Does Time Translate To An Equivelant Spatial Distance?

Time Space DistanceFor instance if I travel 8 minutes into the past or future is there an equivalent travel distance through space? Yes there is actually, and it coincides with the speed of light which is speed limit of the Universe.  We used 8 minutes since that’s roughly the time it takes for sunlight to reach Earth.  The sun being an average distance of 93 million miles from Earth.  So traveling eight minutes into the future is like moving 93 million miles.  Clearly this is why achieving time travel won’t be an easy task for humankind.   It will require a great deal of energy for the process to be done in an expedient manner.  Currently we already walk into the future one day at a time.  The faster we move toward light speed the quicker we move into the future.  Now that you know this realize that you will travel trillions of temporal miles in your lifetime even if you barely leave your hometown.  Certainly far greater than the 110,000 miles the average person will walk if they live to age 80.  Then again if we count our travels around the sun in a lifetime we may travel 46,723,036,800 billion miles. Of course there’s still our movement around the Milky Way, and through the Universe over the 4-D space-time expanse that equals millions of miles per hour being clocked by us! Time itself is actually our movement across a four dimensional surface.  Time is always the indirect observed movement over the next higher dimensional surface.  So all dimensions have time, and sequence of events.

Traveling to the past is twice as difficult as traveling to the future since it requires traveling faster than light speed which isn’t theoretically possible  for matter within 4-D space-time.  However such things as creating a 5-D space bubble around a future space ship would allow for FTL travel.  If this method of time travel was employed then traveling 8 minutes into the past would be like walking 186 million miles.  Certainly no easy task to revisit the past.

Despite humanity as a whole not achieving time travel there are government experiments underway in top secret labs around the world.  Some say that superpowers such as the United States, Russia, and China have already achieved time travel and may have used it to help their rise to power.  They may even be involved in a temporal cold war.  Although the time travel would have only been used for the collection of beneficial information since traveling through time only sends you to a near identical parallel Universe.  Only in rare cases of destiny does one actually travel back in time within the timeline of their own Universe.  In such cases nothing changes as it was already apart of history.  All time travel including our daily walks though each day yield five dimensional travel to near identical parallel realities.  Probes or people may travel to the past or future but it’s difficult to return to the exact Universe of origin.  If not then the people sending the time travelers, or probes, will find them only disappearing without a trace.

There are also inventive private individuals who have achieved personal time travel through ingenious mad science along with those who wield magic in the world of the supernatural.  One such person is my brother Michael Remington, whose currently lost in time somewhere.  This could be due to the difficulty of returning to ones timeline of origin. Michael’s time travel device, called the Quantum Resonance Flux Accelerator, uses unique sound wave frequencies that interact with his bodies sub-atomic structure at the quantum level.  It vibrates his quantum particles to nearly the speed of light so that he may travel into the future and it also vibrates them at faster than light speeds so he may travel to the past as well.  The further he travels the longer the process takes, and the more energy he utilizes.  We pray for Michael’s safe return to the present of our timeline.

The Rules Of Time Travel

I’ve been gone a long time.  I’ll post about it later on.  Some might ask why I don’t simply return a few minutes after I left since I’m a time traveler.   I want to age the same with everyone I know so I try to return past the point I left this time the same exact amount of time I was off traveling through time.  So if I was gone 4 month in the past I’d want to return 4 months later than I left the present.  Below I’m going to outline the rules of my time travel technology.

