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I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A private paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of supernatural darkness.

Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon Werewolf Warning

This particular supernatural September brings us the Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon. Generally, it’s just the Harvest Moon due to being controlled by various agricultural Harvest Gods such as the Olympian Greek Goddess Demeter. Due to it being within a few … Continue reading

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Lunar Goddess Moon Werewolf Warning

The Full Moon of August is often referred to as the Sturgeon or Corn Moon. However, in the supernatural world, it would only be called that if fish or harvest nature deities had control of its lunar energies. This Moon … Continue reading

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Friday The 13th Warning

Jason Voorhees is a very real supernatural being of darkness who lurks among us! Every Friday The 13th he resurfaces from the dark depths of a random lake. Often it is named Crystal Lake. However, any body of water he … Continue reading

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Fire Moon Werewolf Warning

While the mainstream world often refers to the Full Moon of July as the Buck Moon we in the paranormal community usually know it as the Lightning Moon. The Buck Moon comes from ancient indigenous people observing many young deer … Continue reading

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