Is Back To The Future Based On A True Story?

Do Time Machines Exist?

As with many works of fiction, it seems there is at least some shred of truth, if not the whole truth, hidden in plain public view.  Back To The Future is based on a real-life series of time travel incidents discovered by the US Paranormal Defense Agency.  As a part of any paranormal cover-up they release some information to the Hollywood propaganda machine to make the story into a movie thereby painting it as fiction. This heads off any claims of it being real.  A common tactic used by the government to hide all manner of supernatural events.

Back To The Future Is Real

Sometime in October 1979, a real-life mad scientist by the name of Dr. Everett Black invented a time machine within a vehicle in Hildale, Utah.  Black clearly was the inspiration for Dr. Emmett Brown. The vehicle in question was a black 1978 Chevy Van.  Unlike the movie, Dr. Black needed more room for temporal equipment, supplies for extended trips to the past, and future along with a small sleeping space.  Another difference from the BTTF movies is the fact that Everett made dozens of trips through time from prehistory all the way to the distant future of a human intergalactic civilization.  However, like the movies, there were temporal paradoxes because the Black time travel device was extremely unique. Unlike most forms of real time travel, the Time Van didn’t travel to near-identical Parallel Universes.  This is why various law enforcement authorities eventually became involved! The temporal shockwaves Dr. Black caused were easily detectable!

How The Time Van Worked

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The Flux Capacitor from the movies is a real device as invented by Dr. Black. The true Flux Capacitor creates and emits a unique high-frequency stream of compressed Photons that caused a bubble of unknown electromagnetic radiation to form around the time vehicle. Dr. Black dubbed it Chronon Radiation. This radical radiation has the power to seriously warp space-time to the point of crushing anything in the bubble to an infinite point.  Somewhat like a localized black hole in that respect. However, this horrifying property is due to the vehicle being separated from the natural movement of time into the future which causes it to be confined to a Planck Length sized 3-D Universe frozen in time.

The Everett Time Travel Method

Everett’s initial experiments resulted in a plethora of objects appearing to disappear due to being hyper-compressed into virtual nothingness.  In order to prevent this frightening fate, the time vehicle must move at a certain speed to in essence create its own momentum of time.  In the process, the vehicle is acting like a surfboard riding a temporal compression wave into either the past or the future.  The minimum speed required to safely ride the time wave is 88.8729 mph. While riding the wave the temporal vehicle travels to any time in mere seconds. Through extensive experimentation, Black created the temporal control panel, or time circuits, which regulates the Chronon Radiation distribution. This in turn dictates what time one will travel to down to the exact second!

Time Machine Power Source

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The time van’s internal combustion engine was originally powered by run-of-the-mill gasoline. The Flux Capacitor was nuclear powered by a previously unknown stable form of Thorium isotope. Dr. Black invented the Thorium refining process and was set to release his revelation that our society could have virtually free energy via mining, and refining of Thorium. Unfortunately, certain Powers That Be suppressed his findings by buying him out and mothballing all his data.  He also had to sign a confidentiality agreement that stated he could never speak of his special Thorium isotope ever again.  He was initially angered that they lied to him about developing his technology to better society.  Naturally, the large sum of money he received eventually made his time travel theory a reality.

Time Machine Modifications

Due to his explorations of the future, the internal combustion engine was eventually replaced with an electric-based engine that ran off an amazing battery from the 33rd century.  This battery had enough energy to power his electric engine, onboard equipment, and the Flux Capacitor for approximately 25 years of constant use.  The battery itself was only as big as four standard car batteries yet virtually light as a feather. He always had two spares in his van just in case something went wrong.  The batteries were also capable of being recharged by a wireless energy source from the 30th century, and beyond. His records indicate he never had any need to recharge nor use his spare batteries.

The Time Travel Adventure Begins

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Travel into the future is the natural state of the Flux Capacitor just as it is our natural state to travel into the future one day at a time. Dr. Black only acquired the ability to travel back to the past once he studied future technology. Had he not then he would have been trapped in the future.  Especially since it’s reported time travel technology is tightly controlled the further in the future one goes.  On a side note, he did indeed have a hover conversion on his van while in the future. Although it was in the year 2115 rather than 2015. Back To The Future Part II used the year 2015 on so viewers could relate to a year they’d probably live to see.  Later on, the van became capable of traveling into outer space after he made alterations in 2391.

Time Travel To The Past

Dr. Black was able to achieve travel to the past by reversing the Chronon Radiation frequency via a device that fitted onto the Flux Capacitor called the Sub-Capacitor-P.  Out of sheer curiosity, he had ended up over 4000 years into the future before returning to his present time in October 1979.  After a brief break, he began exploring the past in November 1979 careful to avoid his past self or anyone he knew so as not to jeopardize the invention of his time machine, to begin with.  Everett Black witnessed all the great wars of history, the birth of the United States, the rise, and fall of all manner of empires along with unraveling a great many secrets hidden in history.  He studied the evolution of animals and saw the gradual birth of humankind. Everett marveled at the gargantuan dinosaurs and even flew his time van back to a point when the Earth was nothing but a barren rock of violent volcanic activity.  At that point, he got scared, and headed back home!

The Real-Life Inspiration For Marty McFly

Marty McFly
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He recorded some miscellaneous data for a few months while running maintenance on the time van. A local teen named Matt McDonald witnessed one of his time jumps and demanded to be let into Dr. Black’s time-traveling adventures.  Black, a self-professed recluse, refused until one night McDonald stole the time van. Matt traveled to the past where he met his parents.  Foolishly he caused the deletion of himself from existence, and the time van reappeared in Everett’s garage as if it never left.  Dr. Black had no clue what happened as McDonald was reported missing and later presumed dead.  Something only discovered later on by seasoned temporal investigations officers.  Due to a variety of other paradoxes to be caused by Dr. Black, McDonald’s extermination from time had to remain as is to restore more important events. Matt was clearly the basis for Back To The Future’s Marty McFly. RIP Matt McDonald…the boy who never existed….yet did!?!

The Capture Of The Temporal Criminal Dr. Everett Black

Black resumed his temporal journey’s in February of 1980. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Everett, his logical scientific mind had been gradually suffering from a mental illness caused by the Chronon Radiation. It gave him delusions of grandeur, and feelings of God-like power.  He stopped observing time and started tinkering with it to improve history along with entertaining himself.  Normally this would be fine because all it would do is send the time traveler to a Parallel Universe. All our existences involve movement into near-identical parallel realities.  Regrettably, his unique form of time travel kept him in this Universe thereby creating paradoxes.  Paradoxes that got the attention of a variety of future time cops, and temporal enforcement authorities.  Future history reports Dr. Everett Black as one of the most prolific time-traveling criminals of all time. He was at number one on many cultures Temporal Most Wanted Lists!

Dr. Black Brought To Time Justice!

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Everett created a tangled ball of paradoxes known as the Pandora Paradoxes named after the chaos of the fabled Pandora’s Box.  Black eluded temporal authorities from as far as 7000 years into the future courtesy of his unique form of time travel that made him hard to pinpoint at any given moment.  He was eventually captured in the US Old West in 1887 where he had fallen in love for the first time with a school teacher whose life he had saved.  She originally died when attacked by a gang of outlaws. Outlaw gunfighters who didn’t stand a chance against a high-powered 23rd-century laser rifle.  Due to spending too much time in 1887 time cops were able to finally locate him. This is where the idea for Back To The Future Part III came from.

The Legacy Of A Most Infamous Time Traveler!

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Dr. Everett Black was captured by time cops from the 33rd century.  He stood trial and was sentenced to life in prison. It seems overexposure to Chronon Radiation had a side effect of causing immortality so life in prison was a totally heavy sentence indeed!  Although he’s in a holographic projection cell where jailers say he’s still traveling through time on an imaginary basis. The infamous time van is said to reside in a museum on 33rd century Earth. It’s also said that temporal mechanical investigators and mathematicians continue to weed out Dr. Black’s paradoxes. He is responsible for a great many aspects of our reality so in a way he was a God of sorts.  Due to Dr. Black’s multitude of temporal paradoxes, and various public exposures in the 20th century, and beyond, the US Paranormal Defense Agency became involved. They were briefed by various future temporal organizations as a part of the timeline clean-up effort.  The US PDA also raided Dr. Black’s Hildale, Utah home, and research lab to confiscate all records, and equipment. The area is sealed off due to Chronon Radiation contamination. It is classified top secret as Area 1111. The radiation itself will be banned from use in the future when its existence is finally revealed to the public.  Our insider sources in their agency, and others in the supernatural community, gave us the information to put this article together. Now you know that Back To The Future is loosely based on a true story! [October 21st is Back To The Future Day!]

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  5. The Time Traveling Hipster – Actually it’s Mystic Investigations very own Michael Remington!  He had been in the 1960’s earlier, and forgot to change once he was in 1941.
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  8. Swiss Watch Ring In Chinese Tomb
  9. The Moberly-Jourdain Incident
  10. The Vanishing Hotel  

Michael Remington Time Travel Hipster

The Solar Electrical Grid & Lit Roadway Of The Future

Free electricity, and totally awesome LED lit roadways are the future! These cool streets would be strong solar panels powering our electrical grid by the power of the never ending Sun. Excess energy not used during the day is stored in batteries for night usage. These damage resistant roads would last a lot longer than concrete, and asphalt, thereby ending the never ending nightmare of long term road construction. If a panel is damaged it would only have to be removed, and replaced with a new one. Traffic lines, and directions would be dynamically displayed in the streets. Easily reconfigured by computer. Same goes for parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and sporting courts at parks. Such courts could be changed by users for any sport they’d like.

These pressure sensitive roadways would also detect people, animals, and obstructions that might not be seen in the dark. Flashing warning lights in the road would certainly alert the driver in time to slow down, and watch out for danger. Drunk drivers or those suffering sudden health issues, who might be swerving on the street would get flashing, and guiding lights to either compel them to stop, or keep them going safely until the authorities arrive. With the electric car becoming the inevitable roadway standard, there would always be somewhere to re-charge vehicles. Even in the middle of rural areas. Heating elements would keep all surfaces warm in the winter thereby eliminating the need for plows, salt, sand, and shoveling. If the power from this immense solar energy still wasn’t enough to power our society then most roofs of homes, and businesses, could be covered in solar panels as well.

The technology, and costs involved are not yet in true existence to the point where this can be completely feasible. In addition greedy energy interests will fight to suppress this technology. A common method is to buy out patents, and then mothball it! If that doesn’t work then there’s the miracle of politicians being bought off by corporate campaign donations, and lobbyist insider trading information. The plutocratic, and corporate powers that be will always fight against the betterment of humankind in favor of their selfish building of excessive wealth! Thankfully these futuristic animated avenues will begin to spring up across the USA, and the world in the mid to late 21st century. By the mid 22nd century most roads, sidewalks, and driveways will be high tech smart surfaces! Of course by then flying cars will be in full swing as well!

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Rudolph Fentz: The Times Square Time Traveler

Time Traveler Rudy FentzRudolph Fentz is a known accidental time traveler who lived in New York City, and disappeared on Sunday, August 27th, 1876.  The 29 year old Rudolph Fentz had left home after dinner to go for an evening stroll at about 7:30 PM only to never return.  A lone drunk at the time claimed he saw Rudolph disappear as he crossed a street in Times Square known as Longacre Square at the time.  One second he was there, and the next he just vanished in the blink of an eye.  Due to being a known drunk the witness was discounted, and Rudolph’s family reported him missing.  However he was never found.  In reality new evidence indicates that Fentz was one of the unlucky rare individuals who intersect with a random temporal anomaly.  Despite the splendor of nature, the beauty of celestial objects, and clock work forces that keep our Universe running things aren’t perfect.  There are imperfections in the fabric of space-time.  Errors, usually quite minute,  that the Earth can run through as it hurdles through space along with the solar system.  There are a number of stories in the paranormal record that indicate people who have inadvertently traveled through space, time, and from other parallel Universes as well.  It’s believed that as Fentz crossed the street he walked right into an invisible bubble of warped space-time which instantly transported him to June 14th, 1950 11:15 PM at the same point in space in the roadway in Times Square.

It’s believe the Warped Space-Time Bubble Anomaly operates much like a pebble skipped upon the surface of a pond.  Rather than a pebble on water it’s a bubble through time.  The bubble itself could have arrived on Earth at any time in the past.  Even millions of years ago.  Then it began skipping through time eventually entering 1876 picking up Rudolph, and then skipping to 1950 where it left him before bouncing onward into the future. Once these bubbles come in contact with Earth our gravity keeps it in virtually the same place with only a minor deviation in space despite it’s skips through time. This particular anomaly could be responsible for a number of New York missing persons in the past, and into the future. Particularly those in or around Times Square.

Unfortunately the sudden drop off in the middle of Seventh Avenue on a busy Friday night amid dense traffic created a very dangerous situation for Fentz. Witnesses report a disoriented man wearing late 19th century style clothing suddenly appearing out of nowhere in the middle of traffic. He staggered about briefly while using his hand to shield his eyes from the multiple cars lights.  Ultimately he was struck by a speeding vehicle that didn’t bother stopping as pedestrians intervened to halt traffic. They ran to Rudolph’s aid but he died immediately upon impact with the vehicle!  Even if he had survived any direct contact with witnesses, media, police, etc would have been scrubbed clean by the US government as is the case with most things paranormal in nature.  In fact the NYPD file on this incident has been sealed but officially they claim it doesn’t exist! There were some speculative news stories about Rudolph at the time but there was no real concrete evidence they could show to prove he was a time traveler.

Within his pockets the following items were found:

  • $70 in old banknotes in mint condition despite none being issued after 1876!
  • A copper token for a beer worth 5 cents.  It had the name of an unknown saloon on it.
  • A bill from a livery stable on Lexington Avenue that was not listed in any phone book. It was for the care of a horse and the washing of a carriage.
  • Business cards for a printing press business on Fifth Avenue address with Rudolph’s name on it.
  • A brand new looking letter sent to his address from Philadelphia in June 1876.

Not soon after the autopsy Rudolph Fentz’s body disappeared.  Sources inside the US government indicate his body was taken for study, and is perfectly preserved in a top secret lab somewhere!  As with various other paranormal events the government planted disinformation so as to make it seem like the Fentz story was a fictional urban legend.  However those of us in the real supernatural community know it’s a true story!

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The Past, Present & Future Exist Now

Depending on the observer, and the motion of an object in space, a person’s present can be the past, and future for another observer.  More proof that the past still exists, and the future is already there waiting for us.  Certainly, an observer in five-dimensional space viewing our reality would see our entire history as the present.⏰

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