Snow Moon Werewolf Warning

❄️This February gives us the same Moon as the mainstream world for a change. That being the Snow Moon. The name represents the increased snowfall usually seen in this month. Often in the supernatural world, this Moon is the Ice Moon or some variation related to Valentine’s Day. Although Winter Deities have some sway over … Read more

The Epiphany Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning

The Full Moon of January has always brought us The Wolf Moon. A lunar cycle heavily influenced by a cooperative union of deities and spirits representing indigenous cultures from around the world. Particularly those native spirits associated with wolves which are strong in ancient folklore. Unfortunately, the wolf spirit mingles with that of the Werewolf … Read more

Sainted Yule Moon Werewolf Alert

The December 2022 Full Moon falls a mere day after Saint Nicholas Day. This Sainted Yule Moon is deeply infused with the Spirit Of Christmas and the very soul of Santa Claus. These holy enchanted energies intercept the metaphysical energy of the lunar light thus purifying it. This in turn causes favorable reactions when interacting … Read more

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