Why Are Today’s Musicians And Actors A Mere Shadow Of The Past?

Some have wondered why music from past decades seems generally superior to present day. Then there’s the matter of many more actors sending forth lackluster performances. At least for those of us who are in an “Awake” mode not brainwashed by the mainstream media and entertainment culture. It seems as if today’s so called “talent” are given all manner of help to make up for their lack of talent and also charisma in a number of cases. This aid comes from technology, media hyping, and even magical means. The reason for this lies in the fact that a certain powerful faction cannot have celebrities speaking out against the current system that rules the world. A nefarious group that uses entertainment media to spread forth their cultural changing agenda.

These filthy fiends are the New World Order run by the demon worshiping plutocratic elites known as the Illuminati. This small group of billionaires controls the governments, economy, and media of the world through their banks, and corporations. Once their grip on Hollywood and all of the mainstream entertainment industry was complete they purposely suppressed real talent which is very rare these days due to the dumbing down of our society by various means. This includes the chemical poisoning of our food, water, and air causing a general genetic degradation with each passing generation. Even if real talent is allowed to flourish they can be taken down at any moment if they don’t do the bidding of the powers that be. They must spread forth the culture of intolerance and insanity amid claiming to be tolerant and logical.

So the entertainment industry, including demons, look for mediocre talent, and desperate wannabe’s vulnerable to the lure of fame, and riches. They especially like people who are rather brainless in nature. In exchange they must sell their soul directly to the Illuminati and/or the Devil himself in order to make it big. From that point they are expected to always support supposed liberal politicians who aren’t actually liberal. Especially considering how such mainstream politicians support wars, human rights violations, and the general loss of civil rights. Democrats, and those in positions of power, identifying themselves as liberals tend to press the pedal to the medal when it comes to the destruction of society.  However Republicans, and so called conservatives, aka neo-cons, come in a close second as they often stand by helpless doing nothing even when they have majority votes!

The Two Party Monopoly are actually globalist corporatist imperialists despite their cloak of democracy, and even sometimes socialism. Those who speak out as conservative, or even genuine liberal, that shed light upon a New World Order interest including key points in the government, economy, or society in general are promptly blacklisted, painted as being loony, or even evil. So next time you hear the nauseating sounds of some pop icon or the cheesy acting of some Millennial misfit you can thank the top .00001 plutocratic elites and their obsession with controlling everything!

The Lackluster Laziness Of Modern Music

Did Biological Demons Ever Walk The Earth, And Are They Related To Reptilian Aliens?

demonYes they walked the Earth in abundance millions of years ago, and now rarely walk the Earth in present times.  In modern times the raising of a Demon from non-corporeal Hell into biological form on Earth is big deal, and requires major mojo.  It’s usually kept a big secret because Angels, and other forces of good would swoop in to stop it from happening.  It’s said that the Devil himself will translate into a biological form to father the infamous Anti-Christ.  Such a summoning ceremony will be the biggest event the forces of evil on Earth have ever seen.  These magical ceremonies must be done by evil inhabitants of our physical reality because magical barriers created by Angels exist to keep Demons in the 5th dimension.  However this wasn’t always the case, and a fair amount still managed to possess humans on their own.  In the far past before humans existed demons ruled over the Earth.

During the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era some 65 million years ago amid the dinosaur animals a sentient bipedal humanoid reptile being appeared out of the evolutionary soup.  They are known as Dinosauroids, and they were in fact the first intelligent species to evolve on Earth thereby making us humans the second.  The Devil knew of Gods plans to create humans, and that he was preparing the Earth for their arrival over time so future scientists would see that everything looked natural.  God didn’t want any evidence of his creation because he wanted to see what humankind did without his influence.  Evolution is actually an intricate program in Gods pure thought matrix mind rather than being a random process.  The Devil hacked the evolution program, and caused the evolution of dinosaurs.  God chose to ignore the Devils transgression  and thought they’d make interesting curiosities.  However the Devil hacked Gods matrix again, and inserted an intelligence program causing the creation of the Dinosaur People aka Reptilian People.  These Reptilians didn’t have demonic DNA just as humans don’t have Angelic DNA.  Although the Reptilians souls were born as demons in hell just as human souls are born as Angels in Heaven.  So they were a race of damned souls.  In addition to that several Demons, and ArchDemons took direct biological form with complete demonic DNA, and walked among their people as royalty. They blended right in as they looked reptile like as well.  The Devil, and his inner circle stayed in Hell keeping a low profile since Angels were after them.

The Devil took great delight, and pride in his intelligent creations boasting that he had created his own race of biological sentients before God.  So they existed for thousands of years on super continent Pangaea  and the Dino society advanced to a level many hundreds of years beyond ours.  They even began to colonize space, and travel to other star systems.  They also lived on Mars which was somewhat Earth like at the time but with mostly deserts.  The Reptilians naturally followed a Devil based religion, and were devoid of morals.  God considered them an abomination on his paradise Earth so he sent an asteroid to Earth that fell as the infamous meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.  A great deal of the Devil’s people along with the biological demons were destroyed as well.  Those that survived lived underground since the Earth was a dark dust polluted void.  Eventually they all moved to Mars.

