Friday The 13th Werewolf Voorhees Warning

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The Full Moon of September is generally the Harvest Moon. The lunar energies of this Moon implore Werewolves to flock into fields of agricultural activity. There they may create crop circles when under the direct influence of a demonic entity. The unwitting wolves act as paranormal pens when the crop circles include messages to devilish denizens around the world. A malevolent message of dark direction for the coming Halloween season and even future Battles Of Armageddon. Although some of these messages have occurred, this Moon is firmly under the thumb of Friday The 13th and a mob of malicious metaphysical minions!

The Unique Friday The 13th Full Moon

This rare Friday The 13th Moon exudes dark luck controlled by the demonic forces who support Jason Voorhees along with the dark spirits of Clurichauns, aka demonic Leprechauns. The evil energies of this Moon are harnessed by dark witches and warlocks who work to destroy humankind! We urge everyone to carry good luck charms to repel bad luck, those who use it as a weapon, and for the Werewolves of this particular Full Moon. It’s already bad luck to run into a werewolf because the odds are slim this would happen to the average individual. Under the Friday The 13th Moon this dark fortune is exponentially greater. It could easily cost you your life when attempting to get away or battle a werewolf! In addition, standard werewolf repellent methods will be far less effective! [Also See A Previous Friday The 13th Warning For More Details]

The Frightening Full Moon Voorhees

Jason Voorhees will be stalking hormonal teens near bodies of freshwater in wooded areas as is his standard practice. Like all serial killers, he is tightly bound to his death ritual. This holds true for those of the supernatural variety. Jason will be at his strongest under this Moon and will have extraordinary powers. This includes the ability to masterfully marshal and direct Werewolves to do his bidding! As usual, he’ll have his Voorhees Cult watching his decayed back as they lure terrified teens into his murderous clutches! If you run across Jason lucky charms will have little effect but holy artifacts may help due to his links to demons. Ultimately, it always comes down to blunt force trauma when one battles Jason Oddly enough, telling him you saw teens making out nearby might lure him away if you’re not a teen yourself. Also showing him one of the Friday The 13th Movies on your smartphone or tablet has been known to distract him so you can escape. If you spot any unusual activity near remote lakes during the Witching Hour through dawn then contact your nearest paranormal professional to investigate the situation. [Watch The Friday The 13th Films Online ]

A List Of Friday The 13th Full Moons

The last wide-scale Full Moon on Friday The 13th was in the year 2000 while 2014 saw limited coverage. During those years Jason was not physically with us. However, he was here in spirit as seen by poltergeist activity attributed to him during those Moons. The living dead Jason was last eradicated on Friday, August 13, 1999, by The Ten Gallon Hat Metanatural’s. Then On Friday, November 13th, 2015 the Voorhees Cult managed to resurrect their God in an elaborate mystical ritual. Since then Jason Voorhees has crossed the country bathing in the blood of those he’s mercilessly murdered in mindless madness! Although, there are annual Friday The 13th’s to bolster this bastard we are thankful the extra power of Jason’s Full Moon will not come to pass again until August 13th, 2049! Below is a list of previous and future Full Moons falling on those frightening Fridays of a thirteenth sort!

Friday Mar 13th 1903
Friday Oct 13th 1905
Friday Jun 13th 1919
Friday Jan 13th 1922
Friday Nov 13th 1970 (First Friday The 13th Moon Experienced By Jason Voorhees)
Friday Jul 13th 1984
Friday Feb 13th 1987
Friday Mar 13th 1998
Friday Oct 13th 2000
Friday Jun 13th 2014
Friday Sep 13th 2019 (Most Recent Friday The 13th Full Moon)
Friday Aug 13th 2049 (Next Friday The 13th Full Moon)
Friday Apr 13th 2063
Friday Nov 13th 2065
Friday Feb 13th 2082
Friday Oct 13th 2084
Friday Mar 13th 2093
Friday Jun 13th 2098

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