Do Immortal People Exist?

Yes Immortals come from Gods, Angels, and Demons mating with humans.  Some humans also turn to powerful magics to achieve immortality.  There are also a rare few who are merely genetic flukes.  Humans will eventually achieve immortality through technology whether it be genetic engineering or nanobots that perpetually will repair cells in the body.  In addition some humans live well beyond the supposed 120 year old age limit, and are even immortal without any special DNA, or magic at work.  They have such a strong will that they use mind over matter to make it so.

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6 thoughts on “Do Immortal People Exist?

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  2. Hello Admin, Me again! 🙂 Perhaps the real secret to living forever is our mentality? If humans believe they can regenerate. They will. The Power of Will. Keeping our thoughts on the positive will strengthen our abilities. For anyone wishing to live a more productive life! Here are some words I would recommend you to chant 3 times or more per day! Say’ -“Everyday In Every Way’ I Get Greater & Greater! Close your eyes and see your life improving. Imagine what makes you happiest. Watch as your life unfolds for the better! You’re health and your luck! This works for me. I strongly believe in meditation and visualizations to improve our mind. Thank you again for this website. I love it! 🙂 Cheers to everyone’s life!

  3. Hi, what would happen if I decided to expose/reveal my immortality, to people, with physical evidence, in the case that I were the son of a HyperOmniverse or the Macroverse God, and wasn’t created by the God of this Omniverse?

    • When within the power matrix/mind of another God the rules of their free will generally apply. Of course Gods like to play out a plethora of mathematical probabilities which could include an outside force defying such things as the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Even if that happened in this Universe there’s countless Universes it doesn’t happen in.

      • That’s interesting. Would the God of this Omniverse still send His angels/archangels to enforce the Supernatural Secrecy Pact? I do feel as if I may be a sort of direct Son of one of said Higher Gods, but my abilities/powers have been blocked (i don’t know if I blocked my access to my abilities, or blocked by an outside force) I am only immortal as far as I know at the moment.

          • Oh. Ok.

            I just have one more question. If I were able to access my full power again, or become a traveler, can I join mystic investigations? I would really like to help you guys against Dimitri Diablo, and the other forces of evil out in the world.

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