Despite Mars being a dying planet God sent forth another meteor killing more Dinsauroids.  Eventually they became space nomads who finally settled in the Andromeda Galaxy where God left them alone.  They still exist there to this day but a group returned to Earth thousands of years ago with a plan to join human elites in an Armageddon to reclaim the planet for the Devil, and his demons once again.  These are the Reptilian Aliens who now walk among us in nefarious league with the secretive Illuminati of the New World Order.

Are There Too Many People On Earth?

With each passing decade the wealthy elite Illuminati, their paid scientists, and their various billionaire minions including the United Nations have called for “Population Reduction” or “Population Control”.  Keywords for sterilization, and extermination all supposedly in the name of human carbon emissions, and saving limited resources.  Carbon dioxide, and carbon are apart of nature, and the trumped up alarmist rhetoric is merely to control all human activity, enact a carbon tax paid to the wealthy elite, and eventually carry out the Illuminati agenda of exterminating most of the human populace of Earth.  Their master plan is to keep a small number of non-Illuminati humans to be slaves while their royal bloodlines re-populate the Earth in their dark skewed image.

Global Warming is a scam concocted by corporate paid scientists.  Just as the Global Cooling craze in the 70’s was.  Although human made population might increase the global temperature slightly, any fluctuation in temperatures can usually be attributed to the activity of solar cycles.  However if we do see a consistent rise in temperatures around the planet over the next century that isn’t related to the sun then we can blame the Illuminati, and their ChemTrails.  For decades they have been using airplanes to spray the skies with various toxic chemicals including aluminum, and barium in an insane GeoEngineering experiment meant to cause global warming, poison the populace, and destroy the planet so they can re-make it in their sick disturbing image.  In addition various Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, and Wicked Witches have been doing their part to help this diabolical experiment along as well.  Goddess Gaia, aka Mother Earth, has fought back in what we see as increased violent weather, Earthquakes, volcanic activity, and more!

The fact is that our planet Earth, as with most planets in the Universe that evolve intelligent life, were meant to sustain that life until it acquired the power to leave said planet.  Clearly non-sentient life can be managed by the Mother Nature’s, and natural cycles of the planets but once the evolve to a certain intelligence, and create civilizations they can override that.  Then there’s a pretty sizable window before they overwhelm the capacity of the planet to support their rise to power.  We still have a way to go before our planet collapses.  Instead of having a rotten elite class plotting to enslave, and destroy us, and this planet to their own insane detriments, we should be spending the billions, and trillions on bettering humankind.  We need to end the wars, and raping of the environment for profit, and global domination while looking toward making our societies more efficient, and in tune with the environment while looking toward the stars.

Our space program has been stagnant for so long.  We should have manned stations on the Moon, and people exploring Mars by now.  Our destiny as a species is to explore the Universe, meet the other countless forms of extraterrestrial life out there, and eventually find a way to escape this reality exploring countless other parallel Universe, and beyond!  Eventually we’re meant to interbreed with the various intelligent alien life, ascend to Godhood as a Universal species, and meet our maker, the God of this Omniverse.  Goddess Gaia, and the Omniversal Gods vision is for us to be fruitful, and multiply.  Our natural evolution is precision planned for the planet to last until a good number of us leave to populate space, and the planets beyond.  Humans are meant to spread across the solar system, the stars, and into all the galaxies.  To reduce our population is suicidal, and risks the natural order of things.  We need to prepare technologically for the eventual meeting of hostile aliens along with being strong in sheer numbers.  However many extraterrestrials are peaceful, and enlightened but there’s still those blinded by ignorance who are ruled over by an elite class who doesn’t have the masses best interests at heart.  Those who will blindly attack people if their government tells them they’re evil.

Our future doesn’t lie in exterminating our populace, and letting the inbred genetically flawed human elites re-populate the Earth along with the various supernatural beings of evil who are in league with them.  In fact we feel the insane Illuminati will either destroy themselves, or be betrayed by the paranormal powers that be, including the Devil, and demons who would probably create new beings in their image to dominate the Earth.  We must repel, and expel these powers from our planet, and enlighten the populace to grasp the full scope of their purpose on this Earth.  We must reverse the damage,  and have as many kids as possible to increase the genetic pool while helping our evolution along.  The greater the populace the greater the probability of more geniuses being born.  Hopefully geniuses who will better humankind rather than be corrupted by the Illuminati.  This course of action can only increase our rise to power as a species, and insure our continued survival into the coming Millennia so our ancestors lives were not in vain.  God bless humanity, and may we populate the galaxies into the nonillions, and beyond!

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