Werewolf Warning For The Full Moon Of August!

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The Full Moon of August in the supernatural community is generally known as the Corn Moon. This is due to corn being the most common crop brimming forth in farm fields across the planet. The agricultural Gods and Goddesses work with their lunar counterparts to dominate this months Moon. There is no heightened risk from Werewolves under this Moon. Unfortunately, the usual monstrous danger still exists. Always wear silver and have holy water with you as the most minimal countermeasures when traveling forth into the dark shadows. Various religious artifacts will work as well since Werewolves possess demonic based DNA. Thankfully there are many more ways to repel a Werewolf!

One interesting aspect of this Moon is that it compels some Werewolves to seek out farm fields and create demonic signs that resemble crop circles. Some believe this is the demons of Hell sending a message to the world that they own it and will win the war of Armageddon! In essence using Werewolves as their unwitting paranormal pens. This is why it is best to stay away from farms at night until the Moon is below 80% of full. The youngest of Werewolves will transform at 80% Full! Older ones are able to better resist the transformative allure of the lunar light.

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