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  • Thanksgiving Is The Last Day To Remove Halloween Decor! November 26, 2020
      We implore you to remove your Halloween decorations by a certain date. This is necessary in order to avoid the specter of bad luck that surrounds the appearance of obsessing over a particular holiday. That date is Thanksgiving for … Continue reading →
  • What’s The Last Day To Eat Halloween Candy? November 26, 2020
    By the enchanted edict of supernatural law, and that of luck itself, the last day to eat Halloween candy is Thanksgiving Day. This is also the day to remove Halloween Decor as well. What if by some fantastical fluke you … Continue reading →
  • The Halloween Season Ends… November 26, 2020
    The once alarmingly active Halloween Fields lie in a cloak of dark silence devoid of any Trick-O-Treaters hunting for candy amid blasphemous beasts. The vampires, werewolves, zombies, dark witches, and an armada of monsters have vanished into the sinister shadows. … Continue reading →
  • Halloween Thanksgiving Candied Dwarf Pumpkin Dessert November 26, 2020
    How to make hallowed hollowed out candied mini pumpkins with custard inside. The perfect dessert for the classiest of Halloween & Thanksgiving celebrations. Naturally, such a tantalizing treat is prepared by Martha Stewart, the Queen Of Marvelous Meals! Ingredients For … Continue reading →
  • The Halloween-Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cream Ginger Snap Pie November 26, 2020
    The marvelous magic of Martha Stewart’s culinary expertise is witnessed within a delicious dessert for both Halloween, and Thanksgiving! The quintessential pumpkin pie is made creamy with a ginger snap crust twist. You can find the recipe here…
  • The Quintessential American Thanksgiving Dinner November 26, 2020
    The Shaytards, America’s favorite vlogging family, records a goofy Thanksgiving dinner for the historians to study thousands of years from now. Witness the quintessential large family gathering to celebrate the holiday season.
  • Interesting Thanksgiving And Holiday Food Traditions November 25, 2020
    Interesting holiday food traditions from all around the world that includes Thanksgiving.
  • The Tragic Last Visit Of A Ghost? November 9, 2020
    At first it appears we have the classic ghost visitation. A man dies in a car accident and frantically visits his girlfriend to make amends for some wrong he committed against her.  In his mind this unfinished business is just … Continue reading →
  • Haunted Halloween Hallway Of Horror November 5, 2020
    It all seemed like innocent spooky fun as Halloween approached. A Halloween hallway of half-hearted horrors amid a classic haunted house. Unfortunately at some point the costumed innocents doling out the funny frights were taken down with macabre malice! All … Continue reading →
  • Realistic Slender Man Prank Or Is It Really Him? November 4, 2020
    Supposedly the man in this video is dressed in an impressive accurately large Slender Man mask, and suit. Perhaps its really the notoriously evil Slender Man himself? Recent paranormal intelligence indicates that the Slender Man Assassin may have shot Slender … Continue reading →

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