling through time is unfortunately when you die!  There is a small window of opportunity where your spirit crosses over to the Afterlife through the Astral Dream Plane.  This can be a confusing state when one’s consciousness is suddenly thrust from their body. That’s why those who practice Astral Projection on a regular basis have the best chance of keeping their wits about them, and concentrating on their temporal task.  Being in a confused state, fixating on your loss of life, or being entranced by the warm white light of Heaven drawing you ever closer will thwart your time travel efforts.  You need to think of nothing but the exact date, and place you want to be in.  Preferably a link to a very emotional memory helps rather than just picking a random calendar date with no memory of what you did back then.  Those seeking a soul mate across time will find their effort far easier.  In addition this method of time travel is moving your spirit, aka metaphysical astral body, through time.  It must be within your own lifetime or your leap to the past will almost virtually be impossible.  If it did happen you’d just be a ghost in the past.  Same would go for a future date as well.  However both are extremely unlikely!

What Is The Mobius Point?
Somewhere between life, and the afterlife there is The Mobius Point within your own Metaphysical Mobius Plane.  As your soul crosses through the Astral Plane, ready to be born into the 5th dimension, your individual souls from every frozen 3-D moment time (perpendicular temporal dimensions) briefly touch each other forming the Mobius Point.  Complete concentration of where, and when you want to be propels your spirit from the point of death anywhere along the intertwined Mobius Strip, or Mobius Plane, of your lifetime. If all goes well you should find yourself possessing your own body in the past.  Although be it a near identical parallel Universe so no temporal paradoxes occur.  Your consciousness of that timeframe will be pushed into the sub-consciousness since future consciousness, and spirits are always dominant.  Your spirit will eventually meld into your spirit of that time frame.  Your past self may re-emerge when you fall asleep, and then reawaken. However you should be able to remain self-aware in the sub-consciousness to re-assert yourself. Eventually you should meld with your past self completely thereby molding your personality more toward the way you were in that time period.

It’s interesting to note that self-possession of one’s past self after death does not require the usual emotional anchor, or mental trickery, to keep you in the past.  This type of time travel doesn’t yield Mother Nature’s normal temporal gravity like pull that screams for you to return to your own time frame.  You’ve died, and your spirit has officially cut ties with your body along with this physical reality.  In essence you’re a free spiritual agent without worry of Father Time’s metaphysical demands!  However the pull of the Afterlife could be a factor.  It’s not uncommon to see white lights the first three days, or so in the past.  Simply ignore the light, and never look directly at it. It will mesmerize you, and your spirit might be drawn into it thereby pulling you into the higher dimensional Heavenly realms!

Once in your past body it’s important not to tell anyone what you’ve done since you will most likely be branded as a total nut who could be put in psychiatric care. Simply enjoy the Astral Projection Secretsblast into the past, and attempt to blend in.  Or begin to change things for the better as most have some regrets from the past they’d like to correct.  Just don’t go full throttle on this, and draw unnecessary attention to yourself!  Some astral projection masters have planned for their death time travel trip by memorizing countless lottery numbers, and other data to make them billionaires in the past.  Going too far might put you on the radar of certain powerful paranormal beings who may believe you have a supernatural source they can exploit, or take from you by force.  Just take things slow, and be patient. If your efforts should fail then traveling back a second time after your next death will be easier.  It’s thought that some moments of déjà vu are from your repeated travels back in time causing residual memories imbued by your spirit on to your physical mind.  If you experience a great amount of déjà vu in one or more portions of your life then odds are you traveled through time!

You should have access to clear memories of that time frame within a day or two of arriving so you won’t have to explain why you don’t know certain things.  This is especially handy if you go back to your childhood, and can’t remember things in school.  Or even a job you were long retired from. Certainly a difficult thing if it’s been several decades!  If you find you’re drawing a blank during that initial time period then fake an illness, or go off on a brief trip somewhere if it wouldn’t be suspicious, so you can have minimum contact with people you know.  It’s also important to write down any information about the future you memorized immediately upon arrival.  Your future memories will fade to an extent as you meld with your past self.  In most cases as more time passes you will become a new person, and forget you ever died.  Only trained mental masters or those with special supernatural abilities can maintain their future persona as it was upon their deathbed.

Deaths Temporal DoorWe highly recommend not going back further than the age of 3 since your physical brain might not be able to handle your adult consciousness.  It plausible you could give yourself a brain aneurysm, or even turn yourself into a vegetable. Ending up in the womb during your development would surely kill your past self before you’ve even been born!  Either way you’d end up most likely crossing back over into the Afterlife by death or being rejected by your baby brain.  Even if you’re successful there is the fact that you would probably be traumatized being an adult in a baby body.  It would be very difficult to hide your adult self.  Another thing that could go wrong is you becoming a ghost anchored to your past self due to spirit rejection.  There would be no porthole to the Afterlife until your death in that scenario. However you could probably possess yourself, and still accomplish your mission of self-improvement, or partake of reliving a pleasant past.

If you really want to travel through time then you should start memorizing things you want to know, and think about having a clear mind when you leave your body on your deathbed.  The best way to train for this is to learn Astral Projection.  Time travel via Astral Projection alone is extremely slim, and isn’t something even Astral Projection Masters can generally achieve.  Astral Grand Masters have been known to do this, and often consider possessing ancient ancestors, or future descendants.  A rare few may even transform their metaphysical energy body into a solid energy form.  They eventually become the paranormal beings known as Travelers!  You can learn how to Astral Project From A Professional Here!  Find Books About Astral Projection.  Good Luck in your final quest to travel through time!

DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t work in cases of suicide for reasons not fully understood. Get professional mental help if you have thoughts of harming yourself!

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Do Outlander Stonehenge Style Time Portals Exist?

In the book, and television series Outlander Claire Randall, a WW II combat nurse, visits a fictional prehistoric stone monument circle near Inverness, Scotland in 1945 called Craigh na Dun. Upon touching, or mystically walking through one of the monolith stones she finds herself transported to the year 1743 to live out her destiny. It’s later revealed that others have traveled via the stones, and that the best time to do so is on the various Celtic Druid seasonal holidays known to us as The Wheel Of The Year. Apparently in the Outlander reality the people who happen into the temporal portals at the right time are destined by fate to fulfill a purpose in the past. They’re acts in the past are essential to the future whether they know it or not. Despite efforts to change the past there appears to be no way to fulfill their personal mission. Instead they are the instruments of fate meant to cause the future as they know it.

In our own reality there are various paranormal hot spots, that include Earth’s Chakra’s, and Vortices, which are whirlwinds of electromagnetic, and metaphysical energy caused by a variety of natural, and paranormal factors.  These can be caused by the Earth itself having a soul, known as Goddess Gaia, the physical planet acting as a crystal of minerals, and water, mystical & undiscovered scientific connections with celestial bodies such as the Milky Way Galaxy along with a plethora of other perplexing phenomenon in our infinite Universe we have yet to fully comprehend.  Particularly powerful supernatural spots were discovered by special groups of ancients who were in tune with nature, and higher dimensional deities. They created stone monuments, especially stone circles, to amplify the powers of the metaphysical energy centers that were at their peak during the holidays marking the seasons. Particularly the Summer, and Winter Solstices along with the Vernal & Autumnal Equinoxes.  Times of geometrically significant energy focusing planetary alignments.

Outlander Claire Missing In TimeThe most famous of these enchanted energy zones is of course Stonehenge in England. These ancients, usually Witches or Druids, went further to perform rituals paying homage to Celestial Events, Mother Nature, and the Gods & Goddesses to access the maximum amount of power, and wisdom from the Universe. It is true that these paranormal places can do various amazing things whether a monument exists on it or not. It depends on whether the right person knows how to access the power, or the person is fated to do so even without any mystical knowledge. One of these powers is time travel courtesy of warped space-time, wormholes to various points in time, and other temporal transport phenomenon.

People like Claire Randall actually do exist! Those fated to play a role in history that would not normally be fulfilled by the people who already exist there. Our great Multiverse plays out all mathematical probabilities, and having people travel through time is one of them. Naturally there are those who aren’t fated to travel through time in order to play a key role in shaping future history. Especially in the distant future when time travel technology becomes common place. Temporal travelers such as that end up in near identical parallel Universes, and never end up altering their Universe of origin. So next time you find yourself feeling energized near a stone monument that feels as if it’s calling out to you prepare to travel through time!
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