  1. When I travel through time I’m also traveling to near similar parallel Universes so any changes I make to the past don’t effect this timeline.  They only push me into alternative realities.  This is the Universes grand design to prevent grandfather paradoxes from happening.  In fact just as we move through time four dimensionally at a standard rate into the future one day at a time we also move five dimensionally into various quantum realities without ever knowing it.  The process is based on the power of pure thought as I theorize that the foundation of the Universe are the pure thoughts of God.  Evidence of this is seen in experiments where quantum particles act differently when observed by someone.  I can only return to my Universe of origin by returning to the time past the point when I originally left.   Even if I radically change things in the past and push myself into a totally foreign Universe I can still return home because my point of origin is stored in my time travel device.   All that being said there have been rare instances where it was predestined for me to change things within my Universe of origin.  In addition the future I travel to may not be the future of my timeline of origin since it’s a parallel future I see.
  2. When I travel in time I can only generalize a time I might end up in.  Although once I arrive in a particular time it is mapped in my time travel device and I can then return to that specific point.  It’s sort of like when early explorers mapped the ancient Earth.   Sometimes it’s apparent fate plays a role when I end up in times and places where important events happen.
  3. I can’t teleport three dimensionally and travel anywhere on Earth instantly.  I’m able to travel to different parts of the Earth depending on Earths position in space.  Such computations are quite complicated.  I believe fate or some higher intelligence may be at work when I specifically end up on the Titanic just before it sinks in 1912.  That is where I met my friend Elizabeth. 
  4. I’m limited to where I can travel in the future due to various temporal enforcement agencies that monitor time travel past a certain point in the future.  I first found this out when I traveled a million years into the future out of curiosity and found nobody there.  I then jumped back a number of times to figure out what happened to human civilization.  I ended up in a shockingly huge futuristic city in 11795 AD where a sentient supercomputer told me of humankind’s ascension to Godhood status.  Unfortunately it alerted time cops from the past via FTL communications.  I found myself surrounded by them.  They wished to confiscate my device and send me home with a memory wipe but I activated my device and disappeared.  They almost had me a few times and were hot on my trail but it seems past a certain point in the past they can’t track me.  So I tend to stay away from the future although as I said I can go a million years into the future because there’s nobody or no devices to inform them of my presence. 
  5. Since these temporal police are a problem I have very little technology from the future.
  6. Once I use my time travel device I can’t time travel again for roughly 24 hours or I can cause a disruption in my body at the atomic level which thereby effects me at the cellular level.  Also my device needs a rest time of at least one hour before being reused again to prevent damage to it.
  7. I can’t communicate with my time of origin because I have no way to communicate five dimensionally across parallel Universes.  However at some point the future I acquired a hand held device which I thought would allow me to bridge the 5-D gap and talk to people in the future.  Unfortunately it only sends short text messages to my Twitter account.  Yes apparently a future company that owns Twitter created the device for reasons I never investigated.  That being said the device sometimes doesn’t work.  From what I can figure out it’s due to interference between me and the 5-D satellite that allows for inter-dimensional communication in any time.  Also I want to keep communications to a minimum so as not to get on the time cops radar.
  8. Nobody is tracking me through time and I am all alone.   If I could figure out how to use the unseen 5-D satellite that could change but I might risk the temporal police finding me.  Why do I risk being stranded in the past?  Why does any explorer risk their life to reach places no human has gone before?  Because they and I have an insatiable curiosity for the unknown and love the adventure.  In my case I have always loved history and simply traveling the world in the present just isn’t enough for me.
  9. I once tried to create a back-up time travel device but for whatever reason I can’t duplicate it.  Again I feel it was fate that I was able to invent a working time machine.
  10. I can only travel with two other people maximum as the time travel device can’t handle more than that.  Traveling with more than that put us at risk to have our sub-atomic structure scattered into nothingness.  The device could possibly be overloaded as well.

Why There’s Nobody On Earth One Million Years From Now?

In the previous post I mentioned that I had my temporal base on Earth one million years in the future because civilization was gone.  I thought maybe I should clarify so people don’t get alarmed and think their contribtions to the advancement of humankind are in vein.  Or that their ancestors are lost forever and humanity is dead.  What happened is that humankind continued to advance technilogically and explored and settled the stars, the galaxies, and on to the furthest reaches of the physical Universe.  At some point we discovered how to travel to higher dimensions.  The dimensions that gradually transition the physical Universe to the infinity of pure thought that is the foundation of all reality.  By the 12th millenium AD humankind as a whole discovered everything there was to discoverd and the story of humans finally came to fruition as they evolved into non-physical beings of pure thought that ascended to Godhood to create their own Universes and explore everything beyond this Universe. 

One million years in the future the flora and fauna have taken back the abandoned Earth whose purpose had been fulfilled.  It is truely a paradise planet, especially due to the terraformig that took place along with various underground weather control stations that keep things peaceful here.  Only various underground facilities are left.  Some of which I maintain with robots.  No structures or evidence of humankind exist above ground.  I hope nobody minds that I’ve sort of claimed the planet for myself.  Well until the next animal species evolves into intelligent humanoids.  I haven’t gone further in the future yet to see if that happens.

On a related note after humans were gone androids remained behind maintaining everything but they too evolved into beings of real sentient emotion.  They became a race of beings in essesnse and explored the Universe as well.  They too ascended to the higher dimensions and attained Godhood.  There were also alien races who ascended to Godhood as well.  From what I can there are still a number of aliens races that exist with low levels of technology.  There’s three within the Milky Way.  The most advanced has just began rudimentary star travel.  

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