Where Do Letters To Santa Claus Get Delivered?

The unbelieving postal services of the world generally consider kid’s letters to Santa Claus as undeliverable fantasies. This includes the US Post Office, a quasi-agency of the United States Government. In the past, these letters would end up in the Dead Letter Office (DLO) which is now known as the Mail Recovery Center (MRC). Generally, this is the place undeliverable letters with no return address arrive at. Thankfully, they don’t want to dash children’s dreams and choose to keep Christmas letters even with a return address. These Christmas wishes to Santa would often be burned to ashes.🎅

The Burning Of Letters To Santa Claus?

In ancient times children would burn their letters to Santa in the hearth. There was a magical belief that the ashes would rise up into the smoke and out the chimney. The winter winds guided by The Spirit Of Christmas carrying them aloft to North Pole City for Santa to mystically reassemble and read. Indeed this is what happens to any mail addressed to Santa if they are a true believer. This paranormal process happens due to Santa’s Angelic consciousness mingling with the Christmas Spirit. Even today some families continue this tradition! In the distant past, it derived from the fact that letter delivery was an expensive luxury only for the rich. In modern times it’s more likely that paper would be shredded and recycled. That particular dead mail mysteriously disappears from postal facilities around the world before it’s destroyed!🔥 Read More About This On Our Christmas Blog…

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