The Woeful Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning

The enchanted energies of this January’s Wolf Moon are under the command of various Wolf Deities of indigenous people. Native American Gods in particular have strong sway over lunar luminosity. Unfortunately, this mingles metaphysically with the Werewolves demonic DNA which compels them to form rabid Werewolf Packs. Generally, Packs are only a thing will those … Read more

Yule Moon Werewolf Alert

The mainstream world calls the Full Moon of December the Cold Moon for obvious reasons. However, in the paranormal realm, it is almost always known as the Yule Moon. This magnificent Moon firmly falls under the authority of Saint Nicholas and The Spirit Of Christmas. During this Holy Moon the demonic Werewolf DNA is quelled … Read more

Dark Blood Moon Eclipse Werewolf Warning

The Full Moon of November is normally the Dark Moon in the supernatural world. In the mainstream community, it is often referred to as the Beaver Moon. It exudes the energies of Halloween and impending winter darkness. Since the November 2021 Moon falls closer to Thanksgiving it wouldn’t have an extra effect on the wayward … Read more

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