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  • Do Babies Born On Halloween Possess Special Powers? September 17, 2019
    Why Do People With Halloween Birthdays Enjoy Special Abilities? Legend has it that people born on Halloween have special powers and protections afforded to them for a variety of reasons. This includes a personal blessing for All Hallows Eve births … Continue reading →
  • The Legend Of The Lancaster Homestead Poltergeist September 16, 2019
    The Pentalpha Poltergeist In the heart of deadly despair amid Depression & Dust Bowl Era America a grizzly event spawned the formation of a very rare, and complex paranormal entity known as a Pentalpha Poltergeist. The Pentalpha Poltergeist is a … Continue reading →
  • The Hilarious Wrongs Of The Friday The 13th Film September 15, 2019
    Summary review of film clips from the original Friday The 13th movie. The video above highlights the various absurdities common in many forms of entertainment with fictional elements woven within. However Friday The 13th is based on the true story … Continue reading →
  • USA Up All Night On Friday The 13th September 14, 2019
    USA Up All Night was a show hosted by Rhonda Shear in the 1990’s. It would take a variety of movies, and spice them up with her charming beauty at commercial breaks. It was the quintessence of Friday Nights for … Continue reading →
  • Friday The 13th Demon Specter Strikes September 13, 2019
    Mystic Investigations Takes On The Demonic Specter Of Friday The Thirteenth! As you may have read in our Paranormal Activity Forecast, we warned of the infamous Friday The 13th Demon Specter and his unwelcome nocturnal visits to 13 unlucky victims … Continue reading →
  • Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th Pond Prank September 13, 2019
    A prankster dressed as the infamous zombified demidemon Jason Voorhees dons scuba gear to ascend from the cold murky depths of a pond. Naturally the result are some fairly frightened individuals. Fear not for it is rare that Jason would … Continue reading →
  • Zany Zombie Antics September 13, 2019
    Let the supernatural laughs fly free! It’s as easy as putting on some gruesome zombie make-up, and running after people growling like a mad man! If this was real then this type of fast moving zombie would be the product … Continue reading →
  • The Legend Of Patriot Woman September 11, 2019
    Out of the tragedy of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 came a glimmer of superhero hope! Of course, we know of the various special people who develop powers from gamma radiation such as the notorious … Continue reading →
  • Hip Happening Halloween Treats September 10, 2019
    Learn how to make a variety of Halloween themed food and beverage that will surely liven up any party on All Hallow’s Eve.  These terrifying treats are: Pumpkin Pretzels (Pretzels coated with orange candy, and chocolate) Candy Corn Sugar Cookies … Continue reading →
  • The Pennywise IT Clown Prank September 9, 2019
    This video gives us a glimpse into what it might be like for the average individual to encounter Pennywise The It Clown. The realistic prank includes the quintessential scary clown hiding in a rigged sewer drain. A convincing child in … Continue reading →

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