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  • Fourth Of July Kentucky Horror! July 6, 2021
    It was late evening on Independence Day of 1962 as some content newlyweds enjoyed the distant fireworks show from the backyard of their new home. The glorious light show reflected off the river as sounds of happy people and firecrackers … Continue reading →
  • Do Babies Born On Halloween Possess Special Powers? June 24, 2021
    Why Do People With Halloween Birthdays Enjoy Special Abilities? Legend has it that people born on Halloween have special powers and protections afforded to them for a variety of reasons. This includes a personal blessing for All Hallows Eve births … Continue reading →
  • The Memorial Day Veteran Zombie May 31, 2021
    All of us at Mystic Investigations had off on Memorial Day. Of course, theoretically, we’re never off duty since supernatural darkness never sleeps! Most of us went our separate ways but saw each other at the various festivities throughout the … Continue reading →
  • Domestic Abuse & Tooth Fairies! April 14, 2021
    Realistically speaking a Tooth Fairy or other supernatural being of the light can detect when all are asleep in a home, or appear invisibly.  That being said small children could spot such enchanted entities due to their innocent minds.  If a … Continue reading →
  • Post Apocalyptic All Female Society March 21, 2021
     What happens when a pandemic globally wipes out the entire male populace and prevents any future male births?  Apparently an all-female society somewhat Amish in nature.  The video above is a sci-fi anthology show called The Outer Limits. In … Continue reading →
  • Leuprichauns: The Rare Leprechaun-Clurichaun Hybrids March 17, 2021
    Does Shala Queen Of Halloween Have Elves? Since Santa Claus Has Elves, And The Anti-Claus Has Gnomes Who Helps Out Shala?  Shala, the Angel-Demon Hybrid leader of Halloween, has little helpers of her own called Leuprichauns who reside with her … Continue reading →
  • Lucky Leprechaun Charms Lip Balm March 17, 2021
    Lucky Charms Cereal Flavored Chap Stick is a must for those planning to kiss the Blarney Stone, or that lucky someone, on Saint Patrick’s Day. This fortunate lip balm is said to be manufactured by Leprechauns with hand-picked Lucky Charms that … Continue reading →
  • Wednesday Wisdom March 3, 2021
    Wednesday Way Winds Wildly Through Wayward Worry Woods Onto Thursdays Thankful Thoroughfare Fleeing To The Friday Freeway Of Freedom That Then Snakes Into Saturday Street’s Serenity Which Slides Soundly Into The Sunday Subway Slinking Seriously Into Monday’s Madness Moving To … Continue reading →
  • Who Is David S Pumpkins? February 7, 2021
    Is David S Pumpkins Real? You may have seen the infamous Saturday Night Live skit featuring the wacky David S Pumpkins as played by Tom Hanks. However, you may not know that David Pumpkins is a real enchanted entity. One … Continue reading →
  • Recent Stories January 31, 2021

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