The Wolf Blood Moon Werewolf Warning

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The Plight Of The Average Werewolf

Throughout the year most Werewolves are loners. In human form, they fear being exposed and keep their supernatural secret to themselves. Quite a few have no clue that they’re even Werewolves and scant memories of their terrifying Full Moon nights are explained away as nightmares. That is until they wake up in strange places lying in pools of blood littered in flesh! Eventually, they find themselves in the mental health care system and inevitably the US Paranormal Defense Agency steps in to cage them in a top-secret experimental facility while covering up they ever existed! Only a small number of werewolves are members of packs who have some level of control over their hairy transformations.­čÉ║

The Wayward Wolf Moon Packs

The Wolf Moon Of January exudes lunar energy that instills the spirit of the wolf pack into all Werewolves. Normally in their Lycanthrope form, they will attack anything that moves including others of their own kind! However, under the Wolf Moon, they feel an inexplicable kinship for their blasphemous brothers and sinister sisters. They coalesce into natural werewolf packs that exponentially terrorize animals and humans in rural areas. Werewolves are often repelled by signs of human civilization but become more brazen within the strength of their new packs. Interestingly enough there’s no in fighting for Alpha, Beta, and Omega status. Thankfully, it’s only a handful of nights the moon is strong enough to transform those humans stricken by the werewolf virus. Natural born werewolves have complete control of their transformations or at least group support to keep them in check. That being said there are times when two alpha potentials are evenly matched and then a brief fight will ensue to decide who will lead the pack. That’s probably the best thing to happen as their attention will not be on you!

The Lunar Eclipse And Its Effect On Werewolves

This Wolf Moon is also a Blood Moon courtesy of the Total Lunar Eclipse. The evil enchanted energies of the Blood Moon make Werewolves insanely more ferocious than usual. Although, during the apex of the eclipse they actually return to human form yet retain their monstrous werewolf persona! This is the best chance of escaping them if you find yourself at the barrel end of their drooling jaws! With their human form exposed, they face legal repercussions if witnessed committing violent crimes upon others! If caught they often plead insanity as they had no control over what they did! Even worse in their much-weakened state, they face serious injury or death from those who intervene to save the innocent! Especially selfish Werewolf Hunters who are out for trophies and status rather than trying to save all lives involved in this unfortunate curse!

Timing Can Spell More Terror!

Depending on your location the lunar eclipse could happen on the evening of January 20th through the morning of January 21st. For some, the Blood Moon will fall into the Witching Hour and Devil’s Hour. When falling into these hours paranormal activity, in general, will increase greatly across the supernatural spectrum. Those who experience the Blood Moon during the 3 AM Devil’s Hour should expect maximum activation of demonic DNA within werewolves! In some cases, malicious demons may even possess them and then use them as a tool to sacrifice humans to the Devil or their other ArchDemon masters!

The Diabolical Dangers Of Wolf Blood Moon Werewolves!

Please stay indoors at night until the Moon is below 80% of Full! Standard deterrents might not be enough! Holy water, wolfsbane, silver, etc may only anger them into a Hulk-like rage. Unfortunately, silver bullets and stakes penetrating their heart are the only sure bet. Of course, you’ll most likely be dealing with several monsters rather than the usual one! If you have no paranormal powers then only a machine gun loaded with silver bullets will work in that case! For added insurance, the bullets should be blessed in holy water by a powerful priest! This is only a last resort as werewolves are humans with family and friends most of the month! Those of us in the professional werewolf hunting game who use humane methods will set large scale traps to capture and contain the blasphemous beasts in expectation of the enchanted embers of dawns holy light releases them from their dark damnation…until the next Full Moon!­čîŁ

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