The Fairy Moon Werewolf Alert

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Although Werewolves have demonic based DNA they are also driven by the metaphysical energies of the Moon. Other than Blood Moons, such as on Halloween, it is mainly Nature Deities who have control of said enchanted energies in any given month. Sometimes there’s no unusual effect on Werewolves and other times there is. It either deflates their threat or interacts in a way that increases it! In the human world the August Moon is usually known as the Sturgeon Moon or Green Corn Moon. Generally, in the supernatural community this Moon is the Corn Moon that draws Werewolves to corn fields where they create Crop Circles. These circles are often hidden messages from demons to their minions on Earth.

The Werewolf Threat Is Canceled For August Courtesy Of Fairies!

In this particular August Fairies from around the planet have rallied together to give Moon Fairies a surge of power. This gives us the first known Fairy Moon. This is a show of strength and solidarity among the smallest of the nature deities. They want the world to know they’re a force to reckoned with! Moon Fairies actually exist on the lunar surface despite no life residing there. They often guide Moon beams down to Earth to hit certain individuals with loving lunar energies. During this special Full Fairy Moon we will see moonbeam suppression targeting those stricken with the Lycanthrope Virus. This means at least 90% of them will not transform into Werewolves under this magnificent Moon. The other 10% are under strong demonic control or are evil themselves. Their wolfing out is courtesy of raw will power or the forces of Hell! Thankfully, most of those will be calmed into a peaceful state via fairy magic. They will be drawn to Fairies and will want to do their bidding in defiance of any demons. Only 1-2% of Werewolves will be a threat to humankind. Even then you can pray to Fairies to save you from being their dinner!

The Fairy Moon Equals Very Little Paranormal Activity

The Fairy Moon will calm all manner of nocturnal supernatural threats from Vampires to poltergeists. Even Zombies will become fixated with Fairies and forget about eating human brains! Expect minimal paranormal activity and enjoy the last of these pleasant summer nights. It will also be an excellent time for witches and other magical practitioners to cast fairy based spells while calling on them for power. During this Moon Fairies will have more power than nature Nymphs.